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Thomas Howes: Haiku
Volume I: A collection of hundreds of Haiku

Terse Verse: C. Thomas Howes (4)

Poetry is a form of literature that uses imaginative and creative words in a compressed form to express idea.

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Terse Verse: Crass Act

Crass Act

Year book
Gives look
Shows cast
Of past
Splash notes
Faux quotes
Word games
Slang names

Kind phrase
Brings praise
Smart style
Sprouts smile
Friends dear
Hearts cheer
Class Clowns
Brass sounds

Terse Verse: Check Mate

Check Mate

Who'll be
For me
Best wife
All life
Good friends
Nice blends
Starts fun
Move one

But when
Lags yen
Bored game
Slow same
Must split
That's it
Bad patch
Ends match

Terse Verse: Bum Wraps

Bum Wraps

Ads tout
Those stout
Lose flaps
Boast abs

Hopes high
Must try
Thin yen
Goal ten

Work buns
Brief runs
Yet pounds
Stay rounds

Friends chaff
Smug laugh
Slow pokes
Butt jokes

Terse Verse: Klutz Hit

Klutz Hit

Pros talk
Chat squawk
Love sprew
Foul view
Sports plays
Few praise
Fore casts
Oft blasts

Last word
Fans heard
Their cash
Makes smash
These scpres
Stun bores
Flip flops
Spin tops

Terse Verse: Biz Buzz

Biz Buzz

Men meet
Chat greet
Eyes lock
Fists knock
Then food
Sets mood
Talk shop
Non stop

These meals
Do deals
Words hum
Near numb
Drone on
Wax strong
Wins see
King bee

Terse Verse: Brass Rings

Brass Rings

Spring rite
Dreams bright
Teams race
First place
Sure shot
Wins pot
Ends drought
Pans out

All aim
Stake claims
Make rounds
Grab crowns
Hopes new
Comes through
Not old
Fools gold

Terse Verse: Pop's Art

Pop's Art

Craft bloom
Dad's room
Paints splash
Slap dash
He's pround
Scenes loud
Works fast
Has blast

Crowds flock
Love shock
Praise jeer
Smirk sneer
Those smug
Shout hug
Rest hear
Daft ear

Terse Verse: Line Up

Line Up

Round pool
Young drool
Fish eyes
Hunt prize
Girls set
Drop net
Smiles looks
Cast hooks

Who'll tame
Wild game
All wait
As bait
Play loose
She's noose
Clothes taut
He's caught

Terse Verse: Iron Age

Iron Age

Seek job
Hob nob
Dress spiff
Pants stiff
Neat shirt
No dirt
Best sell
Look well

To pass
Show class
Top toes
Trim clothes
Pressed suit
Bears fruit
Self sold
Join fold

Terse Verse: Choice Cuts

Choice Cuts

Long run
Less fun
Some wait
Trust fate
They find
Slow grind
Take grief
Don't beef

Those keen
Choose lean
Don't stew
Quick do
Dash fleet
Win meat
Right breaks
Prime steaks

Terse Verse: Block Busts

Block Busts

Brass view
Films new
Give go
Big show
Ads hype
Star type
Then wait
Check gate

Crowds flock
Gold crock
Can boast
Raise toast
Fans shun
Flop done
Boom is
Just fizz

Terse Verse: Boot Camp

Boot Camp

Shoe piles
All styles
Need pair
To wear
When done
Have one
Hunt wait
Find mate

Can't catch
Make match
Odd fly
Reach sky
Stray far
Near star
Black holes
Lost soles

Terse Verse: Butt Heads

Butt Heads

Who's right?
Starts fight
Jut chin
Butt in
First tells
Then yells
Both shout
Butt out

Fool's prides
Take sides
One cool
Names mule
Who walks
Boasts talks
Loves gloat
Gets goat

Terse Verse: Buzz Weirds

Buzz Werids

Youth joys
New toys
Hot games
Crazed names
Chops chips
Zaps zips
Words chopped
Close cropped

Old squares
Round stares
Mind squirms
Tech terms
Worlds change
Talks strange
More sense
Past tense

Terse Verse: Cow Tow

Cow Tow

Poor calf
Makes gaff
Mired muck
Chews cud
When stuck
Blames luck
Needs help
Moos yelp

Voice nears
Then hears
Be brave
Moms save
She copes
Finds ropes
She tows
Bulls doze

Terse Verse: Faux Pause

Faux Pause

Vain boast
Brag most
Proud claims
Drop names
Buy fake
Then make
Big tweet
Deals sweet

Friends tell
Sham sell
Their talk
Ends squawk
Was rooked
Goose cooked
Ends show
Eats crow

Terse Verse: Lug Age

Lug Age

Air port
Time short
Long wait
At age
Check signs
Tag lines
Stay near
Check gear

Crowds packed
Seats stacked
Totes squeezed
None pleased
Jet lags
Lose bags
Rushed trip
Lost grip

Terse Verse: Run Round

Run Round

Sports jog
Wind fog
Sleet snow
Still go
Long miles
Smug smiles
Change pace
Love race

We praise
Their ways
Just sit
Watch fit
They Strain
In rain
Brag wet
Know sweat

Terse Verse: Spare Change

Spare Change

Two tales
Of wails
Tire pops
Car stops
Check trunk
Just junk
Sad plea
Why me?

Next case
Poor place
Begs shout
Hand out
Dig deep
End cheap
Both folk
Flat broke

Terse Verse: Spend Thrifts

Spend Thrifts

Gal's grail
Find sale
Mark downs
Win crowns
Drop price
Once twice
Bluff scoff/br> More off

Each deal
Like steal
All means
Save greens
Smart squads
Tight wads
Tags chopped
Bucks stopped

Terse Verse: Spot Lite

Spot Lite

From blue
Star new
Flash fame
Blaze name
Crowd wowed
Roars loud
Signs high
Lights sky

Sun blinds
Cloud minds
They fear
End near
Sparks flirt
Fans split
Fades clout
Lights out

Terse Verse: Squares Won

Squares Won

Chess game
Can shame
Those who
Are new
Try crow
They know
Smart way
To play

But when
Face men
Their skill
Proves nil
Moves trounced
Pride bounced
Ends wrecked
Bum checked

Terse Verse: Stale Mates

Stale Mates

One wed
Each dred
Talks drift
Life Shift
Meals bland
Food canned
Time bare
Oft stare

Takes two
Keep new
Old years
Shift gears
Elase sit
Rock knit
Mute friends
Dead ends

Terse Verse: Stock Yards

Stock Yards

Dow cools
Calm rules
Charts flat
Stand pat
Some hold
Shun bold
Saved loot
Bears fruit

Brave charge
Think large
Let flock
Watch clock
Sense highs
Chase buys
More fun
Bull run

Terse Verse: Tap Dunce

Tap Dunce

Hey feet
Look sweet
Be deft
Not left
Flair arms
Tout charms
Make mate
Look great

No wins
Klutz spins
Sad moves
Miss grooves
Steps slip
Shoes trip
No cup
Jigs up

Terse Verse: Teed Off

Teed Off

Swing club
See flub
Blast ball
Cuss all
Irons fire
More ire
Next slice
Swear twice

Each stroke
I choke
From fore
To score
Bad words
Oft heard
Voice coarse
Curse course

Terse Verse: Try Age

Try Age

Teen snits
Give fits
Wills won't
Dos don't
Moms dads
Bear mads
Pain growns
Fight nos

When ends?
Ask friends
They say
That day
Kids grown
On own
End track
Pay back

Terse Verse: Twin Peeks

Twin Peeks

Socks do
Play boo
Wash dry
One shy
First eyed
Two hide
No fun
When done

Next day
Seek stray
Breathe pause
Lost cause
Hope pray
Can say
There deuce
Foot loose

Terse Verse: Up Scale

Up Scale

Star slow
Dreams grow
Don't shirk
Hard work
In time
Hopes climb
Sweat tush
Drive push

End race
Where's place?
Still draw
Short straw
Right stuff
Not' nuff
Earn ins
Pull wins

Terse Verse: Well Versed

Well Versed

How brow
Praise now
Poems blank
Words rank
Free style
Rants vile
No song
Is wrong

Prudes plead
Slow speed
Their test
Old best
Sweet rhyme
Keep time
More sense
Past tense

Terse Verse: Fee Lines

Fee Lines

That pet
You get
Once waif
Now safe
Swift lure
Sweet purr
Loves awe
Soft paw

Start ditch
Rags rich
They rule
Act cool
Best perk
Don't work
Prize catch
From scratch

Terse Verse: Fowl Fare

Fowl Fare

Eggs break
Boil bake
Hens die
Then fry
Their clan
Feeds man
Chick crew
Will do

Cows steers
Give cheers

In brief
Skip beef
Their feat
No meat
Plate full
No bull

Terse Verse: Hard Knocks

Hard Knocks

Fall downs
Bring frowns
Those slips
Life's blips
Could cry
Or sigh
Mouth shuts
Pain butts

Real men
Know when
Stop whine
Find spine
Stand tall
Each fall
Fight flaps
Bum's raps

Terse Verse: Hedge Hog

Hedge Hog

Work slave
Scrimp save
Pick stock
Earn shock
Hot tips
Lose chips
All tries
Down size

Need pros
trim lows
They claim
Sharp game
So try
Their buy
Cuts worse
Trims purse

Terse Verse: Heir Cut

Heir Cut

Read wills
Tears thrills
Good splits
Score hits
Smiles round
None frown
Those kin
They're in

But some
Feel bums
They boo
May sue
If case
Off base
Laws shout
They're out

Terse Verse: Joke Hold

Joke Hold

Laughs please
Shticks please
Truth hides
'Neath snides
Quick fun
Sly pun
Crowds roar
Beg more

Stars host
Rib roast
Wits feast
Fools fleeced
When dine
Punch Line
Gaffs snag
Last gag

Terse Verse: Last Rights

Last Rights

Good news
God's views
Love wins
Sinks sins
Cools hots
Flesh pots
Praise songs
Drown wrongs

Act two
Thrills through
When youth
Finds truth
Now earth
Shows worth
Low cries
High rise

Terse Verse: Non Plus

Non Plus

Math whiz
Ace quiz
They dig
Calc trig
Know how
Score wow
Minds quick
Fast click

My skill
Proves nil
Not blessed
Like rest
Test books
Blank looks
Tongue tied
PI eyed

Terse Verse: Prime Ate

Prime Ate

Some eat
Not meat
Their mood
Health food
Grains fruits
Plants roots
Praise fresh
Pound flesh

Top yield
From field
Crops pure
Help cure
Choice meal
Square deal

Red no
Green go

Terse Verse: Pro Fit

Pro Fit

Slick ads
Plug fads
Stars flex
Boast pecs
Gals gape
Abs shape
Watch jock
Shake shock

You stretch
Gut wretch
And form
Stays norm
Sports pitch
Strikes rich

Most plea
Poor me

Terse Verse: Real Deal

Real Deal

All in
None win
That's nub
Join club
Have chair
All's fair
Till mound
Die mound

Game on
Soon gone
Full deck
Bet check
Best part
Take heart
Get paid
In spade

Terse Verse: Scratch Off

Scratch Off

Leash hold
Pets bold
Bark brave
Rant rave
Loud noise
Tough poise
Words say
Sit stay

Some itch
Flee hitch
They ache
Spring break
Turn tail
Hit trail
Next dawn
Dog gone

Terse Verse: Self Taut

Self Taunt

Those stressed
Bomb test
Bad days
Walk dazed
Need break
Cure shake
Stop shout
Chill out

Guts tied
Can't hide
Must sit
Cool it
This cold
Morphs old
Makes hots
What knots

Terse Verse: Squeeze Play

Squeeze Play

Those wise
Down size
Some crave
Must save
Can't dodge
Hodge podge
Stuffed rooms
Like tombs

Each tier
Most dear
Kin shout
Throw out
No how
Cow tow
Til dead
Bull head

Terse Verse: Take Charge

Take Charge

Banks shout
Cash out
Use card
Less hard
Pay day
Far way
Here's how
Switch now

When shop
Quick stop
All's fine
Just sign
Mail run
Bills stun
In hock
Shill shock

Terse Verse: Tongue Wags

Tongue Wags

Frank tales
Top sales
Write trash
Gross cash
Tell alls
Fights brawls
Slice smut
Cold cut

Friends rue
Your coup
Their beef
In brief
Wish they
First say
Were first
Knock worst

Terse Verse: What Gives

What Gives

Hear yea
Pledge plea
Drives tout
Give out
Mails phone
Same tone
Push spin
Give in

Sales surge
Beg urge
Share loot
Give hoot
Stress quilt
Till wilt
Shove cup
Give up

Terse Verse: Whose who

Whose Who

Old age
Bumps rage
Names drop
Words stop
Tongues trip
Feet slip
Free will
Down hill

May shrug
Blame drug
Sluff off
Laugh cough
But fear
Stays near
Worst plea
Who's me

Terse Verse: Works Out

Works Out

Strong vow
Rest now
Kicks done
Race run
Scales stay
Same weigh
Tired tale
Ends trail

Look back
Right track
Young smart
Strong start

If wait
Too late
Old strain
Miss train

Terse Verse: Wurst Case

Wurst Case

Game day
Teams play
Fans munch
Quick lunch
Can't beat
Taste treat
Down dogs
Like hogs

Twixt buns
Strange ones
Ask not
What's hot
Nor tell
"Neath smell
Think this
"Tis bliss

Terse Verse: Bad Guise

Bad Guise

See how
Soon know
Black hats
Are rats
Old plots
Fights shots
Hit run
Still fun

First reel
Crooks steal
Comes gore
Crimes score
Knight comes
Beats bums
Love scam
Films scam

Terse Verse: Bar Code

Bar Code

Ends day
Starts play
Friends meet
Drink treat
Old pals
New gals
Rules done
Have fun

Beer busts
Prime lusts
When wed
Have fled
Creeps flit
Hope hit
Pitch falls
Pub crawls


Terse Verse: Bull's Eye

Bull's Eye

Cows wink
Males blink
Same Shtick
Quick trick
His half
For calf
Good Mooed
For dude

Love not
Big shot
Must do
One two
Serve spark
Hits mark
Proves stud
No dud

Terse Verse: Cats Fat

Cats Fat

By some
Called bum
Sleeps play
All day
"Neath skin
Soon kin
Says blog
Top dog

If itch
Strike rich
Odds long
Bet strong
Right pick
Lott tick
Life soft
Scratch off

Terse Verse: Chick Flix

Chick Flix

Ads vie
Films try
Bring gals
Their pals
From hatch
Pay scratch
Shows shock
They flock

Best kind
They find
Soap plots
Scenes hot
Some howl
Love fowl
Men group
Fly coop

Terse Verse: Clock Work

Clock Work

Tick tock
Crows cock
Day dawns
Rise pawns
Must move
Find groove
Drink cup
Wind up

Days end
Home wend
Find place
Soothe face
Time grinds
Wears minds
Woes drown
Wind down

Terse Verse: Cross Words

Cross Words

Clues hid
Patch grid
First try
Just I
Guess work
Seek quirk
Ups downs
Finds frowns

Loose ends
Ask friends
Use books
Check nooks
Get stuck
Curse luck
Swears stress
Speech less

Terse Verse: Dumb Down

Dumb Down

Self sees
Two Mes
One side
Boasts pride
Thoughts wise
No guise
Words sound
Pro found

View two
Me too
No airs
Oft errs
Faults hid
Off grid
Neath ground
Con found

Terse Verse: Eye Cues

Eye Cues

Guys wise
Watch eyes
From blink
To wink
Each view
Gives clue
Quick glance
Means chance

Good looks
Great hooks
High brows
Win wows
Whip lash
Adds dash
Wed views
Eye dos

Terse Verse: Face off

Face Off

When gone
Swan song
Who writes
Claims rights
Picks facts
Spin acts
Slap dash
Grubs cash

They paint
Truth faint
Tout stains
Sale gains
Their views
Part trues
Friends see
Taint me


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