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Thomas Howes: Haiku
Volume I: A collection of hundreds of Haiku

Terse Verse: C. Thomas Howes (3)

Poetry is a form of literature that uses imaginative and creative words in a compressed form to express idea

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Terse Verse: Match Point

Match Point

Date game
Odds lame
Choice friends
Dead ends
Dodge blocks
Watch clocks
Seek spot
Best shot

Make pass
Show class
Play sport
Full court
Scratch mark
Find spark
Smoke spikes
Luck strikes

Terse Verse: Out Takes

Out Takes

Her wish
Fine dish
Dress up
Out sup
There dine
Fine wine
Top drawer
Gold door

But he
Thought "ME"
His mood
Fast food
Down hill
Went Thrill
End fate
Got gate

Terse Verse: Peek Boo

Peek Boo

Lose keys
Drop knees
Not there
But where
Feel wimp
Like simp
Hear taunts
Search haunts

Steps stairs
Seek lairs
Curse plea
Oyl see
End plight
Plain sight
Blind side
Pop eyed

Terse Verse: Pen Pals

Pen Pals

Men bless
Cave mess
Dawn 'lvn
Hog 'evn
Sty stays
All days
No fuss
Leave muss

Wives mope
Try cope
But neat
Tough feat
His style
Food pile
Gorge shout
Pig out

Terse Verse: Pin Pals


Poetry is a form of literature using imaginative and creative words in a compressed form to express ideas.

There are two basic forms of poetry. One form is blank verse while the other follows a fixed or standard format. Two examples of the latter are Haiku and Limericks. Haiku are three lined unrhymed poems while limericks are five lined rhymed poems of a humorous nature. Terse Verse poems follow a standard 16 lines of one syllable, also in a humorous style.

Themes of Terse Verse are observations of everyday life and comments on American lifestyles and behavior. Terse Verse uses puns and wordplay to give readers a different viewpoint of familiar situations. It is difficult to group these poems into specific categories since there are a wide variety of topics. Each poem must be read and enjoyed on its own merits.

In brief, Terse Verse is a form of poetry which reduces ideas to the fewest words to deliver different points of view and bring a smile to the reader.

--Tom Howes

Pin Pals

Old days
Nice ways
Kind thoughts
Were taughts
Folks wrote
Neat note
True friend
Stamp send

New kids
Use grids
Swap tales
E Mails
Now greet
By tweet
Hi's Raves
Air Waves

Terse Verse: Primed Time

Primed Time

What age
Best stage
First phase
Youth days
Clocks crawl
Days stall
Can't wait
Next state

Climb steps
Slow peps
Years leap
Pains creep
Look round
Bells sound
Think young
Top Wrung

Terse Verse: Puff Poof

Puff Poof

Word's out
Brass shout
Hypes high
New guy
Fast track
More jack
Team grim
Doubts him

Big shot
He's not
"Neath hat
Just fat
His blimp
Soon limp
Fair hair
Hot air

Terse Verse: Queen Be

Queen Be

Her quest
Bee best
Must try
Score high
Spout facts
Write tracts
Buzz zeal
Sweet deal

Choice made
Cards played
Fast track
Earns jack
Right pick
Wins trick
Last sting
Trumps king

Terse Verse: Scape Goats

Scape Goats

Not me
Most plea
No blot
My lot
Search names
Place blames
Fall guy
Not I

Ram through
Who's who
Find way
Prove nay
Milk spilt
Point guilt
Big dread
Butt head

Terse Verse: Sea Salt

Sea Salt

Must boast
Love coast
Wave swells
Shore smells
Winds blare
Wash air
Sun sand
Dream land

Morn wish
Catch fish
Can't fail
Set sail
Ship mates
Cut baits
When done
Gobs fun

Terse Verse: Pair Rants

Pair Rants

Kids bring
Fresh spring
Cute noise
Mixed joys
They are
Bright star
Tho stressed
Twice blessed

Soon scene
Goes teen
Time best
Leave nest
Rows cease
Home peace
Ends numb
Two sum

Terse Verse: Sell Phone

Sell Phone

Those rings
Oft brings
Gift pleads
Dire needs
Voice drones
Sweet moans
You bluff
Hang tough

Next try
Nice guy
They push
Snub shush
Last call
Stop stall
No yup
Hang up

Terse Verse: Side Kicks

Side Kicks

Stars lour
Lure crowd
Soon fans
Form clans
Cram shows
Thrill grows
Try touch
Air clutch

Small group
In loop
Foot men
Lion's den
If guest
Proves pest
Big brute
Gives boot

Terse Verse: Sit Calms

Sit Calms

When stress
Starts press
Soothe woes
View shows
Where tale
Stays pale
Sweet ends
All friends

These breaks
Cure aches
Same plots
Link dots
Ease pains
Leave brains
Minds mend
Wits end

Terse Verse: Tee Time

Tee Time

For males
Linls trail
Guy stuff
Play rough
Bet green
Par scene
Keep score
Drink more

While hers
Cup pours
Sit chat
This that
Game sweet
Add treat
Both cool
Club rule

Terse Verse: Time Lapse

Time Lapse

Stand speak
Words freak
Brain freeze
Lips seize
Mind blanks
Tongue tanks
Just pray
What say

Try laugh
At gaff
But crowd
Moans loud
Fake cool
Look fool
No friends
Wits ends

Terse Verse: Toil Road

Toil Road

Free ways
Cars blaze
Fast lane
Sparks pain
Wives shout
Watch out
She frets
He sweats

His swerves
Test nerves
Her frown
Slow down
End trip
Lose grip
Car tired
Both wired

Terse Verse: Turn 'Oer

Turn 'Oer

Plos grin
Hope win
Same feat
Save seat
Skip scams
Film flams
Try stop
Flip flop

Polls slip
Lose grip
Must dote
Next vote
Words shift
Goals drift
Switch pace
'Bout face

Terse Verse: Wild Card

Wild Card

Life's real
Raw deal
Each day
Act play
Eye scans
Plot plans
Slow quick
Count trick

Bluffs twists
Clench fists
Good hand
Turns bland
Last call
Bet all
Man bumps
God trumps

Terse Verse: Wise Cracks

Wise Cracks

Earth quakes
Land shakes
Sounds deep
Wake sleep
Shocks rise
Cloud skies
Cold chill
Time still

Try smile
Fears pile
Wide eyes
Must hide
Can't halt
World's fault
Think fast
Laugh last

Terse Verse: What's Up

What's Up

Mom earth
Gives birth
Ice stops
Bud pops
Bulbs peek
Babes sqeek
World green

Saps surge
Old urge
All men
Feel yen
They do
Rise too
Stay king
Guy thing

Terse Verse: Hear Yea?


Hear Yea?

Young pound
Wild sound
Screams load
Hype crowd
Each clef
Makes deaf
Pelt ear

Noise vast
Booms blast
Tom toms
Buzz bombs
Bang drum
Till numb
Head feet Down beat

Terse Verse: Take Outs

Take Outs

Clocks chime
Meal time
She cooks
He looks
When tires
Same fires
Wants change
Home range

Gets wish
Served dish
Best scene
They clean
At end
Must spend
Done sup
Fork up

Terse Verse: Bye Laws

Bye Laws

Bad rules
Bind fools
Blind trust
A must
Once ink
Don't think
First heard
Last word

Hope brave
Can save
Those wise
Will rise
Stop craze
Mule ways
Reign hence
Horse sense

Terse Verse: Pinch Hits

Pinch Hits

Gals slap
When chap
Gets fresh
Paws flesh
Sparks ire
Screams higher
Quick race
Safe place

Next case
Ball place
Fans roar
Tie score
Right aim
Wins game
Clears dome
Run home

Terse Verse: Card Sharks

Card Sharks

Game day
Pros play
Cards dealt
Thrills felt
Chairs manned
All hands
On deck
Raise check

Chips in
Sly grin
Fives tens
Big bens
They eye
Small fry
Their wish
Shell fish

Terse Verse: Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Germs crawl
Colds call
Those poor
Quick cure
Check ads
Drug fads
Trust pills
Treat ills

Old days
Mom's ways
Soup rest
Were best
Help keep
Costs cheap
Toll bell
All's well

Terse Verse: Life Lines

Life Lines

Years creep
Plow deep
Crows feet
Walk beat
Eyes bag
Rest sag
Fight back
Mask track

Creams soothe
Sands smooth
Save youth
Hide truth
Age curse
Saps purse
Vein race
Saves face

Terse Verse: Hit Run

Hit Run

Some fights
Base rights
Old school
Slugs rule
Where teams
Blow steam
Weak wrong
Smart strong

To last
Swat fast
Words spike
Quick strike
One shot
Quick trot
No err
Foul fair

Terse Verse: Crass Test

Crass Test

Those rude
Act shrewd
Drink quile
Paste smile
Hope grin
Will win
Let pass
Their sass

Works once
For dunce
But twice
Pays price
Booze slurs
Ire stirs
Slam dunk
Punch drunk

Terse Verse: Thumbs Rule

Thumbs Rule

She asks
He tasks
Pound nails
Swing fails
Oops slip
Curse grip
Who's fool?
Blame tool

His vow
Learn how
New look
Buys book
But aim
The same
Next slide
Blame guide

Terse Verse: Song Dance

Song Dance

Show time
Votes prime
Both sides
Waltz strides
Words flow
Tip toe
Tap treats
Down beats

Pros hep
Quick step
Pols spin
Hope win
Get kicks
Drum sticks
Sweet talk
Cake walk


Terse Verse: Sour Suite

Sour Suite

Eyes scan
Ship plan
When young
Bells rung
It's price
or nice
Save gold
Stay hold

When lush
Sail plush
Low rooms
Like tombs
With dough
Pipes blow
Top treat
Toots sweet

Terse Verse: Split Ends

Split Ends

Friends dine
Food wine
Share meals
Talk deals
Comes bill
Their drill
Smile laugh
Pay half

Turns out
Those stout
Oft choose
Prime booze
Now wise
Check size
Stop touch
Go Dutch

Terse Verse: Churn Pike

Churn Pike

Cars crawl
Swerve stall
Lines stop
Then pop
Curse cry
Fists fly
Hearts race
Slow pace

Blue sights
Red lights
All blame
Rush game
Near crash
Teeth gnash
Jaws block
Grit Lock

Terse Verse: Friend Ships

Friend Ships

First grade
Mates made
Teen time
Pals bind
School too
Guys glue
Grad hits
Groups split

Launch forth
South north
Past crew
Rings true
Last dock
Take stock
When old
Bonds hold

Terse Verse: Dis Cuss

Dis Cuss

Teens shout
Scream flout
Foul words
In herds
From mild
To wild
No pride
Free ride

Low class
Like brass
Pray soon
Change tune
Shocks pale
Turn stale
They scoff
Swear off

Terse Verse: Fit Fits

Fit Fits

My size
No prize
Waist grows
Past clothes
Suck in
Friends grin
If squeeze
All tease

Next phase
Change weights
Pride learns
Stem sterns
End gape
Shift shape

Must charge
Buy large

Terse Verse: Gilt Trip

Guilt Trip

Gem sale
Rings wail
Gals much
Love touch
Eyes squint
Stars glint
Their prayers
To wear

Buy word
Is heard
First oohs
Then choose
She's bold
Digs gold
From mine
To mine

Terse Verse: Grad Rags

Grad Rags

'Lums back
Sing yack
First pick
Old Clique
Swap tales
New ails
Turn page
On age

Some shun
Such fun
See bores
Old sores
But most
Make toast
Past said
Well bred

Terse Verse: Hair Looms

Hair Looms

Where skin
Meets thin
Then guys
Seek guise
Must save
Each wave
In vain
Save mane

First loops
Next toupes
Wear mops
On tops
Yet neat
Heaps heat
Locks swarm
Wig warm

Terse Verse: Lap Tops

Lap Tops

Cats nip
Then zip
Best bit
They sit
Sweet purr
Don't stir
Make rounds
Soft sounds

Their choice
Your voice
Come near
Jump clear
This nap
Turns trap
Can't leave
Pets peeve

Terse Verse: Poll Ticks

Poll Ticks

Vote time
Hopes climb
Loud voice
Chimes choice
Tight race
Keep pace
Count hours
Taste powers

Chart trends
Watch friends
Hands spin
Counts in
Last click
First pick!
Room rocks
Cleaned clocks

Terse Verse: Rack Etttes

Rack Etttes

Ten iz
Big biz
Crowds goes
Cheer pros
Watch verve
Each serve
Some rank
Then tank

Games go
To fro
Point set
Love let
Smash ace
Sets pace
Gross strain
Net gain

Terse Verse: Red I

Red I

Take flight
Late night
Then reap
Less sleep
Dull drone
Aches bone
Comes morn
Nerves worn

Next day
You pay
Feel blue
Gray through
Last stop
Eyes pop
Face sags
Claims bags

Terse Verse: Sole Mates

Sole Mates

Shoe sale
Like grail
Fads in
Fem's sins
Must try
Then buy
Great styles
Huge piles

No lure
So sure
Makes gals
Life pals
Don't fight
This rite
You'll meet
Des feet

Terse Verse: Quick Steps

Quick Steps

Born Wean
Tot Teen
School Grad
Wed Dad
Work Rounds
Ups Downs
Wife Bails
Hope Flails

Sweet Fate
New Mate
Wounds Mend
Jobs End
Songs Fade
Dues Paid
Last Beat
Six Feet

Terse Verse: Lost Cause

Lost Cause

Phone pleas
Beg please
New mails
Bring tales
Fill need
With speed
Which one
Or none

We should
Do good
Yet scores
Breed more
So most
Are toast
When pled
For bread

Terse Verse: Heads Up

Heads Up

Look down
Coin found
This clue
Hooks you
Means luck
Has struck
Real wish
Catch fish

So kneel
Quick feel
Prize looms
Face blooms
Hopes high
Then sigh
Why glum?
Dad gum

Terse Verse: Got Cha

Got Cha

Dance craze
Wins praise
Watch pros
Head toes
Lads lass
Show class
Feet fly
Trip try

Step one
Have fun
Some win
Shoe in
Fear not
Last spot
Joys burst
Feat first

Terse Verse: Fore Casts

Fore Casts

Golf Green
Fun Scene
Hit ball
Shout call
Bad guess
Scores mess
Right aim
Ace game

Some say
This play
Mimes Dow
Charts how
Right pitch
Ducks ditch
Good lies
Trap prize

Terse Verse: Feat First

Feat First

Dance fear
Starts here
First step
Shoes schlep
Knees balk
Just walk
Want quit
Must sit

Hopes urge
Kicks surge
Dodge trips
Flaunt hips
Strong yen
Scores ten
Should win
Shoe in

Terse Verse: Dead Lines

Dead Lines

When Gone
Sad Song
Brief Note
Short Quote
Life Acts
Cold Facts
That's It
Says Wit

Old Age
Reads Page
As Friends
Meet Ends
Shed Tear
Toast Bier
Such Sights
Last Writes

Terse Verse: Chop Shop

Chop Shop

Set sail
For sale
Where crowd
Mills loud
Long lines
Test spines
Shout stores
"Spend more"

Vast sea
Park free
All barge
To charge
Bump buy
That's why
They call
It maul

Terse Verse: Night Lite

Nite Lite

New borns
Wake mourns
Their cries
Light skies
Each peep
Kills sleep
Hearts pound
Screams sounds

Mom dad
Both glad
When shrill
Turns still
Queen's nest
Praise rest
Thank lord
Lost chord

Terse Verse: Pay Dirt

Pay Dirt

Fan mags
Oft rags
Snap pix
Sly tricks
They pry
You buy
New tells
Sin sells

Neath earth
Much worth
Rake muck
Gold struck
Flesh pots
Were hot
World's ways
Grime pays

Terse Verse: Psych Outs

Psych Outs

Wind wails
Weird tales
Fans cheer
Love fear
Dark nights
Quick frights
Best part
Jump start

Ghouls ghosts
Best hosts
Get kicks
Scares tricks
These kooks
Seek spooks
Love taunts
Old haunts

Terse Verse: Reign Checks

Reign Checks

Realms flow
Kings go
Guile game
Stays same
Crowds cheer
Then jeer
Seek knights
End fight

Pawns shift
Crowns drift
Home rules
Rook fools/br> Queens play
Odds sway
Last state
Checks mate

Terse Verse: Head Lines

Head Lines

Some hair
Stays there
From brim
To trim
Time's plow
Shapes brow
As dome
Nears chrome

Male plan
Mane man
Seek highs
Plugs dyes
Hope sprouts
Stand out
Till grays
PArt ways

Terse Verse: Frame Ups

Frames Ups

When bowl
Feel whole
Throw ball
Give all
Fast lanes
Ease pains
Spares strikes
Spike pshchs

Watch pros
Smooth throws
Hooks curves
Soothe nerves
Times good
Knock wood
Top score
Bowled 'Ore


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