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Thomas Howes: Haiku
Volume I: A collection of hundreds of Haiku

Terse Verse: C. Thomas Howes (5)

Poetry is a form of literature that uses imaginative and creative words in a compressed form to express idea.

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Terse Verse: Good Thymes

Good Thymes

Meals plain
Seem same
Old mood
Blah food
Low key
Pain free
Tastes balm
Life calm

Brave few
Try new
Spice step
Adds pep
Feast best
With zest
Blands go
Gusts ho

Terse Verse: Just So

Just so

Bad days
Crime pays
Werid rules
Let fools
Off hook
Shield crook
They flee
Guilt free

Rich too
Sail through
Puff pout
Soon out
Laws err
Hot air
Poor sag
Hold bag

Terse Verse: Loan Range

Loan Range

Dear friend
Asks lend
Needs now
Makes vow
Pay back
No flak
Act rash
"Here's cash"

Once grant
Cans can't
Won't pay
Goes way
Past due
Must sue
"Twas steal
Dun deal

Terse Verse: Net Flicks

Net Flicks

Arms fling
Balls zing
Crowds shout
Ins out
Sweat shines
Fault lines
Wild tame
Great game

Watch pros
On toes
Nerves fray
Foes rule
Lose cool
Wins stress
Match less

Terse Verse: Pay Daze

Pay Daze

Schools teach
Profs preach
Rave rant
Lib slant
Spin scores
Class wars
Grads learn
Left turn

Job numbs
They stare
Tax share
Soon find
Change mind
See light
Turn right

Terse Verse: Run Downs

Run Downs

Men are
Like car
First years
Few fears
Great shapes
Small scrapes
Wheels shine
Life fine

As age
Sore stage
Parts rust
Leak bust
Squeeks sound
Faults found
Slow pace
Crank case

Terse Verse: Sir Plus

Sir Plus

When stout
Is out
And thin
Is in
More form
Less norm
Then pride
Must hide

In vain
Fight pain
Push jab
Suck flab
Tight belt
Makes svelt
Try staunch
Pull paunch

Terse Verse: Tag Line

Tag Line

Touch go
Fast slow
Hands flair
Grab air
Each time
That I'm
Near thee
You flee

Love's game
Much same
See blush
Make rush
Ends chase
Wins race
To wit
You're it

Terse Verse: Up Braid

Up Braid

Top news
Big dos
As stars
Go far
Loves change
Looks strange
Find fame
Head game

Their form
Scorns norm
Seek raves
Shock waves
Hot cool
Fans rule
Wild reigns
Hair brains

Terse Verse: Yo Yo

Yo Yo

Wake up
Shake up

Toe down
Go down

Tush up
Push up

Bear down
Wear down

Up light
Up tight

Down eats
Down sweets

Up pounds
Up rounds

Down lasts
Down casts

Terse Verse: Abs Track

Abs Track

Keep fit
Teeth grit
Vow goal
Lose roll
Shed fat
Till flat
Make haste
Shrink waist

Pros tout
Work out
Learn lift
Don't drift
Pump prime
Crunch time
Bod hot
Know squat

Terse Verse: Blog Jam

Blog Jam

Strange scenes
Plague screens
Fools dance
Pets prance
Weird rubes
Flood tumes
Their plea
Watch me

Eyes hook
Laugh look
Brief views
Short fuse
Quick con
Fast gone
Gross game
Net fame

Terse Verse: Checks Up

Checks Up

Crick cracks
Goes back
Nails shoot
To root
Can't be
Not me
Stabs feel
Too real

Since aches
Aren't fakes
Pay Doc
Costs hock
My pains
His gains
Health field
Well healed

Terse Verse: Con Fest

Con Fest

Shrink's in
Heads spin
Don't stall
Tell all
No buts
Spill guts
Stop balk
Just talk

Lie back
Yield yak
Words sweet
Up beat
His aim
Down shame
Cure doubt
Psych out

Terse Verse: Count Down

Count Down

Four square
Forms pair
Young hearts
Two parts
Sweet tart
Dumb smart
Thoughts sway
Go stay

Add age
Share stage
Men praise
Old days
Wheels spun
Bind one
Dis staff
Best half

Terse Verse: Crib Notes

Crib Notes

New weds
Mixed dreads
Babes change
Home range
Mom's fears
Switch gears
Can't hide
Dad's pride

Fast scenes
Tots teens
When old
Reach gold
From start
Grows heart
Aches tears
End rears

Terse Verse: Dough Boys

Dough Boys

Cool guys
Toss his
Then let
Caps set
Sit loaf
Look oaf
Stay bums
Earn crumbs

Gents doff
Hats off
Shun couch
Don't slouch
Old schools
Have rules
Rise head
Well bread

Terse Verse: Dust Mights

Dust Mights

Ah choo
Bless you
Tree zap
Weeds snap
Bugs spores
Wage wars
Fight flows
Eyes nose

No rest
Churns chest
Sprays pills
Soothe ills
Hopes bring
Next spring
No gnat
Sneeze at

Terse Verse: El Non

El Non

Words blast
For cast
Trend shows
Big snows
Scares soar
Rush store
Storm cursed
Plan worst

Clouds flow
Then go
Sun bright
Not white
Folks scorn
False warn
Rants mob
Snow job

Terse Verse: Fall Guy

Fall Guy

Hear spring
Trees sing
Greens rise
Burst skies
Now sun
Has won
Feel earth
Give birth

Times march
Laws parch
Air cools
Red rules
Leaves bold
Turn gold
Catch gleams
Field dreams

Terse Verse: Fan Pack

Fab Pack

Pants squeeze
Won't ease
When shorts
Spin shorts
Up tight
Looks light
Their pride
Rack side

Runp flabs
Keep tabs
Much fuss
Size plus
Vain hunt
False front
Seek blends
Split ends

Terse Verse: Fast Lane

Fast Lane

Bold vow
Do now
High five
Starts drive
Walk sweat
Grin fret
Run hasts
Thin waist

Don't shirk
Road work
Stop splurge
Curb urge
Less eats
No treats
Pay day
Win weigh

Terse Verse: Hey Day

Hey Day

Most wait
Trust fate
Time stalls
No calls
Plow field
Slim yield
Hay stacks
Breaks back

Wait hear
Loud clear
That voice
Tells choice
If fail
Must bale
Last draw
Short straw

Terse Verse: Ode Man

Ode Man

Scribes plight
Must write
Mute voice
No choice
Hears call
Scratch scrawl
Can't stop
Lap top

Fast slow
Words flow
Know well
Won't sell
Takes care
May swear
From curse
To verse

Terse Verse: Old Saws

Old Saws

At schools
Learn rules
Past lore
And more
Wise phrases
Earns praise
Smart view
Cuts through

Wit's bite
Chews trite
With age
Grows sage
Yet 'neath
Grit teeth
Sharp heard
Buzz word

Terse Verse: One Dun

One Dun

Pay bills
No ills
Checks sent
Tabs rent
If late
They hate
When stalls
Start calls

Drums sound
Phones hound
These debts
Earn threats
Noise soars
Rage roars
Chant cheat
Dead beat

Terse Verse: Shrink Age

Shrink Age

Young wed
One bed
Kids grow
Goods flow
Stuff more
Must store
High point
Jammed joint

Done fuss
Just us
Make piled
Less wild
Gone gear
Things deer
Last owns
Bear bones

Terse Verse: Sounds Great

Sounds Great

Songs bring
Own zing
Feel noise
Hear joys
Feet prance
Hearts dance
Rock jive
Feel alive

Each age
Spawns rage
Fans rave
Arms wave
Lips sinc
Eyes blink
Up sweet
Down beat

Terse Verse: Spaced Out

Spaced Out

Tap keys
Don't freeze
Quick rate
Lines straight
From A
All way
Reach z
Err free

Check work
Eyes jerk
Oh no
Type O
With ease
Mind Ps
Pick choose
Heed Qs

Terse Verse: Spice Aisles

Spice Aisles

Foods taste
Like paste
Each lunch
Lacks punch
Tongue needs
Fresh feeds
Seeks bite
With might

Cruise stores
Read lores
In quest
For zest
Smell Vials
Thyme trials
Wise age
Chews sage

Terse Verse: Chits Chat

Chits Chat

Cards stalk
Chips talk
Watch wheels
Do deals
Lips numb
Act dumb
Show wiles
Poke piles

Each bet
Eyes fret
Pots boil
Plots foil
Good hand
Fold? Stand?
Bad luck
Pass buck

Terse Verse: Flash Pan

Flash Pan

What's name?
Stars fame
First phase
Loud praise
Hype deeds
Warp speed
They win
Outs in

When lights
Aren't bright
Head lines
Lose shines
Gold crown
Melts down
Gone shout
Ins out

Terse Verse: High Ups

High Ups

Tell youth
Raw truth
No age
Is sage
Old hat
Stays pat
Likes warm
Keep norm

Young Turks
Gum works
Words hot
Stir Pot
Right heat
Cooks meat
Steaks won
Well done

Terse Verse: Hind Sight

Hind Sight

Eyes choose
Rear views
All styles
Spout smiles
Each rimp
Hearts thump
Girls guys
Breathe sighs

Songs play
Swing sway
Fat thin
Tails spin
You'll find
Old grind
Leers same
End game

Terse Verse: Home Brood

Home Brood

Some souls
Dig holes
Their foot
Stays put
Heart pegs
Their legs
First bases
Their place

Friends scoff
Take off
Born stay
Home way
Less noise
More joys
Stick round
Squares found

Terse Verse: Home Spun

Home Spun

He's Pa
She's Ma
Close knit
Tight fit
Life slow
So sew
Their kin
Love spin

Hearts cleave
Words weave
Rough days
Mend ways
Laughs stitched
Stay hitched
Times find
Ties bind

Terse Verse: Knicks Knack

Knicks Knack

Some crave
Buy save
Bric bracs
Form stacks
Each nicha
Holds kitch
Hear gnome
Claim home

Yard sales
Rich tales
Pawn shops
Door stops
Proud shelves
Boast elves
In dust
They trust

Terse Verse: Love All

Love All

Balls go
To fro
Fast pace
Swift ace
Miss lob
Scow; sob
Blame wind
Noise din

Stars loud
Court crowd
Show dash
Swing smash
Outs lets
Faults sets
Can't catch
Met match

Terse Verse: Slug Feast

Slug Feast

Crowds Flock
Love knocks
Sit tight
Cheer fight
Fans flame
Fists game
Stand back
Watch whack

As view
Chomp chew
Steaks high
Gloves fly
Hear pounds
Court rounds
Crunch time
Choice prime

Terse Verse: Smart Wons

Smart Wons

Quiz days
Eyes daze
Dim find
Slow mind
Much stress
Must guess
Low scale
Then fail

Nerds pass
Show class
Cram strain
Stretch brain
Win chase
First place
Edge foes
By knows

Terse Verse: Sports Swear

Sports Swear

Game day
Teams play
Fans meet
Life sweet
Two sides
Match prides
All friends
Till ends

Last hour
Things sour
Eyes clench
Words stench
Ires flow
Shout "NO"
Score cursed
Damns burst

Terse Verse: Stock Marks

Stock Marks

Young slave
Try save
Cash flow
Must slow
Oft choose
Soon lose
Hot tips
Turn rips

May go
Wrong pro
Who feeds
On greed
Risks bread
Zones red
Burns most
Cold toast

Terse Verse: Stop Watch

Stop Watch

Men prime
Mark time
Talk pals
Check gams
May stare
Dream bare
If clicks
Heart ticks

When hot
Feet trot
Swap smiles
Run miles
Turf test
Show best
Right place
Win race

Terse Verse: Stress Test

Stress Test

See Child
Go wild
Mom's shout
Time out
Yell "stop"
Call pop
Such strains
Grown pains

Love colls
Strict rules
Last straw
Grit jaw
Arms poise
Halt noise
Hands flail
Ends tail

Terse Verse: Strut Stuff

Strut Stuff

Man's pride
Shuns guide
Won't ask
Help task
Cock's walk
Boasts squack
Can't sway
His way

Song fades
Needs aides
Strides slow
Eats crow
Steps stop
Eyes drop
Voice tries
Humm pies

Terse Verse: Swing Shift

Swing Shift

Golf course
Fun source
Spot ball
Fore call
Sweet chip
Worth trip
Good putt
Earns strut

Ends match
Heads scratch
Drinks jokes
Count strokes
Truth spins
Who wins?
Best lies
Scores prize

Terse Verse: Tote All

Tote All

Springs falls
Shop malls
Sales swarm
Lines form
Wives buy
Guys sigh
She calls
He hauls

In sum
Men numb
While mate
Fills plate
As store
Sells more
Thinks large
Takes charge

Terse Verse: Why Knot

Why Knot

Bad days
Cause craze
Fists clench
Guts wrench
Cheeks burn
Then turn
Head spin
Can't win

Mind pleas
"At ease"
Let loose
Life's noose
Take care
If snare
When rough
Hang tough

Terse Verse: Wit Lash

Wit LAsh

Gad flies
Cause cries
Won't mind
Cross line
Stir pots
Love hots
They nag
Then brag

No rest
From jest
Nips zings
Buzz stings
Keep foes
On toes
Dogs wail
Wag's tale

Terse Verse: Age Less

Age Less

In youth
Tell truth
Pals peers
Know years
Men stay
That way
Gals wait
Change date

Comes grays
Change ways
Less fuss
Years plus
Now loud
Boasts proud
When old
All tolled

Terse Verse: Band Stands

Band Stands

Each age
Owns stage
Their songs
Thrilled throngs
Words prime
Most rhyme
Tunes bright
Lime light

Next phase
New praise
Now joys
Its noise
They greet
Toots sweet
Old plums
Ho hums

Terse Verse: Beef Stakes

Beef Stakes

Bulls goad
Rage road
Chomp chops
Risk tpos
Poor guess
Eat less
Rich time
Feast prime

Most bow
Cow tow
Not stirred
Join herd
Sweet kind
Stay grind
Their deal
Kid's meal

Terse Verse: Brew Haws

Brews Haws

Drink up
Drain cup
Once down
Pops clown
Arm bends
Make friends
Ends foam
Head home

Comes dawn
Laughs gone
Toe stirs
Eye blurs
Look me
Tips see
Gone stout
Tapped out

Terse Verse: Bye Buys

Bye Buys

Lived lush
Dreams flush
Felt free
Cards spree
No end
See spend
Till bills
Brought ills

New vow
Start now
Use cash
Stop crash
More home
Less roam
Burst lusts
Boom busts

Terse Verse: Car Tune

Car Tune

Old days
High ways
Our gang
All sang
Off key
Gushed glee
Roll long
Same song

Now mod
I pod
Each hide
Eyes hide
End trip
All skip
Leave bored
Lost chord

Terse Verse: Foul Plays

Foul Plays

Flix score
Blood gore
Kid's blast
Ghoul cast
Sound blares
Night mares
Thrills spells
Weird sells

Spend cash
See slash
Hot lines
Chill spines
Dark side
Their guide
Ills ails
Gross sales

Terse Verse: Check Lists

Check Lists

From tweet
To greet
New dates
Check mates
Good looks?
Read books?
Hope mounts
Check counts

Then add
Good bad
Last test
Who best?
Hearts win
Check in
Minds doubt
Check out

Terse Verse: Ire Land

Ire Land

When mad
Brogue bad
Rules fall
Yell all
Mood spoils
Gael boils
Scream shout
Corks spout

Comes sun
Rage done
Fades zeal
Greens heal
Rants scat
Stand pat
Gone fray
Gall way

Terse Verse: Gone Pot

Gone Pot

Cards dealt
Hopes felt
Eyes flush
Hearts blush
Each draw
Grits jaw
Chips pile
Few smile

Bulls bold
Bears fold
Some joke
Slow poke
Bluff burn
Last turn
Wins now
Cashed cow

Terse Verse: Haste Waist

Haste Waist

Drive thrus
Fast Chews
Can't wait
Serve Plate
Those bits
Not lites
Grab eats
Quick treats

Gulps fries
King size
Belt swells
Gut jells
Square meals
Old deals
New pounds
Make rounds


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