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Fisher on Running For Office
Last night, I was honored to receive the Republican nomination for a seat in the state Assembly, to represent the district where I have lived for over fifty years.


{Dr. George Fisher}
Dr. George Fisher

Dr. Fisher is running on a platform of supporting Governor Christie to fix our taxes and lending a voice on behalf of the patients caught in an Obamacare uproar that no one completely understands.

That is the platform of a Doctor and a taxpayer. I greatly admire what our Governor has done in the face of a hostile Legislature, but it doesn't go far enough, so I want to see what he can do with a more friendly Legislature. On the other side of it, thousands of people are going to be pushed into Medicaid, and Medicaid isn't ready for it. There aren't many doctors in the Legislature if there are any, and the patients need a voice for them in what promises to be a jumble.

There's really a lot more to say about this, and if the voters want to hear about it, I'll try to make it clear on this website.

Education and Career

Yes, I went to Yale, and then to Columbia University for medical school. I graduated from the eight-year course in six years. Eventually, I was to marry the girl who was first in the class -- my class. After that, seven years of graduate and specialty training, at Pennsylvania Hospital, Jefferson Hospital, and the National Institutes of Health. As I remember, the highest salary was $700 a month, and the first three years had no salary, just room and board.

There were very few Endocrinologists in those days, so I was on the staff of eleven hospitals in three states, and began a fifty-year career on the faculty of both the University of Pennsylvania and Thomas Jefferson University, while my wife became Professor of Radiology at Temple University.

My wife needed me at home when she got cancer, so I closed my office and did my best to help. In time, I found I was pretty poor at golf, so I started a book publishing company that now has 276 books in print. I wrote a book myself, called The Hospital that Ate Chicago , and six other books. My publishing specialty is medical economics. I got invited to the White House, and to address Congressional committees twice. John McClaughry of Vermont and I jointly produced an idea now called Health Savings Accounts.

When I saw what Governor Christie could accomplish with a hostile legislature, I asked what he could do if he had a friendly one, and signed up for this election. In the back of my mind was a concern that the patients are going to need a voice on their side when Obamacare pushes the uninsured by the thousands into Medicaid, which absolutely is not prepared for them. There are two seats available in the 6th District, and four of us are running. You folks get to choose.

Originally published: Wednesday, October 02, 2013; most-recently modified: Wednesday, May 15, 2019