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Terse Verses: Volume II: Sorted by Topics

Terse Verse: Gambling

Winning --and Losing.

Terse Verse: Odds Job

Odds Job

Lights blaze
Minds glaze
Hope looms
Glitzed rooms
Cons wait
Slots bait
Dream eyes
High rise

Wheel turns
Purse burns
Net worth
Down earth
Home stretch
Last catch
Lucks choke
Flat broke

Terse Verse: Off Base

Off Base

Night out
Run about
Lights flash
Win cash
Hit slots
Jack pots
I play
They pay

Oft told
Find gold
Right pitch
Strike rich
Win set
Safe bet
Swing flee
Home free

Terse Verse: Fling Time

Fling Time

Wind fall
Run mall
Cash flush
Feel rush
Strut store
Spend more
Buy on
Near gone

Heart skips
Blue chips
New lot
White hot
Splurge scene
Floods green
Big dread
Code red

Terse Verse: Light Waits

Light Weights

Praise smart
Tongue tart
Their wit
Score hit
Loud voice
Earns choice
Bright spars
Poke stars

When buff
Just bluff
Those shouts
Burn outs
Man more
Than roar
Real bites
Win fights


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Terse Verse: Odds Job
Win some. Lose some.

Terse Verse: Off Base
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Terse Verse: Fling Time
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Terse Verse: Light Waits
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