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The Right Angle Club of Philadelphia -- Club Matters
The Exchange luncheon club of Philadelphia, then meeting at the Bourse, withdrew from association with other Exchange Clubs on a point of principle -- hence the name it adopted, the Right Angle Club.

RAC Website

The website is

There is a blog (4085) which contains the Right Angle Club website itself. This topic, redundantly, points to this blog.

Right Angle Club website

Dear sir or madam: The Association of Government Accountants is looking for speakers for its May 2019 (5/3/19) Professional Development Training Seminar. If anyone in your organization would be interested in speaking for us, would you please have them contact me at my email address, Thanks. Mike Egan Education Chair Association of Government Accountants Philadelphia Chapter
Posted by: Michael Joseph   |   Jan 8, 2019 8:05 PM

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Right Angle Club website
The Right Angle Club of Philadelphia provides for the social and intellectual enjoyment of its members through the medium of weekly luncheons throughout the year, and extracurricular activities scheduled from time to time.