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Thomas Howes: Haiku
Volume I: A collection of hundreds of Haiku

Terse Verse: C. Thomas Howes (6)

Poetry is a form of literature that uses imaginative and creative words in a compressed form to express idea.

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Terse Verse: Just Ice

Just Ice

News sad
Most bad
Check dolts
Nuts bolts
Goats sought
Till caught
Cool hailed
Good nailed

Heats loud
Please crowd
Truth spurned
Pure burned
Cold facts
Lambs axed
Those prude
Get screwed

Terse Verse: Off Hook

Off Hook

Poor fish
Soon dish
If caught
Life naught
Once free
Roamed sea
Choice grim
Sink swim

One cure
Shun lure
Shut mouth
Swim south
If wait
Take bait
Lose brains
Net gains

Terse Verse: Pet's Peeves

Pet's Peeves

Pups chew
Dogs true
As grow
Loves show
Barks plead
Their need
Here's how
Hugs wow

Kits play
Cats lay
Groom fur
May purr
They fuss
Ask us
Kow tow
More bow

Terse Verse: Pots Luck

Pots Luck

Most fasts
Soon lasts
Vows made
Soon fade
Know thin
Won't win
Spouse half
Gets laugh

Friends joke
Bulge poke
Guts churn
Stem stern
Tho try
Same I
Belts whine
Bot line

Terse Verse: Spoils Sport

Spoils Sport

Bulls goad
Rage road
Cut chops
Risk tops
Poor guess
Meat less
Rich time
Feast prime

Most bow
Cow tow
Not stirred
Join herd
Stay grind
Sweet kind
Their deal
Kid's meal

Terse Verse: Times Out

Times Out

Life's plan
Brief span
Hours drag
Hopes sag
Days go
Slow mo
Years zoom
Bodes doom

There comes
Aches tums
Dulls ire
Cools fire
Too late
Tocks fate
Clocks tricked
We're ticked

Terse Verse: Top Notch

Top Notch

Bald peeks
At peaks
Must halt
This fault
Good tress
Stops stress
Seek new
High do

Try fit
Close knit
Make crown
Not clown
Let waves
Win raves
Till grooms
Hair loom

Terse Verse: Type Cast

Type Cast

Net's noise
Tests poise
Brings thrills
New ills
Face books
Cute nooks
Eyes glaze
Surf maze

Yet some
Grow numb
Soon stop
Pix swap
They tire
Stuck mire
Flee horde
Key bored

Terse Verse: Who dos

Who dos

Crime tales
Blood trails
Plot lines
Twists twines
Seek clues
Old news
More bends
Dead ends

Last acts
More facts
Sly look
Name crook
Shots race
Wild chase
Rogue slips
Guilt trips

Terse Verse: Ahs Me

Ahs Me

Keep youth
Whole tooth
Each day
Brush way
If fail
Teeth pale
Or worse
Bite purse

X ray
Shows gray
See doc
Ad hoc
Know drill
Sit still
Costs south
Down mouth

Terse Verse: Awe Sum

Awe Sum

Buy more
Debts soar
Curbs lax
Cards max
Pain grows
Green woes
Bank bled
Sees red

Bills come
Till numb
Cash flows
Now nos
Craze cools
Heed rules
Stop wrecks
Rein checks

Terse Verse: 'Bout Time

'Bout Time

Mob cheers
Fight nears
Yells urge
Bloods surge
Eyes boil
Fists coil
Reach brink
Who'll blink?

Crowds hush
Fools rush
Who rules
Keeps cools
Like fox
Don't box
Claim draw
Lock jaw

Terse Verse: Bush Whack

Bush Whack

Pro ball
Starts small
In sticks
Learn tricks
Try leap
From heap
Field pitch
Strike rich

Charge outs
Thrill scouts
Kick butts
Make cuts
Prove goods
Leave woods
Blitz Krieg
Big league

Terse Verse: Chaps Shtick

Chaps Shtick

First boys
Choose toys
When grow
Soon know
More bliss
With miss
Next grad
Soob dad

Man's aim
Pass name
Take chance
Wear pants
There chore
Swim more
Help fuel
Jeans pool

Terse Verse: Clothes Call

Clothes Call

No form
Is norm
Same styles
Cause riles
Most stay
Old way
New itch
Wild pitch

Leave home
On own
World vast
Try blast
Best fit
Scores hit
Yes man
Grand slam

Terse Verse: Cry Fowl

Cry Fowl

Crime scene
Picked clean
Hard boiled
Cops toiled
Quiz hicks
Check chicks
Peck choose
Scratch clues

Shell game
Seeks blame
Wing talks
Bear squacks
Close loop
Score coop
Last legs
Crack yeggs

Terse Verse: Free Lance

Free Lance

Knights roam
Leave home
Chart course
Find horse
Boast brave
Choose knave
Charge forth
South north

Rich quest
East west
Times tough
Ride rough
Seek find
Gold hind
At least
Not fleeced

Terse Verse: Gaunt Lets

Gaunt Lets

New birth
Brings mirth
First child
Starts mild
Young years
Joys tears
Next phase
Turns craze

Teen time
Walls climb
Night morn
Stress borne
Goes on
Till gone
Cry glee
Home free

Terse Verse: Health Nuts:

Health Nuts:

Kids crunch
School lunch
Tastes please
Ham cheese
Some wish
New dish
Want ban
Old plan

Find fault
Much salt
Their tiffs
No iffs
Firm stands
No ands
Stop cuts
No butts

Terse Verse: Knit Pick

Knit Pick

Watch threads
Weave heads
Make wig
Hairs big
Brow hid
By grid
High strung
New young

Friends guess
Tease tress
They smile
Brash style
Looks cool
Not fool
Smile long
Head strong

Terse Verse: Land Hoe

Land Hoe

Dawns spring
Hands sing
Now scene
Things green
Gone snow
Seeds flow
Work soil
Takes toil

Sun rain
Soothe pain
When reap
Not cheap
Dig spend
In end
Find you're
Dirt poor

Terse Verse: Missed Link

Missed Link

Young grin
Plugged in
They crave
Next wave
New frills
Hot chills
Will pay
Posh play

Old numb
Ho hum
Minds balk
Tech talk
Eyes glaze
Web craze
Their craze
Net lost

Terse Verse: Phase Lift

Phase Lift

How young?
Hold tongue
Tell half
Just laugh
No fear
Fudge year
Switch talk
Take walk

Let youth
Blab truth
Wise plan
Fools man
Hide gray
From day
White lie
Do dye

Terse Verse: Pullets Prize

Pullets Prize

Barn Yard
Life hard
First acts
Eggs cracked
Coop scene
Flock mean
Those juiced
Rule roost

Hard boil
Peck toil
Their stay
One way
Soon fate
Hot plate
Last cluck
Pots luck

Terse Verse: Rump Roast

Rump Roast

School daze
Brass haze
Goon squad
Rules quad
Bulls charge
Eyes large
Frosh bow
Kow tow

Some stop
Use chop
Talk glim
Smile rib
Their kind
Smooth grind
Choice bends
Beef ends

Terse Verse: Skin Game

Skin Game

Come springs
Bloom stings
With warm
Gnats form
Swat wars
Fight scores
Who reigns
Food chains

Bug's plan
Mug man
See pink
Bite drink
Men rave
Swing brave
Wins horde
Flies lord

Terse Verse: Sweet Tarts

Sweet Tarts

Old crocks
Twirl clocks
Thoughts glaze
Past days
Eyes mist
Times twist
By gones
Bon bons

Tastes spin
Brings grin
Friends near
Sour feats
Still near
Turn treats
Frost yout
Fudge truth

Terse Verse: Words Worth

Words Worth

Pros write
Sharp bite
Hours spent
Pay rent
Short poems
Long tomes
Buck odds

But when
Dulls pen
Finds brand
Too bland
Turns joke
Goes broke
Non sense
No cents

Terse Verse: Vice Verse

Vice Verse

Some Qoutes
Crib notes
Steal thought
Till caught
Come clean
Just green
Glib talk
Hope walk

Then laws
Close jaws
Pal moan
Cell phone
Friends fink
Bars clink
Now fame
Pen name

Terse Verse: Boar Wars

Boar Wars

Fork fulls
Pork pulls
Lures taste
Pads waist
Mind knows
Means woes
But urge
Scores surge

Comes night
Dawns plight
Toss turn
Guts churn
Hog meals
Bring squeels
Food bouts
Pig outs

Terse Verse: Burn Outs

Burn Outs

Big meals
Best deals
Mouth feasts
Like beasts
Then night
Brings plight
Spreads snacks
Charge back

When food
Fast chewed
It fires
Hot wires
Old spice
Strikes twice
Past spree
Eats me

Terse Verse: Choice Words

Choice Words

Tales told
Best bold
Fact based
Lacks taste
For wins
Seek sins
Add bite
Then write

In end
Scribes bend
Truth bores/br> Hot scores
Shake vice
Spritz spice
Right fault
Worth salt


Terse Verse: Closed Knit

Closed Knit

?Kin ties
King size
Folks cling
Hearts string
Few roam
Roped home
Bonds hold
Yong old

Those hitched
Join nitche
Stay near
Join sphere
This plan
Weaves clan
Leave lot?
Frayed knot!

Terse Verse: Debth Charged

Debth Charged

Hit trails
Haunt sales
Greed voice
Makes choice
Friends urge
Buy splurge
Be free
Go spree

Then bills
Bring chills
Now path
New math
Rules win
Cash in
Gone tout
Charge out

Terse Verse: Foot Loose

Foot Loose

Ball room
Spells doom
Fear choose
Dance shoes
Each step
Looks schlep
All moves
Miss groves

I plea
Not me
My pace
Straight lace
Both feet
Off beat
Slip slide
Tongues tied

Terse Verse: High Lights

High Lights

My gray
Can't stay
Hear pride
Say hide
Hold still
Young thrill
Hair snow
Must go

First pause
Root cause
Right touch
Does much
Best shade
Won't fade
Top score
Dye for

Terse Verse: Hole Truth

Hole Truth

Golf woes
Highs lows
Bad clubs
Cause flubs
Iron curve
Rough nerves
When done
Still fun

Round ends
Join friends
Time for
Real score
Let's all
Have ball
Now we
Par tee

Terse Verse: Jump Starts

Jump Starts

School done
Ends fun
New grad
Hears Dad
Time flies
Cut ties
Words shout
Move out

Next round
Job found
Now knows
Cash flows
Now chore
Earn more
Gone Pop
Bucks stop

Terse Verse: Kick Backs

Kick Backs

Chores done
Earn fun
Gone blues
Off shoes
Home stretch
Fades wretch
This time
My prime

Need place
Slow pace
Calm nerves
Flee curves
Clocks hush
Gone rush
Find sense
Passed tense

Terse Verse: Peace Meal

Peace Meal

Man kind
Oft blind
Bad lot
Stirs pot
Loves brew
Beefs stew
Rage soars
Cooks wars

World roasts
Till toasts
Fists break
Hands shake
Break bread
Grace said
Win steak
Lose cake

Terse Verse: Rough Shod

Rough Shod

Males shop
Quick stop
Fast views
Buy shoes
Just one
Then done
No shout
In out

Wife's style
Can rile
Long treks
Hunts pecks
Heals toes
Arch foes
Feet stride
Fits tied

Terse Verse: Smear Case

Smear Case

Kids play
Paint spray
Street signs
Train lines
Bridge frames
Foul names
Splash site
Dubbed blights

Then bads
Turn fads
Those pows
Now wows
What's dumb
To some
Makes smart
Pop art

< k

Terse Verse: Spot On

Spot On

Ads tout
Scream shout
They tell
Must sell
Here's how
Act now
Best score
Dash store

Don't blink
Stop think
Trust them
Buy gem
Good pitch
Bait switch
Makes guile
Worth wile

Terse Verse: Spring Breaks

Spring Breaks

Each year
Kids cheer
Leave schools
Skip rules
Love breach
Seek beach
Lives pop
Non stop

Folks cringe
Fear binge
Cats wild
Gone child
Ends tour
Cash poor
Stop ticks
Start checks

Terse Verse: Tong Tied

Tong Tied

Guys hang
Form gang
Fun groups
Shoot hoops
Soon find
They bind
Share pride
Choose side

Once in
Thick thin
Tongue true
Like glue/br> Stick flock
Lips lock
Stay road
Zip code

Terse Verse: Touch Go

Touch Go

What time
Proves prime
Clocks click
Years quick
Youth's haste
Much waste
Sands fast
Rush past

Some how
It's now
Main grief
Life brief
Man mad
Soon sad
Last scoff
Ticked off

Terse Verse: Up Tight

Up Tight

Juice cap
Won't snap
Twist turn
Squeeze Churn
Non stop
No pop
Stays stuck
Curse luck

Bang nudge
Can't budge
Pound cut
Still shut
Hands wreck
Pain neck
It's glued
Both screwed

Terse Verse: View Points

View Points

Prof drones
Class moans
They sit
Half wit
Room gray
Thoughts stray
Words dull
Numb skull

Those best
Gush zest
Make cut
Bright strut
Mind thrills
Hone skills
Lose carp
Find sharp

Terse Verse: Wise Guise

Wise Guise

When scene
Grows mean
Act tough
Make bluff
Strike pose
Sneer nose
Hope foe
Goes slow

Don't cave
Be brave
Look large
Take charge
Eyes cross
Like boss
Crime Don
Pro con

Terse Verse: Bawl Game

Bawl Game

Kids whine
Push line
Squirm hit
Throw fit
Wail howl
Scream foul
Voice shrill
Tests will

Who'll win
Give in
May like
To strike
But swing
Not thing
Yell blame
Cry shame

Terse Verse: Dunce Deal

Dunce Deal

Don't sign
Dot line
Till squint
Fine Drint
You must
Not trust
Words said
Else dead

If skip
Act flip
Then crooks
Own hooks
You're caught
Gain naught
Can't win
Dun in

Terse Verse: Fault Lines

Fault Lines

Love's plan
Life's span
Through years
Blames tears
Bear shocks
Hard knocks
Sounds rush
Then hush

Days best
Less stressed
Stand snits
Shun splits
Earth rules
Dust cools
End quakes
Fair shakes

Terse Verse: Food Courts

Food Courts

Mom Pop
Go shop
Grab cart
Jump start
Sales lane
Net gain
Play plan
Price scan

Serve list
None missed
Set aim
Meal game
Their bids
Feed kids
Slam stress
Match less

Terse Verse: Food Fast

Food Fast

Time lunch
Crowds bunch
Plan one
Do done
Join lines
Quick dines
Grope cash
Then dash

Shun slow
Grab go
In haste
Brief taste
Meals cram
When scram
Mind churns
Heart burns

Terse Verse: Gold Bugs

Gold Bugs

Gals nag
Seek swag
Haw hems
Wish gems
Use wiles
Heap piles
Men curse
Guard purse

Sly digs
Strike bigs
Can bring
New bling
Dredge guilt
Reap gilt
Hope pout
Pans out

Terse Verse: Gold Rush

Gold Rush

Dads wait
Too late
Needs gift
Acts swift
His chore
Dash store
First thing
Thinks bling

Now urge
Must splurge
Go fetch
Gold's catch
If fail
Ends tail
In spouse
Dog house

Terse Verse: Gone South

Gone South

Dix land
Life grand
Loves clash
Red Ash
Prides soar
Comes war
Bloods sins
North wins

Next stage
Folks rage
She'll fret
Weds Bret
Gets rich
Stays bitch
He'll scram
Say damn

Terse Verse: Hang ups

Hang Ups

I phone
Hear clone
Push one
Hopes numb
If told
Please hold
Last look
Give hook

They call
Strange drawl
Cash cries
Ires rise
Try close
Nice nos
Still whine
Dead line

Terse Verse: Hum Bugs

Hum Bugs

Yule tide
Gifts hide
Stores crowd
Hymns loud
Old songs
Lull throngs
Check list
None missed

'Neath trees
Pile sprees
Comes morn
Gifts torn
Yet stuff
Not 'nuff
Whine same
Bored game

Terse Verse: La Mode

La Mode

Fad plans
Have fans
Slim waists
Change tastes
Yet I
Don't try
For mine
Holds line

So what
If butt
Stays same
No shame
Why cheat
Love eat
Sweet fate
Worth weight


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