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Feb. 21,2018 -- Installation Day: Business Line

Because of snowstorms (1/4 inch), Eagles Football Championship, Apple Iphone battery switch, President's Day, out of state business lines, delays in bank technology, lack of weekend bank and telephone installation, poor telephone website design, and competition slyness, an order to install an interstate Fios line in a bewildering way, and many similar difficulties involving 35 calls from October 2017 to February 21, 2018 finally resulted in Meguel arriving at 9:40 AM for an installation appointment for 8 to10 AM. About a month earlier, Joe arrived and measured the job, announcing that his copper line was too short, and the job would have to be rescheduled

When Miguel arrived, he glanced at the farm and said "No way was this only 600 feet from the road." He called headquarters, and a second truck arrived with the equipment. Several weeks earlier, a lady from the billing department had called and said that I would get a bill for $900, but ignore it for a month and it would go away. Asked why this peculiar behavior, it was explained that it was only to forestall switching to a competitor. If I held the phone line for 30 days, I would be forgiven the penalty, because the government required it. In view of the possibility that months of delay would be repeated, I complied with what I privately regarded as sleasey commercial antitrust behavior.

When he finally arrived, MIguel said "He had no difficulty finding the house" and "No way, was it 600 feet, and he called his partner to supply the right cable, and install the fixture at the road, while he began work on the house. At 10:30 am, Miquell started drilling the old stone house.

The problem was said to be this was a business line and fax, while the existing conduit contained a residential 3-way Fios cable. The second problem was the original cable was from a New Jersey (Haddonfield) location to a Pennsylvania one. The Wireless iphone was an independent issue, involving a British partner, so we dropped it to simplify matters.

The second truck was out of sight over the hill. Miguel was still working at 3 PM. The weather was balmy 65 degrees throughout.

Originally published: Wednesday, February 21, 2018; most-recently modified: Wednesday, February 21, 2018