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Mexico Goes to Morocco

{Ted Burkett}
Ted Burkett

For years, the Right Angle Club has heard rumors that Ted Burkett is the Pied Piper of the Mexico Society, touring Mexico from one end to the other. Last year, he pulled a switch, and went to Morocco. The Right Angles were treated to a fast slide-show of about 200 pictures of the two-week trip.

Since most photographers admit they take five bad ones for every good one, that represented about a thousand snapshots, or eighty a day. Confessions had to be made: five or six photo enthusiasts in the group shared their best for the final product. Even so, anyone who has tried it knows that Ted must have spent weeks editing the final product. And it's all over in half an hour.

Things look pretty good in Africa, especially if you like souks. Casablanca, Fes, Marakech, the Atlas Mountains, all in living color. It takes nerve to do it, but those who bought stuff in the souks were able to ship it home, on time and intact. No one got sick except one person who was sick before the trip started and didn't have the judgment to cancel.

It all sounds so attractive that the idea inevitably comes up: why doesn't the Right Angle take trips, too? I'm sure Viscount Jennings would be glad to entertain us in his home town.

Originally published: Thursday, September 27, 2007; most-recently modified: Wednesday, August 07, 2019