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Terse Verses: Volume II: Sorted by Topics

Terse Verse: Weather and Season

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Terse Verse: Buzz Words

Buzz Words

Beach scene
Sun screen
Bugs blitz
Give fits
Use traps
Swift slaps
Try sprays
Horde stays

Pests charge
Strings large
They clump
Wham jump
Beg aid
Stop raid
Plead scream
Swat team

Terse Verse: Lawn Gone

Lawn Gone

Fade snows
Green grows
Spring boom
Bud blooms
Sow seeds
Mulch feeds
Once more
Hopes soar

Each year
Fresh spear
Race hard
Best yard
Sun's sulf
Toasts turf
Dreams beat
Dead heat

Terse Verse: Cold Calls

Cold Calls

Press touts
"Watch out"
Storm near
Feel fear
Winds blow
Big snow
Broad cast
White blast

Comes day
Skies gray
Few flakes
Sun breaks
Wolf's cry
Was lie
News spin
Sheep grin

Terse Verse: Sea Salt

Sea Salt

Must boast
Love coast
Wave swells
Shore smells
Winds blare
Wash air
Sun sand
Dream land

Morn wish
Catch fish
Can't fail
Set sail
Ship mates
Cut baits
When done
Gobs fun

Terse Verse: Pair Rants

Pair Rants

Kids bring
Fresh spring
Cute noise
Mixed joys
They are
Bright star
Tho stressed
Twice blessed

Soon scene
Goes teen
Time best
Leave nest
Rows cease
Home peace
Ends numb
Two sum

Terse Verse: Wise Cracks

Wise Cracks

Earth quakes
Land shakes
Sounds deep
Wake sleep
Shocks rise
Cloud skies
Cold chill
Time still

Try smile
Fears pile
Wide eyes
Must hide
Can't halt
World's fault
Think fast
Laugh last

Terse Verse: What's Up

What's Up

Mom earth
Gives birth
Ice stops
Bud pops
Bulbs peek
Babes sqeek
World green

Saps surge
Old urge
All men
Feel yen
They do
Rise too
Stay king
Guy thing

Terse Verse: Run Round

Run Round

Sports jog
Wind fog
Sleet snow
Still go
Long miles
Smug smiles
Change pace
Love race

We praise
Their ways
Just sit
Watch fit
They Strain
In rain
Brag wet
Know sweat

Terse Verse: Dust Mights

Dust Mights

Ah choo
Bless you
Tree zap
Weeds snap
Bugs spores
Wage wars
Fight flows
Eyes nose

No rest
Churns chest
Sprays pills
Soothe ills
Hopes bring
Next spring
No gnat
Sneeze at

Terse Verse: El Non

El Non

Words blast
For cast
Trend shows
Big snows
Scares soar
Rush store
Storm cursed
Plan worst

Clouds flow
Then go
Sun bright
Not white
Folks scorn
False warn
Rants mob
Snow job

Terse Verse: Fall Guy

Fall Guy

Hear spring
Trees sing
Greens rise
Burst skies
Now sun
Has won
Feel earth
Give birth

Times march
Laws parch
Air cools
Red rules
Leaves bold
Turn gold
Catch gleams
Field dreams

Terse Verse: Tote All

Tote All

Springs falls
Shop malls
Sales swarm
Lines form
Wives buy
Guys sigh
She calls
He hauls

In sum
Men numb
While mate
Fills plate
As store
Sells more
Thinks large
Takes charge

Terse Verse: Land Hoe

Land Hoe

Dawns spring
Hands sing
Now scene
Things green
Gone snow
Seeds flow
Work soil
Takes toil

Sun rain
Soothe pain
When reap
Not cheap
Dig spend
In end
Find you're
Dirt poor

Terse Verse: Skin Game

Skin Game

Come springs
Bloom stings
With warm
Gnats form
Swat wars
Fight scores
Who reigns
Food chains

Bug's plan
Mug man
See pink
Bite drink
Men rave
Swing brave
Wins horde
Flies lord

Terse Verse: Ho Hummms

Ho Hummms

Dawn blooms
Bee zooms
Hear drones
Greet clones
Work hard
Buzzz yord
When done
Seeks hun

Night sounds
End rounds
Gone stings
Swarm clings
Now rest
Group nest
Sleep teems
Sweet dreams

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Terse Verse: Shore Points

Shore Points

No brakes
Spring breaks
Tails fins
Sun sins
Youth drools
Troll pools
Hope bronzed
Hook blonds

Sail sea
Splash spree
Surf sounds
Pulse pounds
Guys gog
Hot dog
Seek funs
Beach buns

Terse Verse: Hail Storm

Hail Storm

Big game
Score same
Each team
Spouts steam
Both plea
Bless me
Fans din
Plead win

Runs kicks
Clock ticks
Last play
All pray
Pass bold
Catch hold
World lands
His hands

Terse Verse: Land Scrape

Land Scrape

Each spring
Same thing
Plans green
Lawn scene
Big rush
Aims lush
Turf wars
Start chores

Next seeds
Sprout weeds
Raw heats
Down beats
Looks bland
Hot sand
Gloats sun
Well done

Terse Verse: Look Outs

Look Outs

Sun Wins
Tan skins
Proud pose
Beach clothes
Teens try
Near fry
Bronze bod
Near god

Those fair
Take care
High heat
Broils beet
Best park
In dark
Red face
Bask case

Terse Verse: Green Aches

Green Aches

Grass land
Starts grand
Sow seeds
Hopes breed
But lawn
Turns tawn
Weeds win
Then grin

Seek aid
Pros paid
Grow pains
Pray rains
Work hard
Yet yard
Turf aint
So paint

Terse Verse: Pool Sides

Pool Sides

Friends meet
Gush greet
Words spout
Laugh shout
Groups shift
Thouhts drift
Waves go
With flow

Ring bells
Fare wells
Ebbs talk
Slow walk
Good byes
Tear eyes
Last chime
Swell time

Terse Verse: Rise Shine

Rise Shine

Comes dawn
Teens yawn
Mom boss
Tries toss
Yet they
Still stay
Kid's gloat
Gets goat

Next act
Less tact
Times up
Pops pup
Now heard
Last word
Hand throw
Get go


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