Robert Morris' United States

Robert Morris of Philadelphia created many of the best features of the United States. His face might be carved on Mount Rushmore if he hadn't created one really bad feature, as well.

This volume has three contemplated sections, please see the left panel.

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Robert Morris is a forgotten giant of American history {bottom quote}
Dr. Fisher
Robert Morris: Think Big
Describes his life and times up through the Constitutional Convention of 1787, almost every step of it a history of astonishing innovation and achievement; without him, we would have lost our little revolution.

Robert Morris and America
Discusses the evolution of his innovations for temporary fixes to urgent problems into general principles of running a successful republic. His ideas are still at work today, with credit largely going to others.

Robert Morris: The Dark Side
Describes his colossal fall from the pinnacle of success to the misery of a jail cell. This Miltonic Paradise Lost is responsible for his present obscurity. Most people are ashamed to praise his earlier achievements for fear of association with his later, self-inflicted, miseries.