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Terse Verses: Volume II: Sorted by Topics

Terse Verse: Old Age and Death

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Terse Verse: All Tolled

All Tolled

Watch clock
Tick tock
Those old
Feel cold
May lurch
Go church
Sins pay
Kneel pray

Who knows
Life's close
Dims spark
Dawns dark
Earth spins
Time wins
Last bell
"even "ell"

Terse Verse: Last Ditch

Last Ditch

Dead found
Grave ground
From earth
Leave worth
Kin meet
Heads neat
Sit still
Hear will

Cut off
Curse scoff
Rich praise
Part ways
Each gift
Brings rift
End shares
Split heirs

Terse Verse: Past Tense

Past Tense

My vow
Do now
Be prompt
Times count
Hopes sag
Feet drag
When done
Last one

Life long
Same song
My yoke
Slow poke
Grave stone
Boasts poem
Here see
Late me

Terse Verse: Pill Age

Pill Age

Health wars
Fight sores
Use drugs
Beat bugs
Dose small
Curse all
Docs tout
Knock out

Germs tough
Play rough
May die
Still try
Round two
New crew
Strain win
Next kin

Terse Verse: Quick Steps

Quick Steps

Born Wean
Tot Teen
School Grad
Wed Dad
Work Rounds
Ups Downs
Wife Bails
Hope Flails

Sweet Fate
New Mate
Wounds Mend
Jobs End
Songs Fade
Dues Paid
Last Beat
Six Feet

Terse Verse: Dead Lines

Dead Lines

When Gone
Sad Song
Brief Note
Short Quote
Life Acts
Cold Facts
That's It
Says Wit

Old Age
Reads Page
As Friends
Meet Ends
Shed Tear
Toast Bier
Such Sights
Last Writes

Terse Verse: Stale Mates

Stale Mates

One wed
Each dred
Talks drift
Life Shift
Meals bland
Food canned
Time bare
Oft stare

Takes two
Keep new
Old years
Shift gears
Elase sit
Rock knit
Mute friends
Dead ends

Terse Verse: Heir Cut

Heir Cut

Read wills
Tears thrills
Good splits
Score hits
Smiles round
None frown
Those kin
They're in

But some
Feel bums
They boo
May sue
If case
Off base
Laws shout
They're out

Terse Verse: Squeeze Play

Squeeze Play

Those wise
Down size
Some crave
Must save
Can't dodge
Hodge podge
Stuffed rooms
Like tombs

Each tier
Most dear
Kin shout
Throw out
No how
Cow tow
Til dead
Bull head

Terse Verse: Whose who

Whose Who

Old age
Bumps rage
Names drop
Words stop
Tongues trip
Feet slip
Free will
Down hill

May shrug
Blame drug
Sluff off
Laugh cough
But fear
Stays near
Worst plea
Who's me

Terse Verse: Ode Man

Ode Man

Scribes plight
Must write
Mute voice
No choice
Hears call
Scratch scrawl
Can't stop
Lap top

Fast slow
Words flow
Know well
Won't sell
Takes care
May swear
From curse
To verse

Terse Verse: Home Spun

Home Spun

He's Pa
She's Ma
Close knit
Tight fit
Life slow
So sew
Their kin
Love spin

Hearts cleave
Words weave
Rough days
Mend ways
Laughs stitched
Stay hitched
Times find
Ties bind

Terse Verse: Ahs Me

Ahs Me

Keep youth
Whole tooth
Each day
Brush way
If fail
Teeth pale
Or worse
Bite purse

X ray
Shows gray
See doc
Ad hoc
Know drill
Sit still
Costs south
Down mouth


Terse Verse: Closed Knit

Closed Knit

?Kin ties
King size
Folks cling
Hearts string
Few roam
Roped home
Bonds hold
Yong old

Those hitched
Join nitche
Stay near
Join sphere
This plan
Weaves clan
Leave lot?
Frayed knot!

Terse Verse: Split Heirs

Split Heirs

Man dead
Will read
Those dear
Wait hear
Hopes soar
Who'll score
They wait
Sealed fate

Terms flow
Some crow
Smiles frowns
Ups downs
Mid shock
Take stock
Clears smoke
Bonds broke

Terse Verse: Watch Man

Watch Man

Dread sign
Dead line
Eyes blink
Try think
Fear waits
Dire date
Palms sweat
Clocks fret

Some day
Will pay
Cease tricks
Start clicks
End chase
Must face
Ends round
Hands down


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