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Terse Verses: Volume II: Sorted by Topics

Terse Verse: Health and Insurance

Terse Verse on the subject of smoking cessation, health, insurance, and Medical.

Terse Verse: Fume Gate

Fume Gate

For puff
Times tough
Halt smoke
Cease choke
Stop hacks
In tracks
Use fans
More bans

Try pills
Patch ills
Cure whiffs
No iffs
Gone brands
No ands
Takes guts
No butts

Terse Verse: Smoke Rings

Smoke Rings

Signs Sneer
Not here
Off sites
No lights
They fume
Spurn doom
Sneak scoff
Choose cough

Groups meet
Rain sleet
Friends shout
Butts out
Try guit
That's it
But hacks
Pick packs

Terse Verse: Cure All

Cure All

Sick days
Time weights
When docs
Shun clocks
Must sit
Teeth grit
Wait stew
Aches brew

Up side
As bide
That pain
May wane
Fade ills
No bills
Sounds bell
Alls well

Terse Verse: Ah Mes

Ah Mes

Some thrill
When ill
Itch ache
Sprain break
From vague
To plague
Love whine
Sick line

That wail
Won't fail
Docs care
Oaths swear
Hear moan
Trean groun
Rich yield
Well healed

Terse Verse: Light Waits

Light Weights

Praise smart
Tongue tart
Their wit
Score hit
Loud voice
Earns choice
Bright spars
Poke stars

When buff
Just bluff
Those shouts
Burn outs
Man more
Than roar
Real bites
Win fights

Terse Verse: Wind Down

Wind Down

Youth scene
Smoke screen
Buy fags
Struts brags
Hot stuff
Huff puff
Wise crack
Then hack

When grown
Change tone
Cure ills
Patch pills
Now know
Real woe
Use wits
Call quits


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