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Thomas Howes: Haiku
Volume I: A collection of hundreds of Haiku

Terse Verse: C. Thomas Howes (2)

Poetry is a form of literature that uses imaginative and creative words in a compressed form to express idea

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Terse Verse: Bed Lamb

Bed Lamb

Young day
Kids play
Hub bub
Bath tub
Then heed
Sleep need
Games cease
Hug fleece

Turn page
Old age
Talk slow
Node flow
Bed made
Pull shade
Night knap
Wop; wrap


Terse Verse: Boo Who

Boo Who

Hide seek
Don't peak
Go slow
Tip toe
Then hear
Laugh near
Friends shout
Jump out

Horse play
Spurs neigh
Clowns gloat
Get goat
Cats scare
Screech stare
Pranks blame
Cry game

Terse Verse: Con Flix

Con Flix

Old tales
Vile fails
Film views
Bads lose
Tots taught
They should
Be good

Now days
Crime pays
Cop shows
Law goes
Lets sin
Oft win
Good worse
Vice verse

Terse Verse: Cons Test

Cons Test

Checks mail
Game tale
Ads glow
Hypes flow
Their pitch
Get rich
Near free
Small fee

Words feed
Man's greed
Cast bait
Then wait
Catch look
Snare hook
End Chain
Net gain

Terse Verse: Foot Bawl

Foot Bawl

Crowds scream
"Go team"
Feet move
Seek groove
Play starts
Stout hearts
Cheer tricks
Get kicks

Points score
Fans roar
Cleats track
Make sack
Win game
Earn fame
Not champ
Boot camp/br>

Terse Verse: Foot Lights

Foot Light

Hearts dance
Gals prance
Shoe fling
Fall spring
Long aisles
Pump styles
Make feet
Walk beat

Spot picks
Get kicks
Sweet fits
Score hits
Hip hop
Non stop
Find great
Sole mate

Terse Verse: Gag Rule

Gag Rule

Words mean
Cause scene
Those near
Feel fear
Tip toe
Talk show
Bite tongue
None stung

Heads hot
On spot
Wise wait
Teeth grate
Shun fool
Laws cool
Chokes hold
Case cold

Terse Verse: More Less

More Less

Old plea
New me
Hearts vow
Start now
Use force
Change course
Takes guts
Bust butts

First track
Scale back
Shed pounds
Square rounds
To lose
Heads choose
For win
Tails spin

Terse Verse: Past Tense

Past Tense

My vow
Do now
Be prompt
Times count
Hopes sag
Feet drag
When done
Last one

Life long
Same song
My yoke
Slow poke
Grave stone
Boasts poem
Here see
Late me

Terse Verse: Pill Age

Pill Age

Health wars
Fight sores
Use drugs
Beat bugs
Dose small
Curse all
Docs tout
Knock out

Germs tough
Play rough
May die
Still try
Round two
New crew
Strain win
Next kin

Terse Verse: Scratch Match

Scratch Match

Good friends
Are blends
Minds fit
Shared wit
Hot cold
Bonds hold
Love light
Burns bright

When strains
Spark pains
Words flame
Curse blame
Sure fire
Both tire
No doubt
Lights out

Terse Verse: Sea Scrapes

Sea Scrapes

Bugs charge
Small large
Blitz face
Sting race
Hands clap
Arms slap
They soar
Beach war

Fist fights
Clash bites
Traps sprays
Swift ways
Need help
Loud yelp
Beg scream
Swat team

Terse Verse: Sham Pain

Sham Pain

Babes sigh
Quick dry
Tears spurt
When hurt
Their plea
"Help me"
Mom snugs
Then hugs

Kid's curse
Love nurse
Brave tough
Right stuff
When grown
Stiff moan
Make grade
Man made

Terse Verse: Slip Up

Slip Up

Weeks chore
Go store
Smart man
Charts plan
Write needs
Chart deeds
When done
Make run

Cruise aisles
Grab piles
Where's note
I wrote?
Mind blank
Feel rank
Cause stress?
List less

Terse Verse: Steaks Out

Steaks Out

Once meat
Top treat
King beef
Was chief
Most fed
On red
Then scene
Went green

New trend
Veg friend
Out flesh
In fresh
Some vow
Gone cow
Health full
No bull

Terse Verse: Tops Spin

Tops Spin

To crest
Rise best
Pure cream
Crowns stream
Flip side
Life's tide
Floods come
Floats scum

Mid storm
No norm
Watch wars
Change scores
With peace
Strins cease
Ends swirled
Next whirled

Terse Verse: Wait Watch

Wait Watch

Heed praise
New ways
Short cuts
Firm butts
Trim thick
Thin quick
Good byes
Old thighs

Each fad
Proves sad
My toils
Just foils
Mocks scale
"You fail"
'Nre be
Fat free

Terse Verse: Ways Mean

Ways Mean

Most nice
Less vice
Sweet smile
No guile
Looks plain
Act sane
There find
Man kind

Cruel stride
Dark side
Gears switch
Turn witch
Grim game
Like shames
Sad fate
Love hate

Terse Verse: Terse Verse

Terse Verse

Eight lines
Two rhymes
Quick beat
Short sweet
Brief sketch
Don't stretch
Sow pun
Reap fun

Eight more
Clinch score
Keep tight
Fast light
Not length
But strength
Serve gist
Add twist

Terse Verse: Jump Start

Jump Start

Speech long
Sing song
Crowds sit
Teeth grit
Talks drag
Eyes sag
None juiced
Need boost

Then flash
Words brash/br> Voice shocks
Spark flocks
Feel heat
Leap feet
Troops fired
Now wired

Terse Verse: Knight Light

Knight Light

First youth
Trusts truth
Comes plight
Flee fight
Darks win
Praise sin
King's might
Wrong rite

Those small
Take fall
Stay pure
Play cure
Sky scan
Brave man
Stands strong
Rights wrongs

Terse Verse: Kick Offs

Kick Offs

These days
Dance craze
Fast pros
Flash toes
Stars fight
Spot light
Now hep
Watch step

Brave hearts
Risk starts
Hope kicks
Are picks
Trip once
Feel dunce
Dreams meet
Do feet

Terse Verse: Long Runs

Long Runs

Man's race

Has pace
Starts small
Creep crawl
Grows pep
First step
Walk phase
Swift dave

Next tack
Fast track
Stint schools
Work rules
Slow trips
Stair slips
Life's dregs
Last legs

Terse Verse: Mates Game

Mates Game

Once wed
Who's head?
He'll say
"This way"
Wife's voice
"Wrong choice"
He grins
She wins

Best ploy
Since boy
Wise plan
For man
Scan scene
Check Queen
King ties
Peace prize

Terse Verse: Names Drop

Names Drop

Groups meet
Gab eat
Hope place
Each face
Eyes flit
Try fit
Mind pranks
Leaves blanks

Brains lurch
Soul search
In end
Quiz friend
But he
Asks me
None knew
Who's who

Terse Verse: Road Hogs

Road Hogs

Pigs fly
Zoom by
Switch lanes
Speed pains
Cars curse
Think worse
Wild swerves
Race nerves

Most fear
Crash near
Cop chase
Ends race
Hear swine
Beg whine
Trail ends
Jail pens

Terse Verse: Shots Snap

Shots Snap

Phone pix
Quick clicks
No fees
Worth sees
Scrap books
Old looks
Less risk
On disks

Good but
Soon glut
Freeze frame
Brief fame
Old wows
Not nows
News span
Flash pan

Terse Verse: Breast works

Breast works

Watch guys
Sneak eyes
Gal's face
Judge grace
Then glance
By chance
To where
Near bare

Since eve
Breaths heave
All know
This show
All years
Man leers
This stage
Cleave age

Terse Verse: Cast Ways

Cast Ways

Each fad
Goes bad
What's chic
Fades quick
Clothes yearned
Soon Spurned
Turn trash
Gone cash

But then
New yen
Past rogue
Now vogue
Old style
Worth while
Saved bags
Rich rags

Terse Verse: Fan Males

Fan Males

Crowds scream
"Our Team"
"Neath skin
Like kin
Who's best?
Slap chest
When done
We won

Hard core
Cheer more
Dry spells
Won't quells
Can't scorch
Their torch
Those flames
Got games

Terse Verse: Day Shift

Day Shift

Time change
Sleep strange
Toss rock
Check clock
Teeth grind
Tell mind
Morn noon
Come soon

At farm
no 'larm
Cows skip
Time flip
They ban
Man's plan
Change none
Milk run

Terse Verse:

For Give

Pledge drives
Like hives
Bring dread
Oft spread
Friends ask
Beg task
Skin crawls
Phone calls

Is there
Some where
To hide
From tide
Not fold
Keep gold
May flee
Gilt free

Terse Verse: Halve Knots

Halve Knots

Where to?
What do?
First voice
Makes choice
Come crows
Squawk nos
When done
Square one

All pause
Lost cause?
Then naughts
Spar aughts
Half ways
Win praise
Ties group
In loop

Terse Verse: Hang Time

Hang Time

End trails
Tall tales
Sit round/br> Camp ground
Yarns spin
Bump skin
Weird plots
Tie knots

All games
Group tense
Sway swing
Songs sing
Then sigh
None die
Good news
No noose

Terse Verse: Fowl Play

Fowl Play

Pols game
Not tame
Poor plead
Chick feed
No bucks
Dead ducks
End dreggs
Goose eggs

Those in
Cluck grin
Cock sure
Their lure
Hatch plots
Vote lots
Rich boost
Rule roost

Terse Verse: Last Straw

Last Straw

Pols meet
Schmooze greet
Seek votes
Reap dotes
Praise hicks
In sticks
Hope field
Good yield

Grass roots
Are hoots
Brag deeds
Sow seeds
Win day/br> Make hay
If fail
Must bale

Terse Verse: High Bread

High Bread

Rich oaf
Can loaf
Swap boasts
Make toasts
May work
Oft shirk
Stay just
Top crust

Poor dream
Down stream
Some bums
Life's crumbs
Work buns
Neath suns
Low reign
Food chain

Terse Verse: Dot Calm

Dot Calm

Blogs puff
Spin stuff
Twist real
Gild spiel
Truths small
Tales tall
Slight lies
Tweet size

Ny site
Boasts lite
Click smooth
Find soothe
Mild hot
Gross not
Web rule
Net cool

Terse Verse: Hit Man

Hit Man

Bar scene
Gals preen
Their eyes
Rank guys
Check signs
Laugh lines
Which one
Most fun

Smiles start
Cheer heart
Jokes gags
Soon drags
When wits
Soon quit
Night ends
Jest friends

Terse Verse: Marked Man

Marked Man

Proud schools
Tout rules
Hope youth
Learns truth
Grind way
Grade A
First prize
Creams rise

If try
Eeek by
Ad lib
Plea crib
Live free
Earns C
Their ilk
Sour milk

Terse Verse: Foot Note

Foot Note

Her style
Shoes pile
Have fits
Some hits
Looks slick
Gets kick
For miss
This bliss

She'll score
Buy more
Add stacks
Fill racks
End road
What's owed
His skill
Pay bill

Terse Verse: Juice Up

Juice Up

From fail
To hail
None stay
Same way
Can lose
Choose booze
Or stop
Go top

Each burn
You learn
Turn muff
To tough
Sad shapes
Sour grapes
Bright shine
Find wine

Terse Verse: Stock Picks

Stock Picks

Bulls swarm
Bet farm
Hope for
Big score
Check field
For yield
Risk pain
Reap gain

Old crowd
Not cowed
Bum steer
Costs dear
Flawed quotes
Make goats
In brief
Where's beef?


Terse Verse: Pride's Head

Pride's Head

Take care
Lush hair
Cut shape
Nip nape
Keep trim
Roar vim
Looks snare
Lion's share

Bald face
Worst case
Stop stress
Save stress
Your thing
Rule king
Game plan
Mane man

Terse Verse: Rod Rage

Rod Rage

Cars fast
Shoot past
Teens squeels
Hot wheels
Love chase
Rough pace
High horse
Race coarse

Then zooms
Flash plumes
Soon cop
Make stop
Mad dash
Costs cash
Speed sign
Fine line

Terse Verse: Size Up

Size Up

Shop trip
Once hip
Each aisle
Now trail
Hear clothes
Shout nos
Styles quit
Fail fit

For years
No fears
Just try
Quick buy
New gains
Bring pains
Stretch pants
Fat's chance

Terse Verse: Dust Up

Dust Up

Earth's plan
For man
Play game
Start same
If dud
Stick mud
Then you're
Dirt poor

Those bold
Dig gold
Drill soil
Gush oil
Don't wait
Foil fate
Last ditch
Filth rich

Terse Verse: Zip Code

Zip Code

Young age
Teens rage
Curse word
Is heard
Folks rile
They smile
Tempt shout
"Cut out"

Try rule
Keep cool
If chin
They win
Hope tact
Stamps act
Brings pride
Tongue tied

Terse Verse: Brain Frieze

Brain Frieze

My plight
Stage fright
When speak
Thoughts creak
Mind crawls
Time stalls
Lips groan
Turn stone

Seek clues
Hear cues
Gone pride
Tongue tied
Lose cool
Look fool
Lost face
Cold case

Terse Verse: Beer Bust

Beer Bust

Way back
Six pack
Was what
You got
Work outs
Stopped stouts
Till gyms
Just whims

Then flow
Brought woe
Shape shout
Goes out
Waist slumps
Bum bumps
Guts norm
Keg form

Terse Verse: (Bald Face and Bald Head are the same)

Bald Face

Head games
Have names
Tops thin
Show skin
Or may
Turn gray
Which style
Earns smile

One group
Opts toup
May try
Do dye
Locks dread
Shave head
Choice there
Hide haid

Terse Verse: Bull Pen

Bull Pen

When write
Use might
Grab horns
Break norms
Think large
Then charge
Tame words
In herds

Cow boys
Use ploys
Spur sweet
Find meat
Weak bland
Strong brand
Steer takes
High steaks

Terse Verse: Clap Trap

Clap Trap

Teens talk
Scream Squawk
Hot phones
Text tones
Heave huff
Spout fluff
Leave cold
Those old

While they
Prate play
Hands flair
Thin air
Their tweet
Lacks meat
Vain chat
Chew fat

Terse Verse: Down Size

Down Size

Fast foods
Fit moods
Grab eats
Grasp treats
Munch haste
Goes waist
You're stuck
Pot luck

Wise heed
Health creed
Smart deal
Square meal
For thin
Fads in
Cause stout
Rounds out

Terse Verse: Fire Plugs

Fire Plugs

Stars hawk
Smile squawk
Try sell
Cast spell
Feel fame
Boosts claim
Trust con
Turns on

When urge
Not surge
If pitch
Hits glitch
Boss seals
New deals
Fans scoff
Turn off

Terse Verse: Head Ways

Head Ways

High hats
Wear spats
Wall Street
Ties neat
Big bucks
Black tux
Clothes spiff
Hair stiff

Hip track
Laid back
Ball caps
Fist slaps
Shag tops
Flip flops
Trend now
Low brow

Terse Verse: Heal Toe

Heal Toe

Kids rip
Then trip
Feet stub
Need rub
Hurt sigh
May cry
Best drug
Mom's hug

When grown
Less moan
More primp
Less limp
Walk proud
Fool crowd
Must hide
Bruised pride

Terse Verse:Hem Haw

Hem Haw

Skirts go
Yo yo
Gals caw
Rah rah
Guys crow
Ho ho
Dears cry
Buy buy

Styles new
Too too
Her awe
La la
His hah
Ha ha
Bucks fly
Bye bye

Terse Verse: Line Tame

Line Tame

Crowds wait
Hug gate
Claw push
Growl shush
Long file
Squeeze pile
Near prey
They stay

Cat like
Set strike
Curse scoff
Till off
Asked please
Mind Ps
Don't stew
Keep queue

Terse Verse: Loss Cause

Loss Cause

Ads scream
Thin dream
Their plot
Drop pot
Tout plan
New man
You'll be
Fat tree

Just pay
Down weigh
First round
Nets pound
Hopes slow
Flabs go
What's lost?
Your coast


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