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Terse Verses: Volume II: Sorted by Topics

Terse Verse: Animals

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Terse Verse: Fee Lines

Fee Lines

That pet
You get
Once waif
Now safe
Swift lure
Sweet purr
Loves awe
Soft paw

Start ditch
Rags rich
They rule
Act cool
Best perk
Don't work
Prize catch
From scratch

Terse Verse: Fowl Fare

Fowl Fare

Eggs break
Boil bake
Hens die
Then fry
Their clan
Feeds man
Chick crew
Will do

Cows steers
Give cheers

In brief
Skip beef
Their feat
No meat
Plate full
No bull

Terse Verse: Bull's Eye

Bull's Eye

Cows wink
Males blink
Same Shtick
Quick trick
His half
For calf
Good Mooed
For dude

Love not
Big shot
Must do
One two
Serve spark
Hits mark
Proves stud
No dud

Terse Verse: Cats Fat

Cats Fat

By some
Called bum
Sleeps play
All day
"Neath skin
Soon kin
Says blog
Top dog

If itch
Strike rich
Odds long
Bet strong
Right pick
Lott tick
Life soft
Scratch off

Terse Verse: Wit Lash

Wit LAsh

Gad flies
Cause cries
Won't mind
Cross line
Stir pots
Love hots
They nag
Then brag

No rest
From jest
Nips zings
Buzz stings
Keep foes
On toes
Dogs wail
Wag's tale

Terse Verse: Beef Stakes

Beef Stakes

Bulls goad
Rage road
Chomp chops
Risk tpos
Poor guess
Eat less
Rich time
Feast prime

Most bow
Cow tow
Not stirred
Join herd
Sweet kind
Stay grind
Their deal
Kid's meal

Terse Verse: Off Hook

Off Hook

Poor fish
Soon dish
If caught
Life naught
Once free
Roamed sea
Choice grim
Sink swim

One cure
Shun lure
Shut mouth
Swim south
If wait
Take bait
Lose brains
Net gains

Terse Verse: Pet's Peeves

Pet's Peeves

Pups chew
Dogs true
As grow
Loves show
Barks plead
Their need
Here's how
Hugs wow

Kits play
Cats lay
Groom fur
May purr
They fuss
Ask us
Kow tow
More bow

Terse Verse: Pullets Prize

Pullets Prize

Barn Yard
Life hard
First acts
Eggs cracked
Coop scene
Flock mean
Those juiced
Rule roost

Hard boil
Peck toil
Their stay
One way
Soon fate
Hot plate
Last cluck
Pots luck

Terse Verse: Shell Shock

Shell Shock

Birth day
Fowl play
Can't roam
Egg home
First fight
Scratch bite
Break neck
Hunt peck

With luck
Can duc
Lack will
Lay still
Join group
In coop
Crack fool
Roost rule

Terse Verse: Fly Ways

Fly Ways

Eggs hatch
Start scratch
Next test
Leave nest
Crane neck
Hunt peck
Hens need
Chick feed

Food chains
Bird brains
Last cluck
Can't duck
End loose
Cook goose
So long
Swan song

Terse Verse: Pets Rock

Pets Rock

Dogs heed
Your lead
Pups hound
Love found
Fast fond
Swift bond
Young old
Love hold

Kits cute
Tricks hoot
Cats muse
Pick choose
Play cool
Now rule
Furs shine
Purr lion

Terse Verse: Fowl Bawl

Fowl Bawl

Gals once
Played dunce
Cooped up
Dawn sup
Try best
Nurse nest
Their tears
Male fears

Fair sex
Hen pecks
Guys faun
Egged on
Duck blame
Cry shame
Need boost
Rule roost

Terse Verse: Bird Brains

Bird Brains

Folks stash
Goods cash
Banks cave
Try save
Hope stay
Rain day
First leg
Nest egg

Bold step
Trust rep
Stock fling
Takes wing
Right buy
Fly high
Bad luck
Dead duck

Terse Verse: Cat Calls

Cat Calls

Pets hear
Shouts near
First pup
Turns up
Runs quick
Jumps lick
Dogs come
Cats numb

Kits cute
Soon snoot
Snub cues
Choose moves
Won't heed
Your lead
Their sign
Fee line

Terse Verse: Dog Gone

Dog Gone

Watch pets
On nets
They gaffe
You laugh
Once eye
Pick buy
Hearts win
Soon kin

Love talk
Feed walk
Smiles tears
Good years
Sad days
Heart stays
Old bows/br> Still wows/br>


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