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Terse Verses: Volume II: Sorted by Topics

Terse Verse: Collector of Items.

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Terse Verse: Down Sighs

Down Sighs

Rat packs
Love stacks
Kin shout
"Throw out"
Piles rise
Hide skies
Old bored
Still hoard

Nests mound
High ground
Each inch
Needs winch
Deep dwell
Dark cell
Their grave
Man cave

Terse Verse: Slip Up

Slip Up

Weeks chore
Go store
Smart man
Charts plan
Write needs
Chart deeds
When done
Make run

Cruise aisles
Grab piles
Where's note
I wrote?
Mind blank
Feel rank
Cause stress?
List less

Terse Verse: Halve Knots

Halve Knots

Where to?
What do?
First voice
Makes choice
Come crows
Squawk nos
When done
Square one

All pause
Lost cause?
Then naughts
Spar aughts
Half ways
Win praise
Ties group
In loop

Terse Verse: Spend Thrifts

Spend Thrifts

Gal's grail
Find sale
Mark downs
Win crowns
Drop price
Once twice
Bluff scoff/br> More off

Each deal
Like steal
All means
Save greens
Smart squads
Tight wads
Tags chopped
Bucks stopped

Terse Verse: Knicks Knack

Knicks Knack

Some crave
Buy save
Bric bracs
Form stacks
Each nicha
Holds kitch
Hear gnome
Claim home

Yard sales
Rich tales
Pawn shops
Door stops
Proud shelves
Boast elves
In dust
They trust

Terse Verse: Chaps Shtick

Chaps Shtick

First boys
Choose toys
When grow
Soon know
More bliss
With miss
Next grad
Soob dad

Man's aim
Pass name
Take chance
Wear pants
There chore
Swim more
Help fuel
Jeans pool

Terse Verse: Cast Offs

Cast Offs

Here's tips
Cruise ships
Watch cash
Hide stash
Fun rules
Shun fools
Swim dive
High five

Shop wise
Nice buys
Knick knack
Brought back
oft junk
Thrills sunk
Sad fix
Deep six

Terse Verse: Check Outs

Check Outs

Pix mags
Pulp rags
Wild prose
Shocks pose
No bars
News jars
Flesh flash
Mish mash

Folks shop
Lines stop
Eyes dance
Soon glance
Then spy
Grab but
Con vulse
Imp pulse


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Terse Verse: Down Sighs
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