Philadelphia Reflections

The musings of a physician who has served the community for over six decades

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Charter of Pennsylvania, from Charles II to William Penn
William Penn suggested what he wanted, and the Royal bureaucracy suggested suitable modifications of the gift. The resulting charter is a shrewd and fair legal document, but contained a major geographical error.

Robert H.Bork Upsets A Century of Antitrust Law
According to the late Robert H. Bork, it ought to be fairly easy to identify price-fixing, because legitimate cases that harm the consumer by price manipulation aren't common, or may not even exist. With this, Bork convinced the judiciary to abandon a century of contrary belief while still a young law professor, thus establishing his own reputation with Ronald Reagan. He was appointed Solicitor General by Richard Nixon, unfortunately thus embroiling himself in Nixon's impeachment.

Navigation and Mineral Rights

{Delaware Bays}
Delaware Bays

Wee doe also give and grant unto the said William Penn his heires and Assignes The free and undisturbed use and continuance in and passage into and out of all and singular Ports, Harbours, Bayes, Waters, Rivers, Isles and Inletts belonging unto and {or} leading to and from the Country or Islands aforesaid. And all the Doyle, Lands, Feilds, woods underwoods, mountains, hills, Fenns Isles, Lakes, Rivers, Waters, Rivulets, Bayes and Inletts Scituate or being within or belonging unto the Limits and bounds aforesaid together with the fishing of all sorts of Fish whales {sturgeons} and all Royall and other Fishes in the Sea Bayes, Inletts, waters or Rivers within the premises and the Fish are therein taken. And also all vines, Mines, and Quarries as well discovered as not discovered, of gold, silver, gems, and other {pretious} stones and all other whatsoever bee it of stones, metals, or of any other thing or matter whatsoever, found or to be found within the Country, Isles, or limits aforesaid.

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