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Terse Verses: Volume II: Sorted by Topics

Terse Verse: Adventures in Society (Pt.2)

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Terse Verse: Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Germs crawl
Colds call
Those poor
Quick cure
Check ads
Drug fads
Trust pills
Treat ills

Old days
Mom's ways
Soup rest
Were best
Help keep
Costs cheap
Toll bell
All's well

Terse Verse: Psych Outs

Psych Outs

Wind wails
Weird tales
Fans cheer
Love fear
Dark nights
Quick frights
Best part
Jump start

Ghouls ghosts
Best hosts
Get kicks
Scares tricks
These kooks
Seek spooks
Love taunts
Old haunts

Terse Verse: Crass Act

Crass Act

Year book
Gives look
Shows cast
Of past
Splash notes
Faux quotes
Word games
Slang names

Kind phrase
Brings praise
Smart style
Sprouts smile
Friends dear
Hearts cheer
Class Clowns
Brass sounds

Terse Verse: Buzz Weirds

Buzz Werids

Youth joys
New toys
Hot games
Crazed names
Chops chips
Zaps zips
Words chopped
Close cropped

Old squares
Round stares
Mind squirms
Tech terms
Worlds change
Talks strange
More sense
Past tense

Terse Verse: Up Scale

Up Scale

Star slow
Dreams grow
Don't shirk
Hard work
In time
Hopes climb
Sweat tush
Drive push

End race
Where's place?
Still draw
Short straw
Right stuff
Not' nuff
Earn ins
Pull wins

Terse Verse: Hard Knocks

Hard Knocks

Fall downs
Bring frowns
Those slips
Life's blips
Could cry
Or sigh
Mouth shuts
Pain butts

Real men
Know when
Stop whine
Find spine
Stand tall
Each fall
Fight flaps
Bum's raps

Terse Verse: Self Taut

Self Taunt

Those stressed
Bomb test
Bad days
Walk dazed
Need break
Cure shake
Stop shout
Chill out

Guts tied
Can't hide
Must sit
Cool it
This cold
Morphs old
Makes hots
What knots

Terse Verse: Take Charge

Take Charge

Banks shout
Cash out
Use card
Less hard
Pay day
Far way
Here's how
Switch now

When shop
Quick stop
All's fine
Just sign
Mail run
Bills stun
In hock
Shill shock

Terse Verse: What Gives

What Gives

Hear yea
Pledge plea
Drives tout
Give out
Mails phone
Same tone
Push spin
Give in

Sales surge
Beg urge
Share loot
Give hoot
Stress quilt
Till wilt
Shove cup
Give up

Terse Verse: Cross Words

Cross Words

Clues hid
Patch grid
First try
Just I
Guess work
Seek quirk
Ups downs
Finds frowns

Loose ends
Ask friends
Use books
Check nooks
Get stuck
Curse luck
Swears stress
Speech less

Terse Verse: Face off

Face Off

When gone
Swan song
Who writes
Claims rights
Picks facts
Spin acts
Slap dash
Grubs cash

They paint
Truth faint
Tout stains
Sale gains
Their views
Part trues
Friends see
Taint me

Terse Verse: Just So

Just so

Bad days
Crime pays
Werid rules
Let fools
Off hook
Shield crook
They flee
Guilt free

Rich too
Sail through
Puff pout
Soon out
Laws err
Hot air
Poor sag
Hold bag

Terse Verse: One Dun

One Dun

Pay bills
No ills
Checks sent
Tabs rent
If late
They hate
When stalls
Start calls

Drums sound
Phones hound
These debts
Earn threats
Noise soars
Rage roars
Chant cheat
Dead beat

Terse Verse: Smart Wons

Smart Wons

Quiz days
Eyes daze
Dim find
Slow mind
Much stress
Must guess
Low scale
Then fail

Nerds pass
Show class
Cram strain
Stretch brain
Win chase
First place
Edge foes
By knows

Terse Verse: Why Knot

Why Knot

Bad days
Cause craze
Fists clench
Guts wrench
Cheeks burn
Then turn
Head spin
Can't win

Mind pleas
"At ease"
Let loose
Life's noose
Take care
If snare
When rough
Hang tough

Terse Verse: Just Ice

Just Ice

News sad
Most bad
Check dolts
Nuts bolts
Goats sought
Till caught
Cool hailed
Good nailed

Heats loud
Please crowd
Truth spurned
Pure burned
Cold facts
Lambs axed
Those prude
Get screwed

Terse Verse: Type Cast

Type Cast

Net's noise
Tests poise
Brings thrills
New ills
Face books
Cute nooks
Eyes glaze
Surf maze

Yet some
Grow numb
Soon stop
Pix swap
They tire
Stuck mire
Flee horde
Key bored

Terse Verse: Who dos

Who dos

Crime tales
Blood trails
Plot lines
Twists twines
Seek clues
Old news
More bends
Dead ends

Last acts
More facts
Sly look
Name crook
Shots race
Wild chase
Rogue slips
Guilt trips

Terse Verse: 'Bout Time

'Bout Time

Mob cheers
Fight nears
Yells urge
Bloods surge
Eyes boil
Fists coil
Reach brink
Who'll blink?

Crowds hush
Fools rush
Who rules
Keeps cools
Like fox
Don't box
Claim draw
Lock jaw

Terse Verse: Cry Fowl

Cry Fowl

Crime scene
Picked clean
Hard boiled
Cops toiled
Quiz hicks
Check chicks
Peck choose
Scratch clues

Shell game
Seeks blame
Wing talks
Bear squacks
Close loop
Score coop
Last legs
Crack yeggs

Terse Verse: Missed Link

Missed Link

Young grin
Plugged in
They crave
Next wave
New frills
Hot chills
Will pay
Posh play

Old numb
Ho hum
Minds balk
Tech talk
Eyes glaze
Web craze
Their craze
Net lost

Terse Verse: Vice Verse

Vice Verse

Some Qoutes
Crib notes
Steal thought
Till caught
Come clean
Just green
Glib talk
Hope walk

Then laws
Close jaws
Pal moan
Cell phone
Friends fink
Bars clink
Now fame
Pen name

Grandpa Makes a Gift

A point which cannot be emphasized enough is that a Health Savings Account is just about the best way to invest, if you have given little thought to investing. The deposits are tax-deductible, and the withdrawals are tax-free if they are medical in nature. Even if they aren't medical, they can be anything at all after you reach 66. You probably ought to give a lot of thought and investigation to the particular agent you choose, because they aren't necessarily legal fiduciaries, no matter how friendly they may be. They have no obligation like a doctor or lawyer to put the client's interest ahead of their own, and they can later hire partners you don't care for, so make certain you can terminate the arrangement and switch to someone else without penalty.

Be careful to choose a representative carefully. But whether to choose an HSA, at any age and stage of advancement, always leads to the same answer: Yes, do it. That being the case, a certain number of HSA owners will find themselves with an account they don't know what to do with. There's almost always an exit strategy, although you may need professional advice to judge which one is best for you.

If you started your account near or after retirement, you may have the idea you will never have surplus funds. But if Congress can be persuaded to make it legal, one of your options might be to roll the surplus over to a grandchild or grandchild-like person. If this suits your situation, please notice that a newborn child has some special medical problems. In the first place, the first year of life is unusually expensive; in the aggregate, 3% of all medical expenses are spent on the first year of someone's life. To anticipate a little, 8% of health cost are spent before age 21, which is generally held to be the beginning of the earning period. Children are generally pretty robust, but when a child is sick, he is vulnerable to lasting disabilities of a very expensive sort, so you don't like to see a family cut corners on child care.

But newborns have no earning power, their future is in someone else's hands. The average woman has 2.1 children today, two women thus have 4.2. Four grandparents roughly have one apiece. The way the law of averages is working out, if every grandparent took care of the health costs of one grandchild, things would be close to solved. Things would have to be adjusted for the non-average case, but they would be close to being solved by adding one grandchild's cost to each average Medicare cost for the elderly.

In this case, however, the legal and political problems are greater than the financial ones, so it would suffice for a beginning, just to permit those who want to volunteer, to be permitted to leave unused leftovers in their HSA to children under the age of 21. If there is concern about dynasties and perpetuities, it might be left to the child's HSA, to be exhausted by age 21, or transferred to the HSA of a second child. The sum in question might be around $8000.

Terse Verse: Spot On

Spot On

Ads tout
Scream shout
They tell
Must sell
Here's how
Act now
Best score
Dash store

Don't blink
Stop think
Trust them
Buy gem
Good pitch
Bait switch
Makes guile
Worth wile

Millennials: The New Romantics?

Romantic Era

It was taught to me as a compliant teenager that the Enlightenment period (Ben Franklin, Voltaire, etc.) was followed by the Romantic period of, say, Shelley and Byron. Somehow, the idea was also conveyed that Romantic was better. Curiously, it took a luxury cruise on the Mediterranean to make me question the whole thing.

It has become the custom for college alumni groups to organize vacation tours of various sorts, with a professor from Old Siwash as the entertainment. In time, two or three colleges got together to share expenses and fill up vacancies, and the joint entertainment was enhanced with the concept of "Our professor is a better lecturer than your professor", which is a light-hearted variation of gladiator duels, analogous to putting two lions in a den of Daniels. In the case I am describing, the Harvard professor was talking about the Romantic era as we sailed past the trysting grounds of Chopin and George Sand. Accompanied by unlimited free cocktails, the scene seemed very pleasant, indeed.

Daniel Defoe

In the seventy years since I last attended a lecture on such a serious subject, it appears the driving force behind Romanticism is no longer Rousseau, but Daniel Defoe. Robinson Crusoe on the desert island is the role model. Unfortunately for the argument, a quick look at Google assures me Defoe lived from 1660 to 1730, was a spy among other things, and wrote the book which was to help define the modern novel, for religious reasons. His personal history is not terribly attractive, involving debt and questionable business practices, and his prolific writings were sometimes on both sides of an issue. He is said to have died while hiding from creditors. Although his real-life model Alexander Selkirk only spent four years on the island, Defoe has Crusoe totally alone on the island for more than twenty years before the fateful day when he discovers Friday's footprint in the sand.

Robinson Crusoe

But the main point of history was that Defoe was born well before William Penn and died before George Washington was born. The romanticism he did much to promote was created at least as early as the beginning of the Enlightenment and certainly could not have been a retrospective reaction to it. Making allowance for the slow communication of that time, it seems much more plausible to say the Enlightenment and the Romantic Periods were simultaneous reactions to the same scientific upheavals of the time. Some people like Franklin embraced the discoveries of science, and other people were baffled to find their belief systems challenged by science. While some romantics like Campbell's Gertrude of Pennsylvania, who is depicted as lying on the ocean beaches of Pennsylvania watching the flamingos fly overhead, were merely ignorant, the majority seemed to react to the scientific revolution as too baffling to argue with. Their reasoning behind clinging to challenged premises was of the nature of claiming unsullied purity. Avoidance of the incomprehensible reasonings of science leads to the "noble savage" idea, where the untutored innocent, young and unlearned, is justified to contest the credentialed scientist as an equal.

Does that sound like a millennial to anyone else?

Terse Verse: Dunce Deal

Dunce Deal

Don't sign
Dot line
Till squint
Fine Drint
You must
Not trust
Words said
Else dead

If skip
Act flip
Then crooks
Own hooks
You're caught
Gain naught
Can't win
Dun in

Terse Verse: Food Fast

Food Fast

Time lunch
Crowds bunch
Plan one
Do done
Join lines
Quick dines
Grope cash
Then dash

Shun slow
Grab go
In haste
Brief taste
Meals cram
When scram
Mind churns
Heart burns

Terse Verse: Gone South

Gone South

Dix land
Life grand
Loves clash
Red Ash
Prides soar
Comes war
Bloods sins
North wins

Next stage
Folks rage
She'll fret
Weds Bret
Gets rich
Stays bitch
He'll scram
Say damn

Terse Verse: Hang ups

Hang Ups

I phone
Hear clone
Push one
Hopes numb
If told
Please hold
Last look
Give hook

They call
Strange drawl
Cash cries
Ires rise
Try close
Nice nos
Still whine
Dead line

Terse Verse: Turn Style

Turn Style

Sales sound
Mobs bound
Hear spiels
Eye deals
Friends urge
Spend splurge
When pelf
Top shelf

Home guilts
Buzz wilts
Now rue
Greed's coup
Once more
To store
Ed tracks
Pay backs

Terse Verse: Wits End

Wits End

Those smart
Talk tart
Quick jokes
Please folks
sharp style
Earns smile
Fans roar
Want more

But if
Crowd stiff
Words rank
Eyes blank
Punch slow
Must go
Last stop
Flip flop

Here's the Deal

So that's what I have to offer on Lifetime Health Savings Accounts. It's about as far as a physician ought to go in meddling in related professions. It looks to me as though creating lifetime accounts on a model of whole-life life insurance would be a great improvement over our present term insurance model. But I am quite uncertain whether a project this large should be monolithic or have competition between an organization with experience, like an existing life insurance company, an evolved version of one of our health insurance companies, or an entirely new organization formed for the purpose. This topic alone is worth debate and a white paper. Several existing professions are involved and may have special legal obstacles, just as they would have special qualifications. Perhaps several demonstration projects should be launched to find out some answers before we get into a century-long, horrendously expensive, failure.

On the other hand, it would appear the financial savings would be too big to ignore. Because it would take ninety years to conduct a full experiment, it would appear fairly clear we ought to test this in component pieces and then figure out how to unify them. If we must make mistakes, let them be fairly early, drop them, and re-direct our efforts. By all means, ask the life insurance companies what their experiences were. How did they overcome the long testing period? What are the problems which term-insurance companies uncovered in their efforts?

In sum, we ought to spend a year debating the issue, several years testing likely solutions, and another year debating what we have learned. Only by following some such path, is there a chance we will end up with something we are proud of.

Terse Verse: Bone Heads

Bone Heads

World news
Vile views
Same woes
New lows
Vain hope
Most cope
Old cry
Why try

Who rules
Oft fools
Brave fight
Make right
Odds frail
Most fall
'Neath crown
Dumb frown

Terse Verse: Catch Phrase

Catch Phrase

Sales pitch
Bait switch
Eyes grab
Hands nab
Try laugh
Get gaff
Ends spin
Reels in

Their wish
Land fish
Earn grin
They win
One bite
Stops fight
Prize look
Right hook

Terse Verse: Cause Ways

Cause Ways

Hands out
Sobs shout
Pleas drone
Mail phone
Need great
Don't wait
Words brash
Send cash

Their prayer
Beg share
Sounds dear
Coax cheer
Matched funds
Raise tons
Twice great
Checks mate

Terse Verse: Mark's Word

Mark's Word

Meek born
Tin Horn
Think lode
Down road
Seek Switch
With rich
Cons wait
Fix fate/

Old game
Stays same
You bet
They get
Still try
Hands high
Hopes sunk

Terse Verse: Cast Offs

Cast Offs

Here's tips
Cruise ships
Watch cash
Hide stash
Fun rules
Shun fools
Swim dive
High five

Shop wise
Nice buys
Knick knack
Brought back
oft junk
Thrills sunk
Sad fix
Deep six

Terse Verse: Film Flam

Film Flam

New show
Ads flow
Reams typed
Words hyped
Stars tour
Puff purr
Fans wait
Hopes great

First night
Turns fright
Crowds stop
Film flop
Much rave
Can't save
Dad qualms
Buzz bombs

Terse Verse: Laugh Stock

Laugh Stock

Best wits
Soft hits
Pop puns
Spread funs
Come backs
Wise quacks
Show flows
Crowd crows

Key rule
Play fool
Make joke
Self poke
Best charm
Ducks harm
Cheep howl
Called fowl

Terse Verse: Way Fare

Way Fare

Try trek
On spec
Use bike
Hitch hike
Go cheap
Foot jeep
Sights see
Near free

Round earth
Rome Perth
Worlds crossed
What cost?
Ten C
One G
Price your
"Grand" tour

Terse Verse: Ad Vice

Ad Vice

Half truths
Tease youths
Read blurb
Claims heard
Please try
Beg buy
Heed shout
Cash out

Hope greed
Sprouts need
Trust ads
Join fads
Close sales
Their grails
No sin
Cash in

Terse Verse: Bore War

Bore War

Tough luck
You're stuck
Staff talk
Can't walk
Try move
Glued groove
Must sit
Teeth grit

Words dull
Numb skull
Eyes bleep
Fight sleep
Squirm seat
Hear beat
Ho hums
Dolt drums

Terse Verse: Fool Proof

Fool Proof

Thin line
Rough fine
Joke gag
May drag
Hot feet
Cause heat
Back fire
Spark ire

Try scoff
Laugh off
But fate
Too late
Pranks bad
End sad
Brains null
Numb skull

Terse Verse: Air Lines

Air Lines

Once flight
High light
Plane trips
No blips
Hip hop
Non stop
Then class
Turned mass

Now waits
Storm gate
More fees
Seat squeeze
Trudge miles
Clown smiles
Three wing
Wing ding

Terse Verse: Aims Race

Aims Race

Pledge blitz
Drives hit
Mails clog
Phones blog
Tout cause
No pause
Plea words
In herds

Fights vie
Piece pie
Hope shares
Are theirs
Punch charms
Strong arms
Ends bout
Hands out

Terse Verse: Beg Choose

Beg Choose

Need cash
Bank dash
Then wait
Check rate
In jam
Act lamb
For now
Kow tow

They swear
All's fare
You brew
Sweat stew
Wait reap
Like sheep
Hope least
Not fleeced

Terse Verse: Buy Lines

Buy Lines

Day's plan
News man
Stay loop
Get scoop
Dull tales
No sales
Find fires
Live wires

Must sell
Tales tell
Outs is
Tips spine
Give puff
Old stuff
Naught said
Line dead

Terse Verse: Ore Not

Ore Not

Pa's dream
Rich seam
Dredge pan
Dig plan
Each day
Chip way
In vein
Sweat strain

Long odds
Fool's gods
Brag friend
How spend
End trail
Strikes grail
Pay road
Ma's lode

Terse Verse: Side Track

Side Track

Keys lost
Nabbed? tossed?
Can't find
Lose mind
Hide seek
Look peek
Trails wend
Dead end

Brief prayer
Show where
May luck
Bless schmuck
March trace
First place
There jewel
Ape fool

Terse Verse: Tread Mill

Tread Mill

Buy books
For looks
They go
For show
Some day
I may
Do deed
Sit read

Chores too
Let brew
Done not
Run hot
End race
Same place
Self beat
Dead heat

Terse Verse: Cram Packs

Cram Packs

Cars old
Big load
Get go
Cruise slow
Kids shout
Move out
Folks prize
Tank size

Young plead
Style speed
More zoom
Less room
This cost
Space lost
Pay day
Squeeze play

Terse Verse: New Man

New Man

When see
fam tree
Learn sins
Of kins
Find faults
In vaults
Know whole
Tot pole

Each branch
Brings blanch
Carves huts
Rough cuts
See saws
Shocks awes
Hard knocks
Chipped blocks

Terse Verse: Bumps Grinds

Bumps Grinds

Work days
Pains praise
Jobs tough
Tasks rough
Crews brave
Sweat slave
Feels traps
Bad raps

Bless few
Tried true
Scoff scars
Bear jars
Right chops
Reach tops
If bland
Get canned

Terse Verse: Drone Wars

Drone Wars

Wins tube
Me boob
Eyes glaze
Mind daze
Sit stare
Don't care
Life bore
Slump snore

Here stay
Night day
Can't feel
World real
My space
This place
Beats drum
Ho humm


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