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Terse Verses: Volume II: Sorted by Topics

Terse Verse: Human Relationships (2)

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Terse Verse: Dust Up

Dust Up

Earth's plan
For man
Play game
Start same
If dud
Stick mud
Then you're
Dirt poor

Those bold
Dig gold
Drill soil
Gush oil
Don't wait
Foil fate
Last ditch
Filth rich

Terse Verse: Brain Frieze

Brain Frieze

My plight
Stage fright
When speak
Thoughts creak
Mind crawls
Time stalls
Lips groan
Turn stone

Seek clues
Hear cues
Gone pride
Tongue tied
Lose cool
Look fool
Lost face
Cold case

Terse Verse: Tee Time

Tee Time

For males
Linls trail
Guy stuff
Play rough
Bet green
Par scene
Keep score
Drink more

While hers
Cup pours
Sit chat
This that
Game sweet
Add treat
Both cool
Club rule

Terse Verse: Time Lapse

Time Lapse

Stand speak
Words freak
Brain freeze
Lips seize
Mind blanks
Tongue tanks
Just pray
What say

Try laugh
At gaff
But crowd
Moans loud
Fake cool
Look fool
No friends
Wits ends

Terse Verse: Toil Road

Toil Road

Free ways
Cars blaze
Fast lane
Sparks pain
Wives shout
Watch out
She frets
He sweats

His swerves
Test nerves
Her frown
Slow down
End trip
Lose grip
Car tired
Both wired

Terse Verse: Take Outs

Take Outs

Clocks chime
Meal time
She cooks
He looks
When tires
Same fires
Wants change
Home range

Gets wish
Served dish
Best scene
They clean
At end
Must spend
Done sup
Fork up

Terse Verse: Thumbs Rule

Thumbs Rule

She asks
He tasks
Pound nails
Swing fails
Oops slip
Curse grip
Who's fool?
Blame tool

His vow
Learn how
New look
Buys book
But aim
The same
Next slide
Blame guide


Terse Verse: Sour Suite

Sour Suite

Eyes scan
Ship plan
When young
Bells rung
It's price
or nice
Save gold
Stay hold

When lush
Sail plush
Low rooms
Like tombs
With dough
Pipes blow
Top treat
Toots sweet

Terse Verse: Friend Ships

Friend Ships

First grade
Mates made
Teen time
Pals bind
School too
Guys glue
Grad hits
Groups split

Launch forth
South north
Past crew
Rings true
Last dock
Take stock
When old
Bonds hold

Terse Verse: Dis Cuss

Dis Cuss

Teens shout
Scream flout
Foul words
In herds
From mild
To wild
No pride
Free ride

Low class
Like brass
Pray soon
Change tune
Shocks pale
Turn stale
They scoff
Swear off

Terse Verse: Pay Dirt

Pay Dirt

Fan mags
Oft rags
Snap pix
Sly tricks
They pry
You buy
New tells
Sin sells

Neath earth
Much worth
Rake muck
Gold struck
Flesh pots
Were hot
World's ways
Grime pays

Terse Verse: Klutz Hit

Klutz Hit

Pros talk
Chat squawk
Love sprew
Foul view
Sports plays
Few praise
Fore casts
Oft blasts

Last word
Fans heard
Their cash
Makes smash
These scpres
Stun bores
Flip flops
Spin tops

Terse Verse: Con Fest

Con Fest

Shrink's in
Heads spin
Don't stall
Tell all
No buts
Spill guts
Stop balk
Just talk

Lie back
Yield yak
Words sweet
Up beat
His aim
Down shame
Cure doubt
Psych out

Terse Verse: Hey Day

Hey Day

Most wait
Trust fate
Time stalls
No calls
Plow field
Slim yield
Hay stacks
Breaks back

Wait hear
Loud clear
That voice
Tells choice
If fail
Must bale
Last draw
Short straw

Terse Verse: Tong Tied

Tong Tied

Guys hang
Form gang
Fun groups
Shoot hoops
Soon find
They bind
Share pride
Choose side

Once in
Thick thin
Tongue true
Like glue/br> Stick flock
Lips lock
Stay road
Zip code

Terse Verse: Wreak Room

Wreak Room

Guys rave
Man cave
Sports rule
Hots cool
Fast food
Sets mood
They thrive
High five

Real mens
Play pens
Screens flash
Talk trash
Pig out
Scream shout
Kids dads
Crash pads

Terse Verse: Foot Age

Foot Age

Gals thurst
Feet first
Hate wear
One pair
New styles
Spout smiles
Keep score
Need more

From straps
To snaps
Have fits
Walks sits
Fast paced
Straight laced
Lips speak
Tongue chic

Terse Verse: Junk Bonds

Junk Bonds

My stash
Not trash
These piles
My styles
Books need
May read
Build cave
Must Save

Friends urge
Burn purge
But crates
Best mates
So keep
Each heap
Dear dregs
Nest eggs

Terse Verse: Slap Dash

Slap Dash

Guys gab
Sneak grab
Sly grin
Touch skin
Gals scoff
Hands off
She hates
Cheap skates

Line crossed
Eyes frost
Crude tact
Swift act
Thin ice
Pays price
Cools hot
Swat shot

Terse Verse: Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up

Hitch hike
Car bike
Hide pride
Free ride
Best deals
On wheels
Get there
No fare

This way
When you
Know who
In case
Strange face
Just scoff
Hands off

Terse Verse: Cool Aide

Cool Aide

Wives harp
Look sharp
Stop slouch
Suck pouch
Her plan
Best man
Dress proud
Bland crowd

But pitch
Has glitch
Each please
Brings freeze
He's cold
When told
His shout
Chill out

Terse Verse: Court Ships

Court Ships

Kings peer
Lust leer
Sly Eyes
Reign sighs
Feed back
Crack jack
Rate then
Top ten

Queens too
Seek clue
Ace style
Launch smile
If clicks
She picks
Rest scoff
Pair off

Terse Verse: Done Dads

Done Dads

Wife asks
Spouse tasks
He's cool
Acts mule
Wait sec
Hen peck
No how
Cow tow

Some fall
Won't stall
Pass buck
Try duck
Steer course
Work horse
She'll hear
Yes dear

Terse Verse: Dye Hard

Dye Hard

What's up
Hair hue
Be rad
Join fad
Each change
More strange
Get goo
Do doo

once fond
Look blonds
May spray
Quench gray
Fresh shade
Fight clocks
Dread locks

Terse Verse: Fire Back

Fire Back

Love breaks
Heart aches
Heats cool
Mate mule
Gone flames
Burn blames
Old vows
Cold rows

Friends feel
Need heal
Cure darks
Stir sparks
Turn blues
Red hues
Score catch
Strike match

Terse Verse: Hang Outs

Hang Outs

Watch teens
Home scenes
Late sleep
Clothes heap
Dads cope
Moms hope
Their treat
Room neat

Phones ring
Tweets ding
Loud yaks
Sound tracks
Folks bug
Pull plug
Ease stress
Wire less

Terse Verse: Stone Aged

Stone Aged

One finds
Two kinds
Soft go
With flow
Minds flex
Don't vex
They give
Let live

Mules stay
One way
Once said
Pig head
Skin tough
Pelt rough
Stiff found
Hide bound

Terse Verse: Tuft Love

Tuft Love

Lawns bloom
Primp plume
Hands numb
Jade thumb
Know hows
Sweat brows
Mouths gape
Land scape

Have flair
Must care
Sow seed
Oust weed
Digs hurt
Pay dirt
Yards hold
Green gold

Terse Verse: Cramp Style

Cramp Style

First phase
Write ways
Crude tries
No prize
Thoughts groan
Plots clone
Look back
'Twas hack

Craft tried
Hit stride
Minds stretch
Raves fetch
Then came
True fame
Now new
Ape you

Terse Verse: Fowl Bawl

Fowl Bawl

Gals once
Played dunce
Cooped up
Dawn sup
Try best
Nurse nest
Their tears
Male fears

Fair sex
Hen pecks
Guys faun
Egged on
Duck blame
Cry shame
Need boost
Rule roost

Terse Verse: Make Waves

Make Waves

Phone rings
Talk springs
Gals gush
Words flush
Non stops
Chomp chops
Loves hates
Flood gates

With guys
Swift his
Spout news
Sports views
Small flow
Then go
Dials click
Dam quick

Terse Verse: Poles Part

Poles Part

Youths flee
Home free
Go forth
Heads north
Job wife
Square life/br> World green
Swirl scene

When old
Hate cold
Down mouth
Scrams south
Takes stock
Joins flock
Spins mend
Whirls end

Terse Verse: Rude Rage

Rude Rage

Young learn
Take turn
Don't cut
Try butt
Nice law
See saw
Stay queue
Thank you

Come cars
Raise bars
Up pace
Crude race
When squeeze
Eyes freeze
Speeds lax
Mad Max

Terse Verse: Pep Talk

Pep Talk

Some spice
Tastes twice
One bite
Tongues fight
Heart burns
Gut churns
Leave bed
Seek med

Pills calm
Bring balm
Next meal
Plain deal
Swear not
Pick hot
Choose who
Eats who

Terse Verse: Wed Lock

Wed Lock

Stag joys
Funs toys
Gals play
Field day
Both sides
Free rides
Choose flings
Not rings

Comes time
Ends prime
Hearts jolt
Feel bolt
Meet match
Make catch
Last date
Cell mate

Terse Verse: Zip Ups

Zip Ups

Ooops see
Cloths free
Clasp loose
Not ruse
Eyes gaze
Small craze
Can't yell
Must tell

Soon act
Quick tact
Glance first
Fear worst
Hints fail
Up scale
Soft voice
Snap choice

Terse Verse: Bull Heads

Bull Heads

Those who
Ask you
Sweet voice
Make choice
Then nix
Your picks
Why fight
They're right

Friends know
Mo jo
Ways mean
No tween
Love rule
Act mule
Their dote
Gets goat

Terse Verse: Kiss Met

Kiss Met

Does fate
Choose mate
First glance
Big chance
Time stops
Fire pops
One shot
Jack pot

Friends shove
Preach love
Odds slim
Dreams grim
Risk high
When try
She'll scoff
Kiss off

Terse Verse: Shall Game

Shall Game

Man's shill
"I Will"
Next vow
"Not now"
Tells mate
Please Wait
Wife stews
Old News

When mad
Points add
Shuns pleas
Plus please
If say
"Sum day"
More flack
Pay back

Terse Verse: Shave Tail

Shave Tail

Life's way
Split stay
Meek hold
Join fold
They root
Graze mute
Mind clock
Wed flock

Ram rods
Fight odds
Go lam
Quick scram
Find thrills
Cross hills
Let rules
Sheer fools

Terse Verse: Cold Flames

Cold Flames

Love's fire
Now pyre
Gone days
Bright blaze
Heart broke
Just smoke
Once vexed
What next?

Hopes new
Back two
Let past
Cool fast
Douse torch
Heal scortch
Dodge spurned
Twice burned

Terse Verse: New Man

New Man

When see
fam tree
Learn sins
Of kins
Find faults
In vaults
Know whole
Tot pole

Each branch
Brings blanch
Carves huts
Rough cuts
See saws
Shocks awes
Hard knocks
Chipped blocks

Terse Verse: Hot Tips

Hot Tips

Sales tool
Keep cool
Shake nice
Break ice
Warm smile
Hides guile
Strong pitch
Strikes rich

When pro
You glow
Each try
Stokes buy
Job won
Well done
Bright hired
Cold fired

Terse Verse: Cry Wolf


Cry Wolf

Teens seek
Sneek peak
Genes vex
Stir sex
Sly eyes
Urge tries
Male heart
Jump start

Lust grows
Yo yos
If rush
Cheeks Blush
Girls pause
Stop paws
Gus wail
Turn tail

Terse Verse: Name Drop

Name Drop

Mix crowd
Strut proun
Know all
Right call
Cock sure
Make tour
Can place
Each face

Next stage
Wears age
Mind slips
Tongue trips
Hope flock
Sees rock
Foes tough
Calls bluff


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