Philadelphia Reflections

The musings of a physician who has served the community for over six decades


Thomas Howes: Haiku
Volume I: A collection of hundreds of Haiku

Reminiscences, In Memoriam, The Right Angle Club,
Philadelphia doesn't toot its own horn very much. A central part of its charm is the wealth of anecdotes, and many charming characters, known only to insiders. You have to be a real Philadelphian to know very much of this lore.

Terse Verse: C. Thomas Howes (1)

Poetry is a form of literature that uses imaginative and creative words in a compressed form to express ideas.


Introductioon to Haiku

Introduction to Terse Verse

Haiku is brief, so let's be Brief.

We live in an ocean of words and information that demands our attention and often threatens to drown us. To combat this we must sort out the news and knowledge to determine what is important and what should be discarded.

One way of fighting this onslaught is to be more selective in what we hear and what we read. It is difficult if not impossible to read every word or every article in a newspaper. Instead, we usually scan the headlines and then choose. In business, executives pick the summaries and skip over the details. In reading a book, the plot is better remembered, as the characters and descriptions fade into the background. With Haiku, it's so brief, you often must read it twice to "get" it.

In literature poetry presents ideas in a more compact form, fitting the thoughts in an appropriate format. Sometimes those thoughts can appear complex like a code that must be cracked. Other times the poem is much more simple and is more quickly understood. Rhymed or unrhymed, whether Haiku, sonnet, or blank verse, poems must be able to establish a connection between the writer and the reader to communicate ideas.

In Terse Verse the format boils down to presenting ideas and observation on human behavior and American culture using idioms, puns, and wordplay that can be easily read and enjoyed. The key to effectiveness is simplicity and the key to simplicity is brevity. And that is what Terse Verse is about in a nutshell.

The Index is Just a List of Guideposts.

Buisness Brief

Car Senses

Culture Shocks

Family Manners

Food for Thoughts

Good Sports


Modern Times

Money Matters

Mortal Fears

Personal Problems

Pet Projects

Politics as Usual

Shopping Talk

Social Scenes

Stage Frights

Vanity Fares

Wordly Ways

Write or Wrong

Last Laughs


Wall Street

"Dow"n Beat

Prize seat
Wall Street
Watch wheels
Spin deals
Bears bulls
Push pulls
News rocks
Bonds stocks

Tune starts
Check charts
Buy sell
Till bell
Note gong
Ends song
Floor roars
Counts scores

Terse Verse: Abs Sense

Abs Sense

Sad state
Man's weight
Bad sign
Waist line
Stop gain
Start pain
Small lunch
Big crunch

Long haul
Swim crawl
Sweat lift
Pounds shift
Last leg
Lose keg
Bring back
Six pack

Terse Verse: Ads Age

Ads Age

Blogs pop
Non stop
Screens surge
Stars urge
Be quick
Just click
Day long
Sell song

Urge spend
No end
Hope greed
Trumps need
Mind pleas
Cease sprees
What's heard
Buy word

Terse Verse: Aged Rock

Aged Rock

Song scenes
Fans teens
Noise reigns
Ear pains
Loud hits
Teeth grits
New shakes
Earth quakes

Once when
Cave man
Made tones
Used stones
Their sounds
Broke grounds
All told
Rocks rilled

Terse Verse: Air Heads

Air Heads

Tech kid
Gets rid
Old gear
Each year
Must flings
Hot things
Gross size
Net buys

Too soon
Next boon
Makes now
No how
Pen pals
Guys gals
Loves hates
Cell mates

Terse Verse: All Tolled

All Tolled

Watch clock
Tick tock
Those old
Feel cold
May lurch
Go church
Sins pay
Kneel pray

Who knows
Life's close
Dims spark
Dawns dark
Earth spins
Time wins
Last bell
"even "ell"

Terse Verse: All's Fair

All's Fair

Scribes go
New show
Write raves
Make waves
Must see
Ads plea
Fans flock
Round block

Crowds view
Then stew
Hopes dash
Was trash
They boo
Bo Bo
Twas so
So so

Terse Verse: Bald Head

Bald Head

Head games
Have names
Tops thin
Show skin
Turn gray
Which style
Earns smile

One group
Opts toup
May try
Do dye
Locks dread
Shave head
Choice there
Hide haid

Terse Verse: Bar Flies

Bar Flies

Pub scene
They're seen
Hop long
Mix throng
Give hug
May bug
Night ends
Part friends

Next meet
Quick greet
Skip dine
Bee line
Where found
Buzz round
Last see
Flit flee

Terse Verse: Barn Storm

Barn Storm

Pols win
Stay in
Work charm
Bet farm
Sow oats
Reap votes
Hands pump
Stomp stump

Fat cows
Push plows
Love pace
Horse race
Burst stall
Win all
Whole hog
Top dog

Terse Verse: Buzz Words

Buzz Words

Beach scene
Sun screen
Bugs blitz
Give fits
Use traps
Swift slaps
Try sprays
Horde stays

Pests charge
Strings large
They clump
Wham jump
Beg aid
Stop raid
Plead scream
Swat team

Terse Verse: Fast Track

Fact Track

Each score
Fans roar
Praise those
Old pros
Their steam
Boosts team
Work buns
Raise runs

New guy
Gets try
Wows crowd
Screams loud
Drives swift
Give lift
Hoist Names
Haul fame

Terse Verse: Fork Lift

Fork Lift

Watch guest
Taste test
Sits up
Right cup
No slurp
Nor burp
Each bite
Chews right

Best poise
Sweet noise
Nice wife
Trim knife
Show class
Not brass
Makes tune
Gold spoon

Terse Verse: House Rules

House Rules

Each plan
Has plan
In brief
One chief
Home base
Best place
Check stir
"Yes Sir"

Folks lead
Kids heed
Young mind
Old kind
Moms guide
Dads chide
Prime phrase
"No ways"

Terse Verse: Lawn Gone

Lawn Gone

Fade snows
Green grows
Spring boom
Bud blooms
Sow seeds
Mulch feeds
Once more
Hopes soar

Each year
Fresh spear
Race hard
Best yard
Sun's sulf
Toasts turf
Dreams beat
Dead heat

Terse Verse: Male Call

Male Call

Gals meet
Gush greet
Talk flows
Men clothes
Chit chat
This that
Cow tows
Seek vows

Men thrive
High five
Check calves
Both halves
Bull guys
Shun ties
No knots
Wed not

Terse Verse: Mend Ways

Mend Ways

Youth's mode
Dress code
If torn
Not worn
Used clothes
Out goes
This haste
Makes waste

Old brave
Try save
Take care
Each tear
Take yarn
Give darn
Save dough
So sew

Terse Verse: Odds Job

Odds Job

Lights blaze
Minds glaze
Hope looms
Glitzed rooms
Cons wait
Slots bait
Dream eyes
High rise

Wheel turns
Purse burns
Net worth
Down earth
Home stretch
Last catch
Lucks choke
Flat broke

Terse Verse: Off Base

Off Base

Night out
Run about
Lights flash
Win cash
Hit slots
Jack pots
I play
They pay

Oft told
Find gold
Right pitch
Strike rich
Win set
Safe bet
Swing flee
Home free

Terse Verse: Push Pull

Push Pull

Job quests
Take tests
Fill forms
Check norms
Good marks
Spur sparks
If doubt
You're out

Hard work
For jerks
Takes more
To score
Boss choice
Heeds voice
Friends kin
You're in

Terse Verse: Reel World

Reel World

Buy tix
See flix
Screens blaze
Minds glaze
Lights dim
Eyes swim
Crowd sighs
Laughs cries

Time shifts
Weights lift
Stars shine
Blind mine
Their game
Win fame
Our roll
Pay toll

Terse Verse: Rode Rage

Road Rage

Horse rides
Test prides
When steed
Loves speed
Their pace
Makes race
Clip clop
Won't stop

No whoa
Halts go
His neigh
Wins day
My reins
Aren't reigns
Who's boss?
Sense hoss

Terse Verse: Scram Bull

Scram Bull

Mad cow
Like Dow
Oft still
Moves thrill
Quick change
Stock range
Risk makes
High steaks

Bears wait
Buck bait
Boom words
Charge herds
Each side
Tests tide
All fear
Bum steer

Terse Verse: Short Cuts

Short Cuts

At work
Some shirk
Smart find
Less grind
On roll
Meat goal
Hot dogs
Leap frog

Old guard
Stays hard
With butt
In rut
In brief
Just beef
Same place
Cold case

Terse Verse: Show Off

Show Off

First night
Play's plight
Cast quest
Act best
Try outs
Seek shouts
Hope views
Good news

If crowd
Not loud
Scenes cold
Fools gold
Then strain
In vein
Last stand
Gets panned

Terse Verse: Come Backs

Come Backs

Grads meet
Hearts beat
Years pass
Spreads class
Old chums
Now 'lums
But cliques
Still clicks

Past thrill
Stays still
Love hang
Same gang
They find
Bonds bind
Stock prize
School ties

Terse Verse: Top Not

Top Not

Young flush
Hair lush
Trim mild
Some wild
Blow dried
Puff pride
Their peak
Male chic

Yet when
Turn men
Then try
Cheat lie
Dyes plants
Comb slants
Last place
Bald face

Terse Verse: Down Sighs

Down Sighs

Rat packs
Love stacks
Kin shout
"Throw out"
Piles rise
Hide skies
Old bored
Still hoard

Nests mound
High ground
Each inch
Needs winch
Deep dwell
Dark cell
Their grave
Man cave

Terse Verse: Miss Fits

Miss Fits

Lose things
Craze brings
Once lost
Rooms tossed
Search trail
Looks fail
Words rage
Blame age

Times weasrs
Dulls cares
Quests cease
Make peace
Once quit
Spy it
Game through
Peek boo

Terse Verse: Last Ditch

Last Ditch

Dead found
Grave ground
From earth
Leave worth
Kin meet
Heads neat
Sit still
Hear will

Cut off
Curse scoff
Rich praise
Part ways
Each gift
Brings rift
End shares
Split heirs

Terse Verse: End Game

End Game

Why try
All die
Can't fight
Ump's might
Our stat
One bat
Must go
Life's flow

Hope to
Swing through
Hold ball
Till fall
Can't quit
May hit
Strike shout
"You're Out"

Terse Verse: Fire Flies

Fire Flies

Eyes greet
Hearts heat
Lights ring
"Real Thing"
Sparks fly
Gal guy
First phase
Hopes blaze

When flame
Turns tame
Flips hot
To not
Thrill ends
Just friends
Cools stress
Match less

Terse Verse: Boon Docks

Boon Docks

Who's got
Best yacht?
New rich
Buy pitch
One up
Prize cup
Cruise blog
Top dog

When wish
Go fish
Sail seas
Where please
Boast sports
Pick ports
Win cheers
Show piers

Terse Verse: Cold Calls

Cold Calls

Press touts
"Watch out"
Storm near
Feel fear
Winds blow
Big snow
Broad cast
White blast

Comes day
Skies gray
Few flakes
Sun breaks
Wolf's cry
Was lie
News spin
Sheep grin

Terse Verse: Fume Gate

Fume Gate

For puff
Times tough
Halt smoke
Cease choke
Stop hacks
In tracks
Use fans
More bans

Try pills
Patch ills
Cure whiffs
No iffs
Gone brands
No ands
Takes guts
No butts

Terse Verse: Golds Age

Golds Age

Young praise
Rich ways
Hope clutch
Gold touch
Life glows
King's rows
Chase dreams
Sun beams

When old
Rough road
Wheels spun
None won
Rain bows
End shows
You've got
Just pot

Terse Verse: Grown Up

Grown Up

Bane's age
Blank page
Folks can
Make plan
Set rules
Pick schools
Your voice
Right choice

Next stage
Less rage
Old cares
Not theirs
Can't shove
Just love
They'll be
Their me

Terse Verse: Head Count

Head Count

Bells sound
King crowned
Crouds rave
Shock wave
Heir starts
Plays parts
His term
Now perm

Lights blaze
Eyes glaze
Lions roar
Cheers soar
Can't hide
Their pride
Claims clan
Mane man

Terse Verse: Home Plate

Home Plate

Child hood
Tastes good
Mom cooked
Dad looked
Each meal
Stays real
Stays part
Ones heart

When wed
Food fed
His growl
Claims foul
Hew threat
Safe bet
Ends shout
Eat out

Terse Verse: I Strain

I Strain

Her tales
Sad wails
When hear
Shed tear
Drones on
Tho yawn
Each stage
Adds page

Try change
Voice range
To where
Can share
Deaf ear
Won't veer
She spurns
You turns


Terse Verse: Imp Pulse

Imp Pulse

Heart beats
Sweet treats
Love charms
Male arms
Prince sat
Stood pat
His rule
Stay cool

Pot lucks
Pick schumcks
Fool's whim
Crowns him
Sword's voice
Dub's choice
Now rise
"Sir" prise

Terse Verse: Jets Set

Jets Set

Planes still
Bring thrill
Wild zooms
Big booms
Fans hail
Clouds trail
Get go
Free show

Hear roars
Blood pours
Winged slate
Worth wait
Fast flight
Grand site
Scan skies
Soar eyes

Terse Verse: Knock Offs

Knock Offs

Back street
Deals neat
Styles grand
Names brand
Sales great
Sham bait
Quick look
Takes hook

Crowds dash
Plunk cash
Trash sold
Faux gold
Con's need
Fool's greed
Rich cat?
Copy that

Terse Verse: Nags Head

Nags Head

Don't fight
She's right
If choose
You lose
Why try
Or vie
Each pause
Lost cause

Man's sphere
Steer clear
Must bow
Cow tow
Who reigns
Holds reins
Her course
Tame horse

Terse Verse: Oh Zone

Oh Zone

Loud pounds
Bring Zounds
Drums blaze
Eyes daze
Songs boom
Aches Zoom
Swap Zest
For rest

Noise Zaps
Cause naps
Needs days
Flee craze
Loose cloze
Help doze
Sweet breeze
Catch Zees

Terse Verse: Pay Offs

Pay Offs

Man's woes
Cash flows
Loves but
Live high
Not hard
Use card
Debts joint
Gross point

Must cure
Cease poor
Charge not
Save lot
Best thrills
No bills
Sharke's pain
Nets gain

Terse Verse: Last Stands

Last Stands

Big crowd
Roars loud
Tease scoff
Stand off
Foes curse
You're worse
Refs cry
Stand by

Play rough
Both tough
Praise shout
Stand out
Ends scream
Best team
Wins cup
Stand up

Terse Verse: Queue Tip

Queue Tip

Check outs
Bring pouts
Lines vast
I'm last
Long wait
Teeth grate
Feet itch
Quick switch

New place
Slow pace
Says voice
Poor choice
"Wear's rule"
Stay cool
Don't Change
Home range

Terse Verse: Red Rug

Red Rug

Stars glow
Big show
Make scene
Get seen
Flout fames
Drop names
Count down
Best gown

Right dress
Wows press
If slip
Tears rip
Streaks spew
Words blue
Blush dread
Code red

Terse Verse: Wise Cracked

Wise Cracked

Hear quip
Hope hip
Try talk
Lips balk
Mind blanks
Tongue tanks
Pride's plea
Don't flee

So please
Clench jaws
Brain's fate
Too late
Hope next
Not vexed
Now's stress
Wit less

Terse Verse: Write Ways

Write Ways

First tries
Seek wise
Need tips
Skip slips
Heed chat
"Do that"
"Try this"
Can't miss

My guide
May chide
Helps think
Dodge clink
Won't dwell
In cell
Prime aim
Pen name

Terse Verse: Tick Tox

Tick Tox

Face fears
Late years
Skin sags
Eye bags
Vain seek
Save peak
In truth
Keep youth

Try tricks
Looks fix
Pay lots
Tucks shots
Main task
Mould mask
Time blocks
Stop clocks

Terse Verse: Cheep Talk

Cheep Talk

Cell phones
Breed clones
Chicks chat
This that
Quick text
What's next
Costs grand
Out hand

Comes bill
Folks chill
Fowl word
Is heard
Scream shout
Shell out
New regs
Goose eggs

Terse Verse: Fat's Chance

Fat's Chance

Ads tout
Those stout
Don't wait
Lose weight
Just try
Pounds fly
You'll view
Less you

Some seek
Looks sleek
Few win
Forms thin
Most fade
Waist staid
Fad trends
Shape ends

Terse Verse: Flash Back

Flash Back

Flames old
Keep Hold
Loves spurn
Still burn
Past fling
Dreams cling
Days daunt
Nights haunt

Friends see
One me
Don't know
Masked woe
That spark
Deep dark
Lurks spy
Mind's I

Terse Verse: Game Plans

Game Plans

Work done
Seek fun
Man's wish
Hunt fish
Gun poles
Trecks strolls
Catch ease
Shoot breeze

Great trips
Woods ships
Out doors
Thrill soars
feats tell
Lies swell
More brag
Tales wag

Terse Verse: Glass Act

Glass Act

When dine
Choose wine
First show
You know
Right rite
Red White
Yoir voice
Best choice

If quests
Sniff tests
Don't blush
Say hush
Hang tough
Boast bluff
Last course
Brut force

Terse Verse: Hold Ups

Hold Ups

Folks pledge
Then hedge
Say "but"
Eyes shut
Skip plate
Slow skate
When go
Means no

Time creeps
Then leaps
Debts old
Grow cold
Proud feat
Dead beat
Wills won't
Dos don't

Terse Verse: Last Laughs

Last Laughs

Sit coms
Oft bomb
When jokes
Need pokes
Fans need
Some lead
Let go
Ho ho

To prime
Fun time
Tapes pour
Canned roar
Techs tout
Their clout
Reel voice
Sound choice

High Queue

High Queue AKA Terse Verse By. C. Thomas Howes


High Queue (AKA: Terse Verse) C. Thomas Howes Intro.

As requested here is a draft for your consideration:

Once upon a time, the story begins on a winter day in Syracuse, New York. There Tom Howes was born, raised and educated through his college years. Then, after a sudden summer thaw, a business career took him on to Texas, California, Missouri, Maryland, and Delaware until he settled in Pennsylvania. Accounting, auditing, and management were his passport to various companies, many of which no longer exist. He assures us that they were all solvent, at the time he left them.

Now retired, he and his wife Ruth are kept busy keeping up with their six children, ten grandchildren and seven (soon to be eight) great grandchildren. Other pursuits include travel, gardening and Church activities. Tom feels it is a joy and privilege to share with others the richness and absurdities of the English language as together we travel in pursuit of laughter and happiness.

Best regards,


ISBN-10: 1-932080-57-5

ISBN-13: 978-1-932080.57-5


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Introductioon to Haiku
Poetry is a form of literature using imaginative and creative words in a compressed form to express ideas.

Wall Street
Poetry is a form of literature that uses imaginative and creative words in a compressed form to express ideas.

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