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Franklin Inn Club
Hidden in a back alley near the theaters, this little club is the center of the City's literary circle. It enjoys outstanding food in surroundings which suggest Samuel Johnson's club in London.

Philadelphia Legal Scene
The American legal profession grew up in this town, creating institutions and traditions that set the style for everyone else. Boston, New York and Washington have lots of influential lawyers, but Philadelphia shapes the legal profession.

Charter of Incorporation of Franklin Inn Club (1902)

In compliance with the requirements of an Act of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, entitled "An act to provide for the incorporation and regulation of certain corporations," approved the 29th day of April, A.D. 1874, and the supplements thereto, the undersigned, all of whom are citizens of Pennsylvania, having associated themselves together for the purpose hereinafter specified, and desiring that they may be incorporated according to law, do hereby certify:

  1. The name of the proposed corporation is The Franklin Inn Club

  2. The purpose for which this corporation is formed is to promote social intercourse and friendship among authors, illustrators, editors and publishers, and to that end to maintain a clubhouse for the use of its members.

  3. The business of the corporation is to be transacted in the City of Philadelphia.

  4. The corporation shall have perpetual succession by its corporate name.

  5. The names and residences of the subscribers are as follows:

  6. The corporation has no capital stock.

  7. The number of Directors of the corporation is fixed at seven, and the names and residences of those who are chosen Directors for the first year are as follows:

    • S. Weir Mitchell, 1524 Walnut St. Phila.
    • Joseph G. Rosengarten, 1708Walnut St. Phila.
    • S. Decatur Smith, Jr., 1927 Spruce St. Phila.
    • Cyrus T.Brady, The Normandie, Phila.
    • John Luther Long, Ashbourne, Pa.
    • Horace Howard Furness Wallingford, Pa.
    • Craige Lippincott, 218 S. 19th St., Phila.

  8. The number, designation and terms of office of the several officers of the corporation and the time and manner of holding elections may be prescribed by the corporation.

  9. The corporation shall have power to regulate the admission of members, their suspension or expulsion and causes which justify such suspension or expulsion and the manner of effecting the same, and the mode and manner in which the property of said corporation shall be divided and appropriated in case of a dissolution of said corporation or winding up of its affairs; and any member expelled shall forfeit all right which he may have to any of its property, real or personal.


our hands and seals this 17th day of April Anno Domini

one thousand nine hundred and two.

(signed) S. Weir Mitchell (seal)

(signed) J. Bertram Lippincott (seal)

(signed) Edward Brooks (seal)

(signed) Francis Howard Williams (seal)

(signed) William Jasper Nicolls (seal)

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

City and County of Philadelphia} ss.

Before me, the subscriber, Notary Public for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, residing in the City of Philadelphia personally appeared

J. Bertram Lippincott, Francis Howard Williams and William Jasper Nicolls, thereof the subscribers to above and foregoing certificate of incorporation of The Franklin Inn Club, and in due form of law acknowledged the same to be their act and deed. Witness my hand and Notarial seal this 17th day of April Anno Domini

one thousand nine hundred and two.

(signed) Winfield J. Walker, Notary Public

In the Court of Common Pleas No 5 of

Philadelphia County of

March Term, 1902.

No. 2657.

And now, this 12 day of May A.D. 1902, the above Charter and Certificate of Incorporation having been on file in the office of the Prothonotary of the said Court since the 18th day of April A.D.1902, the day on which publication of notice of intended application was first made, as appears from entry thereon, and due proof of said publication having been therewith presented to me, a law Judge of said County, I do hereby certify that I have perused and examined said instrument and find the same to be in proper form and within the purposes named in the first class of corporation specified in section 2 of the act of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, entitled "An act to provide for the incorporation and regulation of certain corporations," approved April 29th 1874, and the supplements thereto, and that the said purposes are lawful and not injurious to the community. It is, therefore, on motion of William Morris, Esq. on behalf of the petitioners, ordered and decreed that the said Charter be approved, and is hereby approved, and upon the recording of the said Charter and its endorsements and this order in the office of the Recorder of Deeds in and for said County, which is now hereby ordered, the subscribers thereto and their associates shall thenceforth be a corporation for the purpose and upon the terms and under the name therein stated.

(signed) Robert Ralston, Judge

Recorded in the office for the recording of deeds

In and for the

County of Philadelphia in

Charter Book 27 page 209.


my hand and seal of office this 13th day of May Anno Domini

One thousand nine hundred and two.

(signed) Wm. S. Vare, Recorder

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