America's Revolutionary War

It seems too specific to say the Revolutionary War's causes were economic or sociologic. North America grew too busy and valuable to be governed from three thousand miles, using available tools. The Empire fell apart after it got too big.

The Revolutionary War was not so much won by American heroism, as lost by British blunders. Chief among the British blunderers was King George III himself. He certainly had some help from his Ministers in Parliament, but it was the King who created the climate of arrogance in which they operated, grossly underestimating the immensity of the empire they meant to govern by commands. The Industrial Revolution began in England; these are the first people who should have recognized how different the world had become. Instead of clinging to the old system used for subjugating Scotland, Wales, and Ireland -- particularly Ireland, they should have searched for newer approaches for the Caribbean sugar islands, India, -- and America.

In an eight-year war, everyone suffers and everyone struggles. But if we must narrow it down to the Founding Fathers, it was George Washington (militarily), Benjamin Franklin (diplomatically), and Robert Morris (financially) who deserve individual credit for essentially winning the war.

And the French must be noted as ruining their own country, for America's chief benefit. Scarcely any French historian will praise them for it, but such is the nature of nationalism.

The blame game is useless, hero worship little better. The world had just grown too large for centralized rule by either France or England. Existing approaches, successful for two centuries, were too archaic for the next two. The facts must be galling to Europeans, but Americans were the first to recognize them.



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