Philadelphia Reflections

A Prophet In Our Valley
John Bogle invented the index fund. Lower cost, better performance.

A Toast to Doctor Franklin
The Franklin Inn annually toasts three doctors. Even though Ben never went past second grade, his medical contributions are the most illustrious of the three. One of the most remarkable men who ever lived.

Larger Clubs
No longer exclusively all-male (or, occasionally, all-female), the downtown club is changing its role but remains a social center of considerable importance.

Victorian Broad Street
Some massive beautiful Victorian buildings still dominate the City crossroads on Broad Street near City Hall.

Franklin in Paris
During the whole Revolutionary War, Franklin was in Paris, quite obviously having a high old time. Ever since then, observers have argued whether he loved France or hated France, and whether his social life was merely a pose. But before that, he had spent 18 years in London. He was no longer a colonial rube, he was a London gentleman.

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