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Terse Verses: Volume II: Sorted by Topics

Terse Verse: Growing Up

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Terse Verse: Mend Ways

Mend Ways

Youth's mode
Dress code
If torn
Not worn
Used clothes
Out goes
This haste
Makes waste

Old brave
Try save
Take care
Each tear
Take yarn
Give darn
Save dough
So sew

Terse Verse: Come Backs

Come Backs

Grads meet
Hearts beat
Years pass
Spreads class
Old chums
Now 'lums
But cliques
Still clicks

Past thrill
Stays still
Love hang
Same gang
They find
Bonds bind
Stock prize
School ties

Terse Verse: Top Not

Top Not

Young flush
Hair lush
Trim mild
Some wild
Blow dried
Puff pride
Their peak
Male chic

Yet when
Turn men
Then try
Cheat lie
Dyes plants
Comb slants
Last place
Bald face

Terse Verse: Golds Age

Golds Age

Young praise
Rich ways
Hope clutch
Gold touch
Life glows
King's rows
Chase dreams
Sun beams

When old
Rough road
Wheels spun
None won
Rain bows
End shows
You've got
Just pot

Terse Verse: Grown Up

Grown Up

Bane's age
Blank page
Folks can
Make plan
Set rules
Pick schools
Your voice
Right choice

Next stage
Less rage
Old cares
Not theirs
Can't shove
Just love
They'll be
Their me

Terse Verse: Tick Tox

Tick Tox

Face fears
Late years
Skin sags
Eye bags
Vain seek
Save peak
In truth
Keep youth

Try tricks
Looks fix
Pay lots
Tucks shots
Main task
Mould mask
Time blocks
Stop clocks

Terse Verse: Bed Lamb

Bed Lamb

Young day
Kids play
Hub bub
Bath tub
Then heed
Sleep need
Games cease
Hug fleece

Turn page
Old age
Talk slow
Node flow
Bed made
Pull shade
Night knap
Wop; wrap


Terse Verse: Sham Pain

Sham Pain

Babes sigh
Quick dry
Tears spurt
When hurt
Their plea
"Help me"
Mom snugs
Then hugs

Kid's curse
Love nurse
Brave tough
Right stuff
When grown
Stiff moan
Make grade
Man made

Terse Verse: Knight Light

Knight Light

First youth
Trusts truth
Comes plight
Flee fight
Darks win
Praise sin
King's might
Wrong rite

Those small
Take fall
Stay pure
Play cure
Sky scan
Brave man
Stands strong
Rights wrongs

Terse Verse: Long Runs

Long Runs

Man's race

Has pace
Starts small
Creep crawl
Grows pep
First step
Walk phase
Swift dave

Next tack
Fast track
Stint schools
Work rules
Slow trips
Stair slips
Life's dregs
Last legs

Terse Verse: Marked Man

Marked Man

Proud schools
Tout rules
Hope youth
Learns truth
Grind way
Grade A
First prize
Creams rise

If try
Eeek by
Ad lib
Plea crib
Live free
Earns C
Their ilk
Sour milk

Terse Verse: Zip Code

Zip Code

Young age
Teens rage
Curse word
Is heard
Folks rile
They smile
Tempt shout
"Cut out"

Try rule
Keep cool
If chin
They win
Hope tact
Stamps act
Brings pride
Tongue tied

Terse Verse: Heal Toe

Heal Toe

Kids rip
Then trip
Feet stub
Need rub
Hurt sigh
May cry
Best drug
Mom's hug

When grown
Less moan
More primp
Less limp
Walk proud
Fool crowd
Must hide
Bruised pride

Terse Verse: Pair Rants

Pair Rants

Kids bring
Fresh spring
Cute noise
Mixed joys
They are
Bright star
Tho stressed
Twice blessed

Soon scene
Goes teen
Time best
Leave nest
Rows cease
Home peace
Ends numb
Two sum


Terse Verse: Sour Suite

Sour Suite

Eyes scan
Ship plan
When young
Bells rung
It's price
or nice
Save gold
Stay hold

When lush
Sail plush
Low rooms
Like tombs
With dough
Pipes blow
Top treat
Toots sweet

Terse Verse: Friend Ships

Friend Ships

First grade
Mates made
Teen time
Pals bind
School too
Guys glue
Grad hits
Groups split

Launch forth
South north
Past crew
Rings true
Last dock
Take stock
When old
Bonds hold

Terse Verse: Quick Steps

Quick Steps

Born Wean
Tot Teen
School Grad
Wed Dad
Work Rounds
Ups Downs
Wife Bails
Hope Flails

Sweet Fate
New Mate
Wounds Mend
Jobs End
Songs Fade
Dues Paid
Last Beat
Six Feet

Terse Verse: Night Lite

Nite Lite

New borns
Wake mourns
Their cries
Light skies
Each peep
Kills sleep
Hearts pound
Screams sounds

Mom dad
Both glad
When shrill
Turns still
Queen's nest
Praise rest
Thank lord
Lost chord

Terse Verse: Try Age

Try Age

Teen snits
Give fits
Wills won't
Dos don't
Moms dads
Bear mads
Pain growns
Fight nos

When ends?
Ask friends
They say
That day
Kids grown
On own
End track
Pay back

Terse Verse: Hedge Hog

Hedge Hog

Work slave
Scrimp save
Pick stock
Earn shock
Hot tips
Lose chips
All tries
Down size

Need pros
trim lows
They claim
Sharp game
So try
Their buy
Cuts worse
Trims purse

Terse Verse: Real Deal

Real Deal

All in
None win
That's nub
Join club
Have chair
All's fair
Till mound
Die mound

Game on
Soon gone
Full deck
Bet check
Best part
Take heart
Get paid
In spade

Terse Verse: Pay Daze

Pay Daze

Schools teach
Profs preach
Rave rant
Lib slant
Spin scores
Class wars
Grads learn
Left turn

Job numbs
They stare
Tax share
Soon find
Change mind
See light
Turn right

Terse Verse: Crib Notes

Crib Notes

New weds
Mixed dreads
Babes change
Home range
Mom's fears
Switch gears
Can't hide
Dad's pride

Fast scenes
Tots teens
When old
Reach gold
From start
Grows heart
Aches tears
End rears

Terse Verse: High Ups

High Ups

Tell youth
Raw truth
No age
Is sage
Old hat
Stays pat
Likes warm
Keep norm

Young Turks
Gum works
Words hot
Stir Pot
Right heat
Cooks meat
Steaks won
Well done

Terse Verse: Stress Test

Stress Test

See Child
Go wild
Mom's shout
Time out
Yell "stop"
Call pop
Such strains
Grown pains

Love colls
Strict rules
Last straw
Grit jaw
Arms poise
Halt noise
Hands flail
Ends tail

Terse Verse: Age Less

Age Less

In youth
Tell truth
Pals peers
Know years
Men stay
That way
Gals wait
Change date

Comes grays
Change ways
Less fuss
Years plus
Now loud
Boasts proud
When old
All tolled

Terse Verse: Gaunt Lets

Gaunt Lets

New birth
Brings mirth
First child
Starts mild
Young years
Joys tears
Next phase
Turns craze

Teen time
Walls climb
Night morn
Stress borne
Goes on
Till gone
Cry glee
Home free

Terse Verse: Phase Lift

Phase Lift

How young?
Hold tongue
Tell half
Just laugh
No fear
Fudge year
Switch talk
Take walk

Let youth
Blab truth
Wise plan
Fools man
Hide gray
From day
White lie
Do dye

Terse Verse: Rump Roast

Rump Roast

School daze
Brass haze
Goon squad
Rules quad
Bulls charge
Eyes large
Frosh bow
Kow tow

Some stop
Use chop
Talk glim
Smile rib
Their kind
Smooth grind
Choice bends
Beef ends

Terse Verse: Jump Starts

Jump Starts

School done
Ends fun
New grad
Hears Dad
Time flies
Cut ties
Words shout
Move out

Next round
Job found
Now knows
Cash flows
Now chore
Earn more
Gone Pop
Bucks stop

Terse Verse: Kick Backs

Kick Backs

Chores done
Earn fun
Gone blues
Off shoes
Home stretch
Fades wretch
This time
My prime

Need place
Slow pace
Calm nerves
Flee curves
Clocks hush
Gone rush
Find sense
Passed tense

Terse Verse: Spring Breaks

Spring Breaks

Each year
Kids cheer
Leave schools
Skip rules
Love breach
Seek beach
Lives pop
Non stop

Folks cringe
Fear binge
Cats wild
Gone child
Ends tour
Cash poor
Stop ticks
Start checks

Terse Verse: Touch Go

Touch Go

What time
Proves prime
Clocks click
Years quick
Youth's haste
Much waste
Sands fast
Rush past

Some how
It's now
Main grief
Life brief
Man mad
Soon sad
Last scoff
Ticked off

Terse Verse: View Points

View Points

Prof drones
Class moans
They sit
Half wit
Room gray
Thoughts stray
Words dull
Numb skull

Those best
Gush zest
Make cut
Bright strut
Mind thrills
Hone skills
Lose carp
Find sharp

Terse Verse: Bawl Game

Bawl Game

Kids whine
Push line
Squirm hit
Throw fit
Wail howl
Scream foul
Voice shrill
Tests will

Who'll win
Give in
May like
To strike
But swing
Not thing
Yell blame
Cry shame

Terse Verse: Hum Bugs

Hum Bugs

Yule tide
Gifts hide
Stores crowd
Hymns loud
Old songs
Lull throngs
Check list
None missed

'Neath trees
Pile sprees
Comes morn
Gifts torn
Yet stuff
Not 'nuff
Whine same
Bored game

Terse Verse: Time Lion

Time Lion

Born wild
Cute child
Learns laws
Sharp claws
Pounce prey
Main stay
Pride reigns
Food chains

None cage
King's rage
Roams free
Weak flee
Life long
Lives strong
Age tames
End games

Terse Verse: Child Hoods

Child Hoods

Play grounds
Sad sounds
Bulls scare
Meek bear
Kids clash
Push crash
Groups mill
Do nil

Smart might
Shun fight
Use wits
Stop hits
Win space
Save face
Duck traps
Beat raps

Terse Verse: Cry Game

Cry Game

Two teams
Twin dreams
Fans cheer
Goals near
Kick starts
Race hearts
Close game
Shout shame

Score tied
Clock eyed
Key play
Wins day
Ball sails
Crowd wails
Hail call
Long bawl

Terse Verse: Grime Scene/h3>

Grime Scene

Kid's prize
Mud pies
Their soil
Mom's toil
Splash dirt
Won't hurt
Till stains
Bring pains

Young age
Grunge stage
When boys
Hog toys
Sty scene
May clean
Till then
Pig pen

Terse Verse: Sheer Fun

Sheer Fun

Climb high
Mount sky
Steep hills
Test skills
Hearts crave
Boast brave
Grab gear
Face fear

Base camp
Start tramp
Clutch axe
Grasp cracks
Scale cliffs
Snow drifts
Nail hike
Peaks spike

Terse Verse: Stage Frights

Stage Frights

Life starts
Beat hearts
Babes hope
Moms cope
Each year
Face fear
End run
Job done

When grown
On own
Leave nest
Big test
Wheels turn
Pops learn
Now lad
Do dad

Terse Verse: Hard Drives

Hard Drives

Tots ride
Seats tied
Mom's plan
Take van
Rides long
Chant song
Safe trips
No blips

Years flow
Teens grow
Friend's gift
Give lift
Feel grown
Wish own
Sing stress
Wreck less

Terse Verse: Learn Ropes

Learn Ropes

Babe's eyes
Start ties
When tots
Taut nots
One two
Lace shoe
Teen group
In loop

When bored
Cut cord
Pull strings
Do things
Last switch
New hitch
Right twine
Ends line

Terse Verse: Shore Things

Shore Things

Youth fun
Sand sun
Care free
By sea
Swim strong
Live long
Surf scrape
Ship shape

Years flow
Friends go
Mid age
Risk stage
Down side
This tide
Crawl weak
Up creek

Terse Verse: Turn "Bout

Turn "Bout

In school
Kids cruel
Tots teens
Ways means
Cliques tight
Tout fight
Strong prey
Weak pray

Bide bads
Till grads
Roles switch
Poor rich
Small large
Worms charge
Flip track
Pay back

Terse Verse: Mean Life

Mean Life

School place
Minds race
Young ask
Life's task
Profs guess
No yes
Leaves cares
Up air

Grad gates
Swing fates
World hops
Non stops
Stress skips
Falls trips
End jumps
Down dumps

Terse Verse: Night Crawls

Night Crawls

Tot wails
Sleep fsils
Hear cries
Loud sighs
Mates churn
Whose turn?
Short pause
Hems haws

Wed bliss
Means this
Must share
Babe's care
Who'll quell
That yell
Tough call
Hard bawl

Terse Verse: Spank Clean

Spank Clean

Kids Plea
Not me
Learn game
Shift blame
Bro sis
Boo hiss
Scream fight
Back bite

Folks job
Stop squab
Keep band
In hand
When fails
End tails
Cease yak
Dab smack

Terse Verse: Mess Age

Mess Age

Moms boom
Clean room
Teens plead
Don't need
No how
Not now
Then shrug
Heap rug

Folks wait
Young's fate
When grown
Have own
Hope bain
Same pain
Kin track
Pay back

Terse Verse: Post Grad

Post Grad

School days
Swift haze
Four years
Now blears
Trials tests
Friends feasts
Oft sad
Turned grad

Now look
Scrap book
Each grade
Marks made
Three Rs
Worth scars
Proud fact
Class act

Terse Verse: Grouch March

Grouch March

Babes beam
Smile scream
Spout Wails
Have ails
Start soiled
Oft spoiled
Folks hope
Loves cope

Worst rags
Dog's age
Sad schtick
Cuss kick
Make scene
Life mean
Stay pup
Groan up


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