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Whither, Federal Reserve? (2)After Our Crash
Whither, Federal Reserve? (2)

High Oil Prices and The Federal Reserve: Chicken or Egg?

{Chicken or the Egg?}
Chicken or Egg?

Although there is little public gloating from the green environmentalists, the price of oil has finally and decisively soared, with Americans actually taking public transportation to work. Although it would seem that more conservation would result from paying attention to household heating than to automobile mileage, it is summer and vacation driving is more on the public mind than buying sweaters for a lower thermostat setting. The rise of oil prices by 40% in a year has started conspiracy theories and drags the Iraq war into the presidential election chatter. It's quite true oil consumption could not have risen 40% in the developing world of China and India, and nothing drastic has happened to world oil reserves or extraction. A glance at the accompanying charts shows that oil prices have risen much like commodities in general; it

Originally published: Friday, June 06, 2008; most-recently modified: Sunday, July 21, 2019

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