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Terse Verses: Volume II: Sorted by Topics

Terse Verse: Art and Literature

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Terse Verse: Aged Rock

Aged Rock

Song scenes
Fans teens
Noise reigns
Ear pains
Loud hits
Teeth grits
New shakes
Earth quakes

Once when
Cave man
Made tones
Used stones
Their sounds
Broke grounds
All told
Rocks rilled

Terse Verse: Write Ways

Write Ways

First tries
Seek wise
Need tips
Skip slips
Heed chat
"Do that"
"Try this"
Can't miss

My guide
May chide
Helps think
Dodge clink
Won't dwell
In cell
Prime aim
Pen name

Terse Verse: Con Flix

Con Flix

Old tales
Vile fails
Film views
Bads lose
Tots taught
They should
Be good

Now days
Crime pays
Cop shows
Law goes
Lets sin
Oft win
Good worse
Vice verse

Terse Verse: Foot Lights

Foot Light

Hearts dance
Gals prance
Shoe fling
Fall spring
Long aisles
Pump styles
Make feet
Walk beat

Spot picks
Get kicks
Sweet fits
Score hits
Hip hop
Non stop
Find great
Sole mate

Terse Verse: Wait Watch

Wait Watch

Heed praise
New ways
Short cuts
Firm butts
Trim thick
Thin quick
Good byes
Old thighs

Each fad
Proves sad
My toils
Just foils
Mocks scale
"You fail"
'Nre be
Fat free

Terse Verse: Kick Offs

Kick Offs

These days
Dance craze
Fast pros
Flash toes
Stars fight
Spot light
Now hep
Watch step

Brave hearts
Risk starts
Hope kicks
Are picks
Trip once
Feel dunce
Dreams meet
Do feet

Terse Verse: Shots Snap

Shots Snap

Phone pix
Quick clicks
No fees
Worth sees
Scrap books
Old looks
Less risk
On disks

Good but
Soon glut
Freeze frame
Brief fame
Old wows
Not nows
News span
Flash pan

Terse Verse: Dot Calm

Dot Calm

Blogs puff
Spin stuff
Twist real
Gild spiel
Truths small
Tales tall
Slight lies
Tweet size

Ny site
Boasts lite
Click smooth
Find soothe
Mild hot
Gross not
Web rule
Net cool

Terse Verse:Hem Haw

Hem Haw

Skirts go
Yo yo
Gals caw
Rah rah
Guys crow
Ho ho
Dears cry
Buy buy

Styles new
Too too
Her awe
La la
His hah
Ha ha
Bucks fly
Bye bye

Terse Verse: Hear Yea?


Hear Yea?

Young pound
Wild sound
Screams load
Hype crowd
Each clef
Makes deaf
Pelt ear

Noise vast
Booms blast
Tom toms
Buzz bombs
Bang drum
Till numb
Head feet Down beat

Terse Verse: Song Dance

Song Dance

Show time
Votes prime
Both sides
Waltz strides
Words flow
Tip toe
Tap treats
Down beats

Pros hep
Quick step
Pols spin
Hope win
Get kicks
Drum sticks
Sweet talk
Cake walk

Terse Verse: Got Cha

Got Cha

Dance craze
Wins praise
Watch pros
Head toes
Lads lass
Show class
Feet fly
Trip try

Step one
Have fun
Some win
Shoe in
Fear not
Last spot
Joys burst
Feat first

Terse Verse: Feat First

Feat First

Dance fear
Starts here
First step
Shoes schlep
Knees balk
Just walk
Want quit
Must sit

Hopes urge
Kicks surge
Dodge trips
Flaunt hips
Strong yen
Scores ten
Should win
Shoe in

Terse Verse: Tap Dunce

Tap Dunce

Hey feet
Look sweet
Be deft
Not left
Flair arms
Tout charms
Make mate
Look great

No wins
Klutz spins
Sad moves
Miss grooves
Steps slip
Shoes trip
No cup
Jigs up

Terse Verse: Last Rights

Last Rights

Good news
God's views
Love wins
Sinks sins
Cools hots
Flesh pots
Praise songs
Drown wrongs

Act two
Thrills through
When youth
Finds truth
Now earth
Shows worth
Low cries
High rise

Terse Verse: Bad Guise

Bad Guise

See how
Soon know
Black hats
Are rats
Old plots
Fights shots
Hit run
Still fun

First reel
Crooks steal
Comes gore
Crimes score
Knight comes
Beats bums
Love scam
Films scam

Terse Verse: Blog Jam

Blog Jam

Strange scenes
Plague screens
Fools dance
Pets prance
Weird rubes
Flood tumes
Their plea
Watch me

Eyes hook
Laugh look
Brief views
Short fuse
Quick con
Fast gone
Gross game
Net fame

Terse Verse: Sounds Great

Sounds Great

Songs bring
Own zing
Feel noise
Hear joys
Feet prance
Hearts dance
Rock jive
Feel alive

Each age
Spawns rage
Fans rave
Arms wave
Lips sinc
Eyes blink
Up sweet
Down beat

Terse Verse: Spaced Out

Spaced Out

Tap keys
Don't freeze
Quick rate
Lines straight
From A
All way
Reach z
Err free

Check work
Eyes jerk
Oh no
Type O
With ease
Mind Ps
Pick choose
Heed Qs

Terse Verse: Strut Stuff

Strut Stuff

Man's pride
Shuns guide
Won't ask
Help task
Cock's walk
Boasts squack
Can't sway
His way

Song fades
Needs aides
Strides slow
Eats crow
Steps stop
Eyes drop
Voice tries
Humm pies

Terse Verse: Band Stands

Band Stands

Each age
Owns stage
Their songs
Thrilled throngs
Words prime
Most rhyme
Tunes bright
Lime light

Next phase
New praise
Now joys
Its noise
They greet
Toots sweet
Old plums
Ho hums

Terse Verse: Words Worth

Words Worth

Pros write
Sharp bite
Hours spent
Pay rent
Short poems
Long tomes
Buck odds

But when
Dulls pen
Finds brand
Too bland
Turns joke
Goes broke
Non sense
No cents

Terse Verse: Foot Loose

Foot Loose

Ball room
Spells doom
Fear choose
Dance shoes
Each step
Looks schlep
All moves
Miss groves

I plea
Not me
My pace
Straight lace
Both feet
Off beat
Slip slide
Tongues tied

Terse Verse: Smear Case

Smear Case

Kids play
Paint spray
Street signs
Train lines
Bridge frames
Foul names
Splash site
Dubbed blights

Then bads
Turn fads
Those pows
Now wows
What's dumb
To some
Makes smart
Pop art

< k

Terse Verse: Miss Cast

Miss Cast

Stars rage
Fight age
Cling youth
Scorn truth
Puff lips
Squeeze hips
Their goal
Young role

Times change
Shift range
From hits
To bits
Gone vamp
Now camp
Script signs
Laugh lines

Terse Verse: Screen Tests

Screen Tests

Night dawns
Set yawns
Days weeks
Eye seeks
Laughs crime
Prime times
Lights dance
Bring trance

Minds drown
Dumb down
Pix please
Stress ease
Find friends
Woes end
Tube sits
Dims wits

Terse Verse: Stand Up

Stand Up

End day
Tubes play
Old news
Fresh views
Watch clowns
Soothes frowns
Jokes hurled
Laughs world

Wags rule
Poke fool
Price fame
Fair game
Wits sting
Zap zing
Joust done
Jest fun

Terse Verse: Hop Hip

Hop Hip

Young blaze
Dance craze
Fling arms
Flout charms
Whirl shout
All out
Claim time
Their prime

Old shy
May try
Shake buns
All thumbs
Prove step
Not hep
Ends hup
Jigs up

Terse Verse: Broad Ways

Broad Ways

Show biz
Froth fizz
Stage struck
Try luck
Brief spark
Then dark
Most flash
Then crash

Rare few
Break through
Frail time
In prime
If hit
Light lit
Fades clout
Lights out

Terse Verse: Shrink Raps

Shrink Raps

Psych songs
Sing wrongs
First line
I'm fine
Change pitch
Then switch
Play ball
Tell all

Squirms pose
Highs lows
Fears sins
Vain spine
Hope spiel
Helps heal
Rite beat
Rap sheet

Terse Verse: Act Up

Act Up

Start young
Bug stung
Child's play
Funs stay
Stage near
Shake spear
Get hooked
Fate cooked

Fame feeds
Parts leads
Broad casts
Thrills lasts
Friends urge
Star surge
Grand slam
Eggs ham

Terse Verse: One Ups

One Ups

What is
Show biz
Old times
Clowns mimes
Stage plays
Broad ways
Films hot
Top spot

Techs change
New range
Tubes fads
Phones pads
All fight
Spot light
Win rage
Up stage

Terse Verse: Flash Mod

Flash Mod

Friends text
What next
Names streets
Group meets
May sing
Dance thing
Fun flock
Love Shock

Some go
For show
Till cops
Make stops
Gone hees
Now pleas
End haws
By laws

The Accordion Principle

If you will tell me the average investment return and the amount you invest in an escrow account, I can easily tell you how much money you will have at any future age. You can't do that very well, so we are going to show some rough guesses. It is simple to tell you the amount you will have if you live an average life expectancy, it's just hard to say what the life expectancy will be in the coming century. Next, you will have to tell me what kind of healthcare you want to cover, at today's rates, and at today's rate of inflation. Future projections are just guesses, however.The simplest kind of question would be what kind of health care do you want to cover, covering what ages, paying for it at the time of your death, at average life expectancy. In parentheses after each amount you would need, is the amount that would have to be deposited at birth to reach that particular goal at death after 6.5% interest compounded. To stay on the safe side, the following costs are based on fractions of $350,000 lifetime calculation, rather than actual figures, and are therefore possibly on the high side. For example,

Last year of life:$48,000 ($165 at birth, once)
Last two years of life:$56,000 ($193 at birth)
Last three years of life:$64,200 ($221)
All 18 years of Medicare:$187,000 ($646)

All of Medicare, paying no premiums(13%):$162,000 ($559)
All of Medicare, refunding payroll deductions(38%):$118,000 ($107)

First year of life (grandchild):$10,000 ($34)
First 21 years of life (grandchild):$28,000 ($96)

First and last years of life: $58,000 ($200)
All of Medicare plus all of childhood: $ 146,000 ($504)

Note: All "data" above are approximations of relative amounts. The last year of life contains hospice,etc, and the first year reflects obstetrical costs. Some cost offsets cannot be readily calculated for individual years from public sources. In fact, one of the implicit reasons for suggesting first-and-last year funding, is to separate those costs which can be reduced through eliminating disease by research, from the two extremes of life, where that is less likely.

Other things can be calculated, but the math gets a little beyond my pay grade. After all, if you reimburse the cost of the last year of life, the costs for the other 18 years of Medicare will be reduced. To calculate that, you would have to know how many Medicare recipients there are at various ages, and whether certain age groups have special costs. If you reimburse all of Medicare costs, the resulting cost for all of Medicare should be zero, so you are allowed to deduct all present funding sources, but only in that one instance. But there are lots of complicating data, like how much do we owe the Chinese Government for Treasury bonds to cover previous deficits, and do you want to include these servicing costs in the cost of Medicare? Do you actually want to do this, or are you just shopping? This is a quick shopping guide.

The accordion principle should be clear enough. If someone finds a cure for cancer, we could probably afford to reimburse two or three more years at the end of life. In all probability, a system like this would start with the last year and add other portions of the program if surpluses appeared. To do this sort of thing in an orderly manner, it would be desirable to start searching immediately for portions of all healthcare programs to peel off at pre-calculated rates. Not everything would be as simple to calculate as the average cost of a particular year of life. Cures for the remaining dozen major diseases are probably inevitable, but the timing and cost of those cures is impossible to judge in advance. The extraordinary extra costs of being born and dying do bear investigation, but are not relevant to this immediate discussion.

So we start with an average balance at age 84, after a lifetime of depositing $50 a year and investing @ 6.5%, of nearly $300,000. What would you like to fund with that? The answer I would give is: healthcare costs of the first and last years of life. They would phase in gradually, and give the greatest impact for the money. And the deliberate use of approximate numbers, is intended to imply only that a relatively small amount of investment will buy a whole lot of healthcare, if you go about it in this general way. Plenty of people can supply more precise calculations, but nobody is likely to come closer to the final answer than this.

Reducing This Process to a Formula? This approach reduces to: accumulating a sum of money in an escrow fund starting at birth and reaching a peak at death; then re-distributing the accumulation to repay a series of other funds which have actually financed the medical care. By making reasonable assumptions about the ingredients of this process, we can approximate its limits. We chose 6.5% as an interest rate. It was a stretch perhaps, but allows simple calculation by the reader. If you take the trouble to divide the amount required by the (single-premium) deposit at birth, you will see the ratio is always 289. But this only applied to this longevity of age 90 At age 80 it would have been 154, and at age 100 it will be 543. That is, if longevity continues to increase, we can expect the multiplier to increase returns toward $543 per dollar invested at birth. The consequence is, as longevity increases by ten years we can provide more money for the same investment. In this case, we choose to represent it as $250 per year bonus for the elderly during their Medicare years. More likely, it should serve as a margin for error in these distant uncertainties. And it certainly illustrates how spending from the fund should be as delayed as possible, to achieve maximum returns.

Selecting Pieces of the Transfer Process. We show in the table what the average balance should look like within the escrow fund. It essentially transfers $70,000 to a fund with a lifetime duration for compounding, instead of using the actual age of the decedent, and it reaches for the maximum possible interest income; the graph shows the lifetime balance of the fund at various stages of life. Theoretically, it could be used for any healthcare purpose, but the reality is that distant events are more efficiently served. Although transfers between generations may seem bizarre, they seem to be the most rewarding way to pre-fund the health costs of newborns. For practical purposes, this is often the only it can be done, at all.

Terse Verse: Play Time

Play Time

Foot lights
Gild nights
Crowds seat
Wait treat
Casts beg
Break leg
Darks flow
Start show

Hearts flee
Cares free
Each cue
World new
Watch stage
Don't age
There see
Reel me

Terse Verse: Pop Tops

Pop Tops

Casts ache
Big breaks
Find fame
Make name
Light flash
Acts smash
Crowds crush
Life lush

High peak
Fear leak
Coke ales
Fizz fails
Must move
Keep groove
Stand pat
Fall flat

Terse Verse: Grouch March

Grouch March

Babes beam
Smile scream
Spout Wails
Have ails
Start soiled
Oft spoiled
Folks hope
Loves cope

Worst rags
Dog's age
Sad schtick
Cuss kick
Make scene
Life mean
Stay pup
Groan up

Terse Verse: Whirl Gig

Whirl Gig

World spins
Top sins
Wild throngs
Cry wrongs
Hope rags
Change age
Strong quiz
What is

Pols best
This test
Love tricks
Claim fix
Sweet sounds
Make rounds
Game on
Pro con


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