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George IV

George IV and Computers(1)

I got him into computers around 1960. He soon far surpassed me.

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Book Proposal: Investing

Sold Out


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Book Proposal: Investing
Investing for Cash Flow
Individual and institutional investors must change their investment style to survive financial crises

Sold Out
How Wall Street bought Washington ... How Washington sold out to Wall Street.

Internet, Websites, and related Programming
Technical Comments related to programming this and other websites require a special topic section of their own.

Data Sources for Health Care

CNBC Exposed
Finally some straight talk about the preeminent business news channel. From the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Macroeconomics of The 2007 Collapse
/>What happened to America in 2007 has happened to hundreds of developing economies in the past fifty years.
                    <p class= Existing Websites Which Offer Higher Education
The number of Internet websites which currently offer free education on the college level is immense and growing rapidly. Just as terabyte is the next step after gigabyte, we need a new word to denominate "much larger than merely immense".

WRTI, Classical Music and Jazz
For a city with such a strong musical presence, it is surprising that Philadelphia has only one classical music radio station.

Unemployment 2008/09
The average national unemployment rate of 10.6% does not convey the same impact as seeing the spread of it over time. Tune in for a 30-second display of a graphics display.

Real Estate Investment Calculator
The price you should pay for an income-producing property is a function of the cash flow. Too many investors look at criteria other than cash flow and end up making bad investment decisions.