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Terse Verses: Volume II: Sorted by Topics

Terse Verse: Aging

Terse Verse on the subject of aging.

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Terse Verse: Pin Pals


Poetry is a form of literature using imaginative and creative words in a compressed form to express ideas.

There are two basic forms of poetry. One form is blank verse while the other follows a fixed or standard format. Two examples of the latter are Haiku and Limericks. Haiku are three lined unrhymed poems while limericks are five lined rhymed poems of a humorous nature. Terse Verse poems follow a standard 16 lines of one syllable, also in a humorous style.

Themes of Terse Verse are observations of everyday life and comments on American lifestyles and behavior. Terse Verse uses puns and word play to give readers a different viewpoint of familiar situations. It is difficult to group these poems into specific categories since there are a wide variety of topics. Each poem must be read and enjoyed on its own merits.

In brief, Terse Verse is a form of poetry which reduces ideas to the fewest words to deliver different points of view and bring a smile to the reader.

--Tom Howes

Pin Pals

Old days
Nice ways
Kind thoughts
Were taughts
Folks wrote
Neat note
True friend
Stamp send

New kids
Use grids
Swap tales
E Mails
Now greet
By tweet
Hi's Raves
Air Waves

Terse Verse: Primed Time

Primed Time

What age
Best stage
First phase
Youth days
Clocks crawl
Days stall
Can't wait
Next state

Climb steps
Slow peps
Years leap
Pains creep
Look round
Bells sound
Think young
Top Wrung

Terse Verse: Pride's Head

Pride's Head

Take care
Lush hair
Cut shape
Nip nape
Keep trim
Roar vim
Looks snare
Lion's share

Bald face
Worst case
Stop stress
Save stress
Your thing
Rule king
Game plan
Mane man

Terse Verse: Pair Rants

Pair Rants

Kids bring
Fresh spring
Cute noise
Mixed joys
They are
Bright star
Tho stressed
Twice blessed

Soon scene
Goes teen
Time best
Leave nest
Rows cease
Home peace
Ends numb
Two sum

Terse Verse: Hear Yea?


Hear Yea?

Young pound
Wild sound
Screams load
Hype crowd
Each clef
Makes deaf
Pelt ear

Noise vast
Booms blast
Tom toms
Buzz bombs
Bang drum
Till numb
Head feet Down beat

Terse Verse: Life Lines

Life Lines

Years creep
Plow deep
Crows feet
Walk beat
Eyes bag
Rest sag
Fight back
Mask track

Creams soothe
Sands smooth
Save youth
Hide truth
Age curse
Saps purse
Vein race
Saves face

Terse Verse: Friend Ships

Friend Ships

First grade
Mates made
Teen time
Pals bind
School too
Guys glue
Grad hits
Groups split

Launch forth
South north
Past crew
Rings true
Last dock
Take stock
When old
Bonds hold

Terse Verse: Gilt Trip

Guilt Trip

Gem sale
Rings wail
Gals much
Love touch
Eyes squint
Stars glint
Their prayers
To wear

Buy word
Is heard
First oohs
Then choose
She's bold
Digs gold
From mine
To mine

Terse Verse: Hair Looms

Hair Looms

Where skin
Meets thin
Then guys
Seek guise
Must save
Each wave
In vain
Save mane

First loops
Next toupes
Wear mops
On tops
Yet neat
Heaps heat
Locks swarm
Wig warm

Terse Verse: Quick Steps

Quick Steps

Born Wean
Tot Teen
School Grad
Wed Dad
Work Rounds
Ups Downs
Wife Bails
Hope Flails

Sweet Fate
New Mate
Wounds Mend
Jobs End
Songs Fade
Dues Paid
Last Beat
Six Feet

Terse Verse: Dead Lines

Dead Lines

When Gone
Sad Song
Brief Note
Short Quote
Life Acts
Cold Facts
That's It
Says Wit

Old Age
Reads Page
As Friends
Meet Ends
Shed Tear
Toast Bier
Such Sights
Last Writes

Terse Verse: Head Lines

Head Lines

Some hair
Stays there
From brim
To trim
Time's plow
Shapes brow
As dome
Nears chrome

Male plan
Mane man
Seek highs
Plugs dyes
Hope sprouts
Stand out
Till grays
PArt ways

Terse Verse: Crass Act

Crass Act

Year book
Gives look
Shows cast
Of past
Splash notes
Faux quotes
Word games
Slang names

Kind phrase
Brings praise
Smart style
Sprouts smile
Friends dear
Hearts cheer
Class Clowns
Brass sounds

Terse Verse: Check Mate

Check Mate

Who'll be
For me
Best wife
All life
Good friends
Nice blends
Starts fun
Move one

But when
Lags yen
Bored game
Slow same
Must split
That's it
Bad patch
Ends match

Terse Verse: Buzz Weirds

Buzz Werids

Youth joys
New toys
Hot games
Crazed names
Chops chips
Zaps zips
Words chopped
Close cropped

Old squares
Round stares
Mind squirms
Tech terms
Worlds change
Talks strange
More sense
Past tense

Terse Verse: Try Age

Try Age

Teen snits
Give fits
Wills won't
Dos don't
Moms dads
Bear mads
Pain growns
Fight nos

When ends?
Ask friends
They say
That day
Kids grown
On own
End track
Pay back

Terse Verse: Hard Knocks

Hard Knocks

Fall downs
Bring frowns
Those slips
Life's blips
Could cry
Or sigh
Mouth shuts
Pain butts

Real men
Know when
Stop whine
Find spine
Stand tall
Each fall
Fight flaps
Bum's raps

Terse Verse: Last Rights

Last Rights

Good news
God's views
Love wins
Sinks sins
Cools hots
Flesh pots
Praise songs
Drown wrongs

Act two
Thrills through
When youth
Finds truth
Now earth
Shows worth
Low cries
High rise

Terse Verse: Squeeze Play

Squeeze Play

Those wise
Down size
Some crave
Must save
Can't dodge
Hodge podge
Stuffed rooms
Like tombs

Each tier
Most dear
Kin shout
Throw out
No how
Cow tow
Til dead
Bull head

Terse Verse: Whose who

Whose Who

Old age
Bumps rage
Names drop
Words stop
Tongues trip
Feet slip
Free will
Down hill

May shrug
Blame drug
Sluff off
Laugh cough
But fear
Stays near
Worst plea
Who's me

Terse Verse: Run Downs

Run Downs

Men are
Like car
First years
Few fears
Great shapes
Small scrapes
Wheels shine
Life fine

As age
Sore stage
Parts rust
Leak bust
Squeeks sound
Faults found
Slow pace
Crank case

Terse Verse: Checks Up

Checks Up

Crick cracks
Goes back
Nails shoot
To root
Can't be
Not me
Stabs feel
Too real

Since aches
Aren't fakes
Pay Doc
Costs hock
My pains
His gains
Health field
Well healed

Terse Verse: Old Saws

Old Saws

At schools
Learn rules
Past lore
And more
Wise phrases
Earns praise
Smart view
Cuts through

Wit's bite
Chews trite
With age
Grows sage
Yet 'neath
Grit teeth
Sharp heard
Buzz word

Terse Verse: Shrink Age

Shrink Age

Young wed
One bed
Kids grow
Goods flow
Stuff more
Must store
High point
Jammed joint

Done fuss
Just us
Make piled
Less wild
Gone gear
Things deer
Last owns
Bear bones

Terse Verse: Home Brood

Home Brood

Some souls
Dig holes
Their foot
Stays put
Heart pegs
Their legs
First bases
Their place

Friends scoff
Take off
Born stay
Home way
Less noise
More joys
Stick round
Squares found

Terse Verse: Times Out

Times Out

Life's plan
Brief span
Hours drag
Hopes sag
Days go
Slow mo
Years zoom
Bodes doom

There comes
Aches tums
Dulls ire
Cools fire
Too late
Tocks fate
Clocks tricked
We're ticked

Terse Verse: Weak Ends

Weak Ends

Wife asks
Help tasks
So man
Plots plan
Use smarts
Draw charts
Keep scores
For chores

Jobs mired
Soon tired
So quit
Must sit
Paid dues
Off shoes
Time slacks
Kick backs

Using Escrow to Estimate Health Costs (2)

Because so many people's circumstances are so different, we offer two ways for Grandpa to transfer one grandchild's health care to one grandchild, and skip any description of pooled transfers of the rest.

Grandpa can either transfer a lump sum single-payment upon the birth of the lucky grandchild, or through his will, if that is more suitable. Alternatively, the Health Savings Account of one generation can transfer $365 yearly to the grandchild's escrow account, which is set aside for grandchild to buy his way out of Medicare -- if he later chooses -- at the 66th birthday. Grandpa will only do this for 21 years, after which it is the child's own responsibility. According to my math, that will pay for the estimated costs of Medicare, stop the foreign borrowing to pay for deficits, and perhaps make a dent in the accumulated foreign debts.

What it won't do is pay for the grandchild's health costs if they escalate out of control between now and then, or if Medicare is forced to add on all manner of deductibles, copayments, taxes and other out-of-pocket exceptions to pay for cost escalation. His catastrophic health insurance is supposed to protect against that, and within limits it will. But at the present time, catastrophic health insurance has been so jumbled that you cannot get a salesman to make an average quote for publication. It will only become possible to make sensible judgments after the United States Supreme Court has made a final judgement, or if Congress assembles a sufficient majority to clarify the situation. As matters stand right now, there is no need for excess coverage, and the money in the escrow account should be released to an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). The amounts of accumulated funds in HSAs are illustrated in accompanying tables, grouped in multiples of $365 contributions. For very high cost over-runs, catastrophic health insurance would normally be an alternative to consider.

But that -- encompassing childhood costs and Medicare buy-out -- is only half of the proposal. The rest has to do with the age group 21-66, which is now tangled in the courts, under King v. Burwell and I cannot go further.

Terse Verse: Face Facts

Face Facts

Ager speeds
Ups needs
Find tricks
Will fix
Add zips
Eyes lips
Must paint
What aint

Blush gloss
Stem loss
Each crux
Saves looks
Stop scoff
Brush off
None see
Old me

Terse Verse: Sound Bites

Sound Bites

Song new
Chomp chew
Stars chant
Gnash rant
Lights swirl
Crowds whirl
Oft find
Teeth grind

Old still
Shun shrill
Flee blaze
Seek graze
Wish dine
Fine wine
Lerave waste
Choose taste

Terse Verse: Dam Age

Dam Age

Curse time
Woes Climb
Cheeks sag
Eyes bag
Fault lines
Sad signs
Tick tox
Strain locks

Curses tried
Stem tide
Skin creams
Hold dreams
When told
Look old
Flood fears
Burst tears


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