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Franklin Inn Club
Hidden in a back alley near the theaters, this little club is the center of the City's literary circle. It enjoys outstanding food in surroundings which suggest Samuel Johnson's club in London.

Gazela Primeiro

{The Gazela Primeiro}
The Gazela Primeiro

The Portuguese sailing ship Gazelo Primeiro is parked at the foot of Market Street, where it can be reached by going down 45 steps of a winding staircase. It would be well to remember that you will have to climb 45 steps to get home if you go that way, and so there are attractions to parking your car on the lot which is right next to the ship. No one seems to be sure why it is the Primeiro, but the best guess is that there were several issues of this model, and this was the first. If you overlook the history of the ship largely carrying a cargo of dead fish in its commercial days, it's a beautiful tall ship, with a cheerful helpful crew.

The Franklin Inn Club held its 2009 annual summer picnic aboard, and everybody dressed suitably nautical, the food was good, the breeze was steady, and the weather generally outstanding.

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