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Terse Verses: Volume II: Sorted by Topics

Terse Verse: Sports and Games

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Terse Verse: Fast Track

Fact Track

Each score
Fans roar
Praise those
Old pros
Their steam
Boosts team
Work buns
Raise runs

New guy
Gets try
Wows crowd
Screams loud
Drives swift
Give lift
Hoist Names
Haul fame

Terse Verse: Show Off

Show Off

First night
Play's plight
Cast quest
Act best
Try outs
Seek shouts
Hope views
Good news

If crowd
Not loud
Scenes cold
Fools gold
Then strain
In vein
Last stand
Gets panned

Terse Verse: End Game

End Game

Why try
All die
Can't fight
Ump's might
Our stat
One bat
Must go
Life's flow

Hope to
Swing through
Hold ball
Till fall
Can't quit
May hit
Strike shout
"You're Out"

Terse Verse: Boon Docks

Boon Docks

Who's got
Best yacht?
New rich
Buy pitch
One up
Prize cup
Cruise blog
Top dog

When wish
Go fish
Sail seas
Where please
Boast sports
Pick ports
Win cheers
Show piers

Terse Verse: Jets Set

Jets Set

Planes still
Bring thrill
Wild zooms
Big booms
Fans hail
Clouds trail
Get go
Free show

Hear roars
Blood pours
Winged slate
Worth wait
Fast flight
Grand site
Scan skies
Soar eyes

Terse Verse: Last Stands

Last Stands

Big crowd
Roars loud
Tease scoff
Stand off
Foes curse
You're worse
Refs cry
Stand by

Play rough
Both tough
Praise shout
Stand out
Ends scream
Best team
Wins cup
Stand up

Terse Verse: Game Plans

Game Plans

Work done
Seek fun
Man's wish
Hunt fish
Gun poles
Trecks strolls
Catch ease
Shoot breeze

Great trips
Woods ships
Out doors
Thrill soars
feats tell
Lies swell
More brag
Tales wag

Terse Verse: Match Point

Match Point

Date game
Odds lame
Choice friends
Dead ends
Dodge blocks
Watch clocks
Seek spot
Best shot

Make pass
Show class
Play sport
Full court
Scratch mark
Find spark
Smoke spikes
Luck strikes

Terse Verse: Peek Boo

Peek Boo

Lose keys
Drop knees
Not there
But where
Feel wimp
Like simp
Hear taunts
Search haunts

Steps stairs
Seek lairs
Curse plea
Oyl see
End plight
Plain sight
Blind side
Pop eyed

Terse Verse: Foot Bawl

Foot Bawl

Crowds scream
"Go team"
Feet move
Seek groove
Play starts
Stout hearts
Cheer tricks
Get kicks

Points score
Fans roar
Cleats track
Make sack
Win game
Earn fame
Not champ
Boot camp/br>

Terse Verse: Tops Spin

Tops Spin

To crest
Rise best
Pure cream
Crowns stream
Flip side
Life's tide
Floods come
Floats scum

Mid storm
No norm
Watch wars
Change scores
With peace
Strins cease
Ends swirled
Next whirled

Terse Verse: Fan Males

Fan Males

Crowds scream
"Our Team"
"Neath skin
Like kin
Who's best?
Slap chest
When done
We won

Hard core
Cheer more
Dry spells
Won't quells
Can't scorch
Their torch
Those flames
Got games

Terse Verse: Line Tame

Line Tame

Crowds wait
Hug gate
Claw push
Growl shush
Long file
Squeeze pile
Near prey
They stay

Cat like
Set strike
Curse scoff
Till off
Asked please
Mind Ps
Don't stew
Keep queue

Terse Verse: Wild Card

Wild Card

Life's real
Raw deal
Each day
Act play
Eye scans
Plot plans
Slow quick
Count trick

Bluffs twists
Clench fists
Good hand
Turns bland
Last call
Bet all
Man bumps
God trumps

Terse Verse: Pinch Hits

Pinch Hits

Gals slap
When chap
Gets fresh
Paws flesh
Sparks ire
Screams higher
Quick race
Safe place

Next case
Ball place
Fans roar
Tie score
Right aim
Wins game
Clears dome
Run home

Terse Verse: Card Sharks

Card Sharks

Game day
Pros play
Cards dealt
Thrills felt
Chairs manned
All hands
On deck
Raise check

Chips in
Sly grin
Fives tens
Big bens
They eye
Small fry
Their wish
Shell fish

Terse Verse: Hit Run

Hit Run

Some fights
Base rights
Old school
Slugs rule
Where teams
Blow steam
Weak wrong
Smart strong

To last
Swat fast
Words spike
Quick strike
One shot
Quick trot
No err
Foul fair

Terse Verse: Rack Etttes

Rack Etttes

Ten iz
Big biz
Crowds goes
Cheer pros
Watch verve
Each serve
Some rank
Then tank

Games go
To fro
Point set
Love let
Smash ace
Sets pace
Gross strain
Net gain

Terse Verse: Fore Casts

Fore Casts

Golf Green
Fun Scene
Hit ball
Shout call
Bad guess
Scores mess
Right aim
Ace game

Some say
This play
Mimes Dow
Charts how
Right pitch
Ducks ditch
Good lies
Trap prize

Terse Verse: Feat First

Feat First

Dance fear
Starts here
First step
Shoes schlep
Knees balk
Just walk
Want quit
Must sit

Hopes urge
Kicks surge
Dodge trips
Flaunt hips
Strong yen
Scores ten
Should win
Shoe in

Terse Verse: Reign Checks

Reign Checks

Realms flow
Kings go
Guile game
Stays same
Crowds cheer
Then jeer
Seek knights
End fight

Pawns shift
Crowns drift
Home rules
Rook fools/br> Queens play
Odds sway
Last state
Checks mate

Terse Verse: Frame Ups

Frames Ups

When bowl
Feel whole
Throw ball
Give all
Fast lanes
Ease pains
Spares strikes
Spike pshchs

Watch pros
Smooth throws
Hooks curves
Soothe nerves
Times good
Knock wood
Top score
Bowled 'Ore

Terse Verse: Klutz Hit

Klutz Hit

Pros talk
Chat squawk
Love sprew
Foul view
Sports plays
Few praise
Fore casts
Oft blasts

Last word
Fans heard
Their cash
Makes smash
These scpres
Stun bores
Flip flops
Spin tops

Terse Verse: Brass Rings

Brass Rings

Spring rite
Dreams bright
Teams race
First place
Sure shot
Wins pot
Ends drought
Pans out

All aim
Stake claims
Make rounds
Grab crowns
Hopes new
Comes through
Not old
Fools gold

Terse Verse: Run Round

Run Round

Sports jog
Wind fog
Sleet snow
Still go
Long miles
Smug smiles
Change pace
Love race

We praise
Their ways
Just sit
Watch fit
They Strain
In rain
Brag wet
Know sweat

Terse Verse: Spot Lite

Spot Lite

From blue
Star new
Flash fame
Blaze name
Crowd wowed
Roars loud
Signs high
Lights sky

Sun blinds
Cloud minds
They fear
End near
Sparks flirt
Fans split
Fades clout
Lights out

Terse Verse: Squares Won

Squares Won

Chess game
Can shame
Those who
Are new
Try crow
They know
Smart way
To play

But when
Face men
Their skill
Proves nil
Moves trounced
Pride bounced
Ends wrecked
Bum checked

Terse Verse: Teed Off

Teed Off

Swing club
See flub
Blast ball
Cuss all
Irons fire
More ire
Next slice
Swear twice

Each stroke
I choke
From fore
To score
Bad words
Oft heard
Voice coarse
Curse course

Terse Verse: Wurst Case

Wurst Case

Game day
Teams play
Fans munch
Quick lunch
Can't beat
Taste treat
Down dogs
Like hogs

Twixt buns
Strange ones
Ask not
What's hot
Nor tell
"Neath smell
Think this
"Tis bliss

Terse Verse: Cross Words

Cross Words

Clues hid
Patch grid
First try
Just I
Guess work
Seek quirk
Ups downs
Finds frowns

Loose ends
Ask friends
Use books
Check nooks
Get stuck
Curse luck
Swears stress
Speech less

Terse Verse: Net Flicks

Net Flicks

Arms fling
Balls zing
Crowds shout
Ins out
Sweat shines
Fault lines
Wild tame
Great game

Watch pros
On toes
Nerves fray
Foes rule
Lose cool
Wins stress
Match less

Terse Verse: Chits Chat

Chits Chat

Cards stalk
Chips talk
Watch wheels
Do deals
Lips numb
Act dumb
Show wiles
Poke piles

Each bet
Eyes fret
Pots boil
Plots foil
Good hand
Fold? Stand?
Bad luck
Pass buck

Terse Verse: Flash Pan

Flash Pan

What's name?
Stars fame
First phase
Loud praise
Hype deeds
Warp speed
They win
Outs in

When lights
Aren't bright
Head lines
Lose shines
Gold crown
Melts down
Gone shout
Ins out

Terse Verse: Love All

Love All

Balls go
To fro
Fast pace
Swift ace
Miss lob
Scow; sob
Blame wind
Noise din

Stars loud
Court crowd
Show dash
Swing smash
Outs lets
Faults sets
Can't catch
Met match

Terse Verse: Slug Feast

Slug Feast

Crowds Flock
Love knocks
Sit tight
Cheer fight
Fans flame
Fists game
Stand back
Watch whack

As view
Chomp chew
Steaks high
Gloves fly
Hear pounds
Court rounds
Crunch time
Choice prime

Terse Verse: Sports Swear

Sports Swear

Game day
Teams play
Fans meet
Life sweet
Two sides
Match prides
All friends
Till ends

Last hour
Things sour
Eyes clench
Words stench
Ires flow
Shout "NO"
Score cursed
Damns burst

Terse Verse: Stop Watch

Stop Watch

Men prime
Mark time
Talk pals
Check gams
May stare
Dream bare
If clicks
Heart ticks

When hot
Feet trot
Swap smiles
Run miles
Turf test
Show best
Right place
Win race

Terse Verse: Foul Plays

Foul Plays

Flix score
Blood gore
Kid's blast
Ghoul cast
Sound blares
Night mares
Thrills spells
Weird sells

Spend cash
See slash
Hot lines
Chill spines
Dark side
Their guide
Ills ails
Gross sales

Terse Verse: Gone Pot

Gone Pot

Cards dealt
Hopes felt
Eyes flush
Hearts blush
Each draw
Grits jaw
Chips pile
Few smile

Bulls bold
Bears fold
Some joke
Slow poke
Bluff burn
Last turn
Wins now
Cashed cow

Terse Verse: Bush Whack

Bush Whack

Pro ball
Starts small
In sticks
Learn tricks
Try leap
From heap
Field pitch
Strike rich

Charge outs
Thrill scouts
Kick butts
Make cuts
Prove goods
Leave woods
Blitz Krieg
Big league

Terse Verse: Phase Lift

Phase Lift

How young?
Hold tongue
Tell half
Just laugh
No fear
Fudge year
Switch talk
Take walk

Let youth
Blab truth
Wise plan
Fools man
Hide gray
From day
White lie
Do dye

Terse Verse: Sheer Fun

Sheer Fun

Climb high
Mount sky
Steep hills
Test skills
Hearts crave
Boast brave
Grab gear
Face fear

Base camp
Start tramp
Clutch axe
Grasp cracks
Scale cliffs
Snow drifts
Nail hike
Peaks spike

Terse Verse: See Saw

See Saw

Group trips
Time zips
Jet lags
Zig zags
Swift stops
Gift shops
Such tours
End blurs

When done
Home run
Grab pix
Sort mix
Strain stare
Where's where
Crave clue
Who's who

Terse Verse: Touch Down

Touch Down

Day done
Home run
Hit ground
Safe sound
Slow chase
Rat race
Rest joints
Sore points

Game plan
Calm man
Yawn stretch
Break catch
Let go
World's woe
Aches mend
Dead end

Terse Verse: Cuts Chase

Cut Chase

Nice guys
Seek prize
Comes push
Fall tush
Find game
Not tame
Brute force
Crash course

Those tough
Skip bluff
Sliff pains
Grab reins
Blood guts
Kick butts
One rule
Win rule

Terse Verse: Fare Game

Fare Game

Crowd hails
Wild sales
Hopes soar
Price war
With lucks
Save bucks
Best deal
Near steal

Too soon
Ends boon
Costs rize
Slips prize
Watch tags
Stop sags
Hopes wan
Buy gone

Terse Verse: Knock Out

Knock Out

Words might
Rile fight
Up front
Boast grunt
Act bold
Won't fold
Rules rare
Fouls fair

Use wits
Duck hits
Well manned
You stand
Win day
No go

Terse Verse: Brow Beat

Brow Beat

Head strong
Naught wrong
Keep age
Same page
Add tox
Slow clocks
Smile stays
Friends praise

Fight sags
Punch bags
Cost crux
Save looks
Pay prime
Face time
Hold signs
Head lines

Terse Verse: High Ball

High Ball

March mad
Fans glad
Wait year
Fresh cheer
Long lines
Pump signs
Teams moan
Claw throne

Throngs sweat
Boast bet
Ranks charge
New range
Those top
Fear flop
Scores toll
Heads roll

Terse Verse: Ride Rage

Ride Rage

Love race
Win place
Climb on
Cares gone
High ho
Steeds go
Fun thing
Reigns king

Hit trails
Hills dales
Fox hunts
Tricks stunts
Friends play
Hay day
Joy found
Horse round

Terse Verse: Bid Asked

Bid Asked

When pro
Says go/br> May try
Bet buy
Bridge gaps
Watch traps
If con
Move on

Here's deal
What's real
When twist
Count tricks
Your call
Risk all
Not sham
Grand slam


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