Union League Breakfast Roundtable

the Union League has a regular daily breakfast buffet.

Among the Philadelphia clubs, only the Union League has a regular daily breakfast buffet. The Franklin Inn has a weekly current affairs luncheon called the Monday Morning Quarterback, but it's a luncheon, and luncheons died out in Philadelphia as the automobile revolution took the bulk of residents to the suburbs. The Right Angle club meets weekly for a luncheon speaker, but that's not built around the model of Dr. Sam Johnson's club in London, which is what we once had several examples of.

There was a time when Republicans met at the Union League, and Democrats met at a table chaired by Jack Kelly in the Bellevue Stratford. No doubt part of the problem is the eight-hour day for waiters and chefs, which tends to stretch the limit for three meals a day. Retirement villages tend to solve this stretch by starting dinner at 5 pm, a hideous invention in the opinion of many. So even two meals a day interferes with working hours for the customers, and is soon solved at the customer's expense when everyone is retired. By and large, the leisurely pace can only be maintained for three hours a day, in a hotel; and only in a hotel which does not need to contend with universal working hours for a large number of customers. With eighty-four bedrooms, mostly occupied, the Union League suggests itself as the logical place to manage the issue. and just about the only club which could.



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