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Right Angle Club, 2018
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The Right Angle President's Letter 2018

The year has been a very good one for our Club as our formula for social and intellectual stimulation continues. We have the magical mix of camaraderie, good programs, drink and food that seems to make conversation flow and fellowship grow. It is a formula unlike any other club that I have experienced and it is the essence of our Club.

Good things don’t happen unless dedicated people work to make them happen. In our case, the governing body of the Club, the Board of Control, is our guiding force. Joining me on the Board this year have been officers and members who have all contributed to our success. First vice president John Coates has filled in for me and backed me up every step of the way. I am grateful to him and look forward to his leadership in 2019.

We have had excellent speakers covering a wide variety of subjects throughout the year and the credit goes to 3rd vice president Bob Lohr who has made speaker recruitment a science. The amount of time he has dedicated to make our weekly program successful is very much appreciated. Our special events were the responsibility of 2nd vice president Morris Klein. The venues he selected were indeed special; the National Liberty Museum for our Spring Fling, the Plastic Club with the Photographic Society for our Fall Fling and our very special Christmas Dinner at the Acorn Club. Fourth vice president Bob Haskell ran our raffle and produced the biggest surplus yet to benefit the Philadelphia Children’s Scholarship Fund.

Our at large Board members; Jack Foltz, Scott Inglis, Jack Nixon and Sam Weaver provided timely good advice at the Board meetings and I thank them for their help.

All of the people mentioned above have made contributions to our success, but there are some unsung heroes, also Board members, who have made it all possible. Dan Sossaman II as Membership Secretary kept the records straight as members left or new members joined. Archivist Stephen Bennett did all the hard work getting our historical records in place and setting them up with the Historical Society of Pennsylvania as a permanent collection. Recording Secretary Stephen Clowery not only recorded Board meetings and posted them on our website but was also the official Club photographer.

I owe Club Treasurer Tom Williams huge thanks for guiding us through the year. He was involved in the business and financial side of all the Club’s activities. His financial reporting was precise and clear. His efforts required a significant amount of his time which he gave generously. With our Centennial approaching in 2022, John White has volunteered to be the temporary Centennial Committee Chairman and will channel our efforts to develop our celebration for what will be a landmark year. Thanks go to John, a past president, for stepping up and getting us started. Many other members contributed to various efforts and my thanks go out to them and especially to those who spoke to us at our luncheons. One member, in particular, Bob Hoover, has been critical to our successful speakers program. Without his technical expertise with computers and projection equipment, many of our programs might have been failures. Bob has also organized our annual golf outing.

As our year comes to an end we pause and remember those past Right Angle Club members who left us this year; Bob Reinecke who many of us knew, Thomas H. Lewis, Jr. was president in 1985 and Robert Hinckle was president in 1995.

Finally, I would like to thank George Fisher for the time and effort he expends every year in producing the Annual Report.

Chad J. Bardone

President 2018

Originally published: Friday, December 21, 2018; most-recently modified: Friday, June 07, 2019