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Investing, Philadelphia Style
Land ownership once was the only practical form of savings, until banking matured in the mid-19th century. Philadelphia took an early lead in what is now called investment and still defines a certain style of it.

Calculate IRA Distributions

This IRA withdrawal calculator is for the original owner of an IRA and shows the following:

  1. Each year's minimum withdrawal
  2. Each year's taxes
  3. Each year's after-tax payout (assuming withholding)

  4. The declining balance of the IRA

Note: the calculator assumes that the IRA grows at a fixed rate (default is 0%, i.e., cash)

Note: this calculator uses Table III, which is for the original owner of the IRA who is either unmarried or whose spouse is no less than 10 years younger.

Note: this shows the minimum withdrawal; you may withdraw up to the total amount remaining (taxes will be due).

Click here --> IRA Withdrawal Calculator

Originally published: Friday, November 23, 2012; most-recently modified: Wednesday, May 15, 2019