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Terse Verses: Volume II: Sorted by Topics

Thomas Howes: Haiku
Volume I: A collection of hundreds of Haiku

Terse Verse: C. Thomas Howes (9)

Poetry is a form of literature that uses imaginative and creative words in a compressed form to express idea.

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Terse Verse: Check Outs

Check Outs

Pix mags
Pulp rags
Wild prose
Shocks pose
No bars
News jars
Flesh flash
Mish mash

Folks shop
Lines stop
Eyes dance
Soon glance
Then spy
Grab but
Con vulse
Imp pulse

Terse Verse: Clip Clop

Clip Clop

Race tracks
Steeds hacks
Fast pace
Slow chase
Home streth
Crowds wretch
Cross line
Wins shine

When pick
Not quick
Hearts sag
Blame nag
Voice coarse
Curse horse
Touts shrug
Pull plug

Terse Verse: Crunch Time

Crunch Time

Tastes climb
Show time
Sit eat
Munch sweet
In chips
Smack lips
Chomp chop
Can't stop

Game day
Same way
Watch teams
Cheers screams
Close match
Bite scratch
Fights flail
Tooth nail

Terse Verse: Eye Spy

Eye Spy

Watch block
Round clock
My range
Check strange
Gut feel
False real
My goal
Find mole

On square
New pair
Mull why
So shy
Is our
Next door
Stock blond
James bond

Terse Verse: Flash Mod

Flash Mod

Friends text
What next
Names streets
Group meets
May sing
Dance thing
Fun flock
Love Shock

Some go
For show
Till cops
Make stops
Gone hees
Now pleas
End haws
By laws

Terse Verse: Golfs Coarse

Golfs Coarse

Fine scene
Game green
Fun play
Fair way
Start game
Mood tame
Walk hills
Heat ills

Rough time
Curse climb
Last hole
Reach goal
Once there
Fore swear
Score foiled
Par boiled

Terse Verse: Hands Out

Hands Out

Mail call
Stacks tall
Still see
Cash plea
Same drift
Need gift
Which pile
Worth while

So pause
Check cause
Best shout
Wins out
Gut voice
Heart's choice
Right rings
Palm springs

Terse Verse: Land Scrape

Land Scrape

Each spring
Same thing
Plans green
Lawn scene
Big rush
Aims lush
Turf wars
Start chores

Next seeds
Sprout weeds
Raw heats
Down beats
Looks bland
Hot sand
Gloats sun
Well done

Terse Verse: Mess Age

Mess Age

Moms boom
Clean room
Teens plead
Don't need
No how
Not now
Then shrug
Heap rug

Folks wait
Young's fate
When grown
Have own
Hope bain
Same pain
Kin track
Pay back

Terse Verse: No Nos

No Nos

Fed's tool
Flood rules
From hills
New bills
Add laws
No pause
Those codes
Tax lodes

Folks roar
No more
Hate regs
Loath negs
Drop dead
Tapes red
Fear aughts
Dread naughts

Terse Verse: Air Crafts

Air Crafts

Plane trips
Get flips
Can't do
Straight thru
Must change
Ports strange
Gone hope
One stops

They're shrewd
You're screwed
Firm feats
Drive seats
Long run
Choose one
Their way
High way

Terse Verse: Air Lines

Air Lines

Once flight
High light
Plane trips
No blips
Hip hop
Non stop
Then class
Turned mass

Now waits
Storm gate
More fees
Seat squeeze
Trudge miles
Clown smiles
Three wing
Wing ding

Terse Verse: Aims Race

Aims Race

Pledge blitz
Drives hit
Mails clog
Phones blog
Tout cause
No pause
Plea words
In herds

Fights vie
Piece pie
Hope shares
Are theirs
Punch charms
Strong arms
Ends bout
Hands out

Terse Verse: Beg Choose

Beg Choose

Need cash
Bank dash
Then wait
Check rate
In jam
Act lamb
For now
Kow tow

They swear
All's fare
You brew
Sweat stew
Wait reap
Like sheep
Hope least
Not fleeced

Terse Verse: Bird Brains

Bird Brains

Folks stash
Goods cash
Banks cave
Try save
Hope stay
Rain day
First leg
Nest egg

Bold step
Trust rep
Stock fling
Takes wing
Right buy
Fly high
Bad luck
Dead duck

Terse Verse: Buy Lines

Buy Lines

Day's plan
News man
Stay loop
Get scoop
Dull tales
No sales
Find fires
Live wires

Must sell
Tales tell
Outs is
Tips spine
Give puff
Old stuff
Naught said
Line dead

Terse Verse: Cat Calls

Cat Calls

Pets hear
Shouts near
First pup
Turns up
Runs quick
Jumps lick
Dogs come
Cats numb

Kits cute
Soon snoot
Snub cues
Choose moves
Won't heed
Your lead
Their sign
Fee line

Terse Verse: Fans Fair

Fans Fair

Team wins
Bare grins
Lips cheer
Flows beer/br> Stem stern
Prides churn
Bells clang
Show fang

If fail
Most bail
Brave few
See through
Love game
Keep flame
Don't quit
True grit

Terse Verse: Field Day

Field Day

Pols told
Find gold
Tax trend
Must spend
Plow deep
Then reap
Friend's shout
Bale out

Who pays
Those ways
All know
Who'll owe
Rich stay
Hay day
Poor draw
Short straw

Terse Verse: Fling Time

Fling Time

Wind fall
Run mall
Cash flush
Feel rush
Strut store
Spend more
Buy on
Near gone

Heart skips
Blue chips
New lot
White hot
Splurge scene
Floods green
Big dread
Code red

Terse Verse: Foot Race

Foot Race

Wife sails
Boot sales
Sneaks spikes
Pump likes
Comb styles
Slow miles
Drifts spends
Cruise ends

He'll shop
One stop
His shtick
Quick pick
Then wait
Till mate
Claims win
Shoe in

Terse Verse: Hides Out

Hides Out

Beach fun
Surf sun
Sand scene
Sculpt seen
Kids splash
Teens dash
Old fade
To shade

Gals cute
Skimp suit
Eyes glued
Near nude
Chicks romp
Guys stomp
Buff acts
Bare facts

Terse Verse: Kiss Met

Kiss Met

Does fate
Choose mate
First glance
Big chance
Time stops
Fire pops
One shot
Jack pot

Friends shove
Preach love
Odds slim
Dreams grim
Risk high
When try
She'll scoff
Kiss off

Terse Verse: Ore Not

Ore Not

Pa's dream
Rich seam
Dredge pan
Dig plan
Each day
Chip way
In vein
Sweat strain

Long odds
Fool's gods
Brag friend
How spend
End trail
Strikes grail
Pay road
Ma's lode

Terse Verse: Shall Game

Shall Game

Man's shill
"I Will"
Next vow
"Not now"
Tells mate
Please Wait
Wife stews
Old News

When mad
Points add
Shuns pleas
Plus please
If say
"Sum day"
More flack
Pay back

Terse Verse: Shave Tail

Shave Tail

Life's way
Split stay
Meek hold
Join fold
They root
Graze mute
Mind clock
Wed flock

Ram rods
Fight odds
Go lam
Quick scram
Find thrills
Cross hills
Let rules
Sheer fools

Terse Verse: Side Track

Side Track

Keys lost
Nabbed? tossed?
Can't find
Lose mind
Hide seek
Look peek
Trails wend
Dead end

Brief prayer
Show where
May luck
Bless schmuck
March trace
First place
There jewel
Ape fool

Terse Verse: Street Smarts

Street Smarts

Stock swings
Bring strings
Bad news
Leaves bruise
Each bump
Hearts thump
Dow falls
Bang walls

Charts turn
Stakes burn
Learn take
Else break
If strain
Much pain
Says code
Hit road

Terse Verse: Track Down

Track Down

Quick way
Down weigh
When train
Fats drain
Each turn
More firm
Wheels round
Feet pound

Stretch outs
Squeeze stouts
Quick step
Pops pep
Down road
Less load
Ends trail
Thin rail

Terse Verse: Tread Mill

Tread Mill

Buy books
For looks
They go
For show
Some day
I may
Do deed
Sit read

Chores too
Let brew
Done not
Run hot
End race
Same place
Self beat
Dead heat

Terse Verse: Ah Mes

Ah Mes

Some thrill
When ill
Itch ache
Sprain break
From vague
To plague
Love whine
Sick line

That wail
Won't fail
Docs care
Oaths swear
Hear moan
Trean groun
Rich yield
Well healed

Terse Verse: Cold Flames

Cold Flames

Love's fire
Now pyre
Gone days
Bright blaze
Heart broke
Just smoke
Once vexed
What next?

Hopes new
Back two
Let past
Cool fast
Douse torch
Heal scortch
Dodge spurned
Twice burned

Terse Verse: Cram Packs

Cram Packs

Cars old
Big load
Get go
Cruise slow
Kids shout
Move out
Folks prize
Tank size

Young plead
Style speed
More zoom
Less room
This cost
Space lost
Pay day
Squeeze play

Terse Verse: Dog Gone

Dog Gone

Watch pets
On nets
They gaffe
You laugh
Once eye
Pick buy
Hearts win
Soon kin

Love talk
Feed walk
Smiles tears
Good years
Sad days
Heart stays
Old bows/br> Still wows/br>

Terse Verse: Face Facts

Face Facts

Ager speeds
Ups needs
Find tricks
Will fix
Add zips
Eyes lips
Must paint
What aint

Blush gloss
Stem loss
Each crux
Saves looks
Stop scoff
Brush off
None see
Old me

Terse Verse: Fast Free

Fast Free

Who's boss
Weight loss
Each plan
Short span
Down mouth
Gone south
End phase
Old ways

New stage
Proud age
Love thou
Praise now
Life sweet
Rich eat
End trail
Up scale

Terse Verse: Heave Hos

Heave Hoe

Help me
Stop spree
My bads
Food fads
End trails
Each fails
Pounds stay
same weigh

Need plan
That can
Turn gos
To nos
Turn style
Back dial
Shave tail
Down scale

Terse Verse: New Man

New Man

When see
fam tree
Learn sins
Of kins
Find faults
In vaults
Know whole
Tot pole

Each branch
Brings blanch
Carves huts
Rough cuts
See saws
Shocks awes
Hard knocks
Chipped blocks

Terse Verse: Hot Tips

Hot Tips

Sales tool
Keep cool
Shake nice
Break ice
Warm smile
Hides guile
Strong pitch
Strikes rich

When pro
You glow
Each try
Stokes buy
Job won
Well done
Bright hired
Cold fired

Terse Verse: Knock Rounds

Knock Rounds

First bell
Soft sell
Soon plan
More man
Then tough
Turns rough
Reach prime
'Bout time

Last call
Hard ball
At ends
No friends
Strong stay
Weak go

Terse Verse: Light Waits

Light Weights

Praise smart
Tongue tart
Their wit
Score hit
Loud voice
Earns choice
Bright spars
Poke stars

When buff
Just bluff
Those shouts
Burn outs
Man more
Than roar
Real bites
Win fights

Terse Verse: Look Outs

Look Outs

Sun Wins
Tan skins
Proud pose
Beach clothes
Teens try
Near fry
Bronze bod
Near god

Those fair
Take care
High heat
Broils beet
Best park
In dark
Red face
Bask case

Terse Verse: Play Time

Play Time

Foot lights
Gild nights
Crowds seat
Wait treat
Casts beg
Break leg
Darks flow
Start show

Hearts flee
Cares free
Each cue
World new
Watch stage
Don't age
There see
Reel me

Terse Verse: Pop Tops

Pop Tops

Casts ache
Big breaks
Find fame
Make name
Light flash
Acts smash
Crowds crush
Life lush

High peak
Fear leak
Coke ales
Fizz fails
Must move
Keep groove
Stand pat
Fall flat

Terse Verse: Post Grad

Post Grad

School days
Swift haze
Four years
Now blears
Trials tests
Friends feasts
Oft sad
Turned grad

Now look
Scrap book
Each grade
Marks made
Three Rs
Worth scars
Proud fact
Class act

Terse Verse: Rip Tied

Rip Tied

Birth day
Kids play
Gifts zoom
Flood rooms
Friends throng
Sing song
Noise zings
Cake springs

Hands flare
Claw tear
Dive in
Shread grin
Bows heap
Teash deep
All clap
Give wrap

Terse Verse: Sound Bites

Sound Bites

Song new
Chomp chew
Stars chant
Gnash rant
Lights swirl
Crowds whirl
Oft find
Teeth grind

Old still
Shun shrill
Flee blaze
Seek graze
Wish dine
Fine wine
Lerave waste
Choose taste

Terse Verse: Watch Man

Watch Man

Dread sign
Dead line
Eyes blink
Try think
Fear waits
Dire date
Palms sweat
Clocks fret

Some day
Will pay
Cease tricks
Start clicks
End chase
Must face
Ends round
Hands down

Terse Verse: Wind Down

Wind Down

Youth scene
Smoke screen
Buy fags
Struts brags
Hot stuff
Huff puff
Wise crack
Then hack

When grown
Change tone
Cure ills
Patch pills
Now know
Real woe
Use wits
Call quits

Terse Verse: Wish Wash

Wish Wash

Life bleak
Turn cheek
Pray rain
Cures pain/br> First cloud
Meek bowed
Come floods
Drown duds

Crowds crunch
Fools bunch
Praise Lord
Quick board
Those brave
Ark save
If wait
Pearl gate

Terse Verse: All Thumbs

All Thumbs

Lawn scene
Thumbs green
Use tool
Thumb rule
Cart ditch
Thumb hitch
Win cup
Thumbs up

Crime stint
Thumb print
Get hosed
Thumb nose
Want etch
Thumb sketch
Lose crown
Thumbs down

Terse Verse: Bumps Grinds

Bumps Grinds

Work days
Pains praise
Jobs tough
Tasks rough
Crews brave
Sweat slave
Feels traps
Bad raps

Bless few
Tried true
Scoff scars
Bear jars
Right chops
Reach tops
If bland
Get canned

Terse Verse: Clothes Hoarse

Clothes Hoarse

Malls shout
Buy out
Go spree
Spend free
Sale thrills
Ring tills
Love yak
Haul stack

Back bends
Call friends
More squeels
Boast deals
Shout wins
Voice thins
End stress
Speech less

Terse Verse: Cry Wolf


Cry Wolf

Teens seek
Sneek peak
Genes vex
Stir sex
Sly eyes
Urge tries
Male heart
Jump start

Lust grows
Yo yos
If rush
Cheeks Blush
Girls pause
Stop paws
Gus wail
Turn tail

Terse Verse: Dam Age

Dam Age

Curse time
Woes Climb
Cheeks sag
Eyes bag
Fault lines
Sad signs
Tick tox
Strain locks

Curses tried
Stem tide
Skin creams
Hold dreams
When told
Look old
Flood fears
Burst tears

Terse Verse: Drone Wars

Drone Wars

Wins tube
Me boob
Eyes glaze
Mind daze
Sit stare
Don't care
Life bore
Slump snore

Here stay
Night day
Can't feel
World real
My space
This place
Beats drum
Ho humm

Terse Verse: Ghost Bust

Ghost Bust

Spook tales
Bite nails
Strange noise
Shakes poise
Walk slow
Tip toe
Eyes stare
Night mare

Heasr creak
Knees weak
My voice
Yells twice
See Shroud
Cry loud
False clue
Boo who

Terse Verse: Green Aches

Green Aches

Grass land
Starts grand
Sow seeds
Hopes breed
But lawn
Turns tawn
Weeds win
Then grin

Seek aid
Pros paid
Grow pains
Pray rains
Work hard
Yet yard
Turf aint
So paint

Terse Verse: Grouch March

Grouch March

Babes beam
Smile scream
Spout Wails
Have ails
Start soiled
Oft spoiled
Folks hope
Loves cope

Worst rags
Dog's age
Sad schtick
Cuss kick
Make scene
Life mean
Stay pup
Groan up

Terse Verse: Hot Times

Hot Times

Life's choice
Choose voice
Good news
Black views
Words smart
Warm heart
Those vile
Buirn bile

High road
Line toed
This guide
Up side
When stray
Down way
Fork ends
Pitch blends


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