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Terse Verses: Volume II: Sorted by Topics

Terse Verse: Events

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Terse Verse: Head Count

Head Count

Bells sound
King crowned
Crouds rave
Shock wave
Heir starts
Plays parts
His term
Now perm

Lights blaze
Eyes glaze
Lions roar
Cheers soar
Can't hide
Their pride
Claims clan
Mane man

Terse Verse: Jets Set

Jets Set

Planes still
Bring thrill
Wild zooms
Big booms
Fans hail
Clouds trail
Get go
Free show

Hear roars
Blood pours
Winged slate
Worth wait
Fast flight
Grand site
Scan skies
Soar eyes

Terse Verse: Queen Be

Queen Be

Her quest
Bee best
Must try
Score high
Spout facts
Write tracts
Buzz zeal
Sweet deal

Choice made
Cards played
Fast track
Earns jack
Right pick
Wins trick
Last sting
Trumps king

Terse Verse: Road Hogs

Road Hogs

Pigs fly
Zoom by
Switch lanes
Speed pains
Cars curse
Think worse
Wild swerves
Race nerves

Most fear
Crash near
Cop chase
Ends race
Hear swine
Beg whine
Trail ends
Jail pens

Terse Verse: Time Lapse

Time Lapse

Stand speak
Words freak
Brain freeze
Lips seize
Mind blanks
Tongue tanks
Just pray
What say

Try laugh
At gaff
But crowd
Moans loud
Fake cool
Look fool
No friends
Wits ends

Terse Verse: Toil Road

Toil Road

Free ways
Cars blaze
Fast lane
Sparks pain
Wives shout
Watch out
She frets
He sweats

His swerves
Test nerves
Her frown
Slow down
End trip
Lose grip
Car tired
Both wired

Terse Verse: Churn Pike

Churn Pike

Cars crawl
Swerve stall
Lines stop
Then pop
Curse cry
Fists fly
Hearts race
Slow pace

Blue sights
Red lights
All blame
Rush game
Near crash
Teeth gnash
Jaws block
Grit Lock

Terse Verse: Red I

Red I

Take flight
Late night
Then reap
Less sleep
Dull drone
Aches bone
Comes morn
Nerves worn

Next day
You pay
Feel blue
Gray through
Last stop
Eyes pop
Face sags
Claims bags

Terse Verse: Heads Up

Heads Up

Look down
Coin found
This clue
Hooks you
Means luck
Has struck
Real wish
Catch fish

So kneel
Quick feel
Prize looms
Face blooms
Hopes high
Then sigh
Why glum?
Dad gum

Terse Verse: Chop Shop

Chop Shop

Set sail
For sale
Where crowd
Mills loud
Long lines
Test spines
Shout stores
"Spend more"

Vast sea
Park free
All barge
To charge
Bump buy
That's why
They call
It maul

Terse Verse: Biz Buzz

Biz Buzz

Men meet
Chat greet
Eyes lock
Fists knock
Then food
Sets mood
Talk shop
Non stop

These meals
Do deals
Words hum
Near numb
Drone on
Wax strong
Wins see
King bee

Terse Verse: Lug Age

Lug Age

Air port
Time short
Long wait
At age
Check signs
Tag lines
Stay near
Check gear

Crowds packed
Seats stacked
Totes squeezed
None pleased
Jet lags
Lose bags
Rushed trip
Lost grip

Terse Verse: Net Flicks

Net Flicks

Arms fling
Balls zing
Crowds shout
Ins out
Sweat shines
Fault lines
Wild tame
Great game

Watch pros
On toes
Nerves fray
Foes rule
Lose cool
Wins stress
Match less

Terse Verse: Sheer Fun

Sheer Fun

Climb high
Mount sky
Steep hills
Test skills
Hearts crave
Boast brave
Grab gear
Face fear

Base camp
Start tramp
Clutch axe
Grasp cracks
Scale cliffs
Snow drifts
Nail hike
Peaks spike

Terse Verse: Squares Wan

Squares Wan

Now Crowd
Whoops loud
Lights flash
Curves brash
Stay wired
'Ner tired
Ring sounds
Make rounds

Gray group
Out loop
Shapes sag
Wheels drag
Had turn
Slow churn
Spin done
Home spun

Terse Verse: Step Up

Step Up

Ball room
Spells doom
My stance
Jinx dance
Feet balk
Just walk
Try hep
Ends schlep

Then learn
Moves turn
How to
One two
Jazz jives
High fives
Judge floored
Ten scored

Terse Verse: Road Ways

Road Ways

High way
Nerves fray
Lights stops
Kooks cops
Speed traps
Miss haps
No strain
Choose train

Take track
Out back
Just me
Stress free
End rounds
Safe sound
No mess
Wreak less

Terse Verse: Hides Out

Hides Out

Beach fun
Surf sun
Sand scene
Sculpt seen
Kids splash
Teens dash
Old fade
To shade

Gals cute
Skimp suit
Eyes glued
Near nude
Chicks romp
Guys stomp
Buff acts
Bare facts

Terse Verse: Rip Tied

Rip Tied

Birth day
Kids play
Gifts zoom
Flood rooms
Friends throng
Sing song
Noise zings
Cake springs

Hands flare
Claw tear
Dive in
Shread grin
Bows heap
Teash deep
All clap
Give wrap


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