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Haskell, Bob

Joe Jordan, Chairman

Frannklin Inn Membership Committee

South Camac Street

Philadelphia PA

February 23, 2018

Re: Bob Haskell,

Dear Joe,

It is with great pleasure that I hereby nominate Mr. Robert Haskell to membership in the club. I have known Bob for

several years, and attended his wedding to Margot Barringer last summer in New Hampshire. He has been retired from

the computer software business for several years, ever since his company was bought out by Siemens, the German

computer giant.

He went to graduate school at Yale and was then instrumental in developing what eventually became the basis for DRG, the system

of combining the billing process for hospitals by a single diagnostic code, rather than a multitude of individual processes, now

employed by Medicare for all their patients. He was a guest of mine recently and has expressed interest in joining it. A few months

ago I proposed him for membership in the Right Angle Club, where he fit right in, as I am sure he would also do in the Franklin Inn.

He is rebuilding a house in Narberth and has recently been overwhelmed by real estate tangles, as have I, but both of us plan to rejoin the

the human race, now that such distractions are behind us.

Best regards.

George Fisher.

Originally published: Saturday, February 24, 2018; most-recently modified: Tuesday, May 21, 2019