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Ross & Perry Publishers, Inc.
Books on a variety of specialty topics from history to military aircraft
Exploring Philadelphia
A website based on the content of Philadelphia Reflections, devoted to tours around the Quaker Colonies
Free iPhone Apps
Numerous iPhone web apps, web applications that are specifically tailored to work on the iPhone (just as Philadelphia Reflections is).
Andrew Brundle Website Design and Development

Andrew Brundle is an English website designer who lives in Bangkok. Andrew is the creator of the Mozart design on the CSS Zen Garden, from which this image is drawn, which is where I first encountered his work.

Andrew’s work also features in a number of leading publications, a few of which may be browsed on his website. His work is esteemed for both its originality and its strict adherence to web standards.

Golden Leaf Gallery
An art gallery that proudly displays the work of portraitist Cecilia Beaux.

golden leaf gallery

Carol Anderson
Golden Leaf Gallery
PO Box 1125
Helena, MT 59624
(406) 422-2840
Philadelphia GeneologyTrails Website
This site is a descendant of the Pennsylvania Trails Site and is further descended from the original

General Meade Society of Philadelphia
The General Meade Society of Philadelphia, a non-profit organization, is a history, information and education group whose mission is to promote and preserve the memory of Union Major General George Gordon Meade, commander of the Army of the Potomac and architect of the Union victory at Gettysburg.

General Meade
Fort Mifflin
fort mifflin

  • Site of the largest bombardment during the American Revolution.
  • Key fortification for the defense of the Delaware in 1777.
  • Fort Mifflin's Flag remained flying after the evacuation of November 15 until the afternoon of November 16, 1777.
  • Col. Samuel Smith who served until November 10, 1777. Served at Fort McHenry during the War of 1812
  • If not for Fort Mifflin, Valley Forge would not have been an encampment.
  • By delaying the British shipping, Fort Mifflin and the men who served, helped save the Continental Army. Of the 406 to 450 men stationed, approximately 300 men survived. The other 100-150 were either killed or wounded.
  • Major Thayer saw that all killed or wounded were ferried to Red Bank prior to the final evacuation.
  • Reconstruction started in 1778; the final stage of construction started in 1872.
Boots On The Ground 1918
Topics related to the United States' involvement in the Great War, European Imperialism, and Italian military history.
Mexico Vacation Travels
Jalapa Mexico
{jalapa city}
The Partnership for Haddonfield and Borough of Haddonfield. Learn about history, current borough topics, town organizations, news, events and much more.
The Religious Society Of Friends
Religious witnesses for peace
The Sullivan/Clinton Campaign
sullivan-clinton campaignThe Sullivan-Clinton Campaign of 1779 was the largest expedition ever before mounted against the Indians of North America. Its 225th anniversary happened on April/September 2004. This year, the 231st anniversary of the American Revolution, it is more relevant than ever...
Philly Blog dot com
A very widely read blog about all things Philadelphia.
The Right Angle Club
Luncheon club in Philadelphia.
South Winds Homeowners Association, Inc.
The Southwinds Homeowners Association, Inc. is located in Essex, Connecticut and represents the owners of homes in the Southwinds Development.
George Fisher Advisors LLC
Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Financial Consultant, Registered Investment Advisor
george fisher advisors llc logo
Active Insight
The author's son Active Insight logo
Avenue To Success
The goals of Avenues to Success are:

* Help college students by giving them daily encouragement

* Provide a way for parents to help and support their college students

* Make it easy for college and university student, alumni and parent associations to offer a valuable service to the parents. It also a great fund raiser to support their student programs.
The Franklin Inn
Founded in 1902, The Franklin Inn Club began as a gathering place for outstanding men involved in the literary activities of Philadelphia and its immediate environs. The Club has since broadened its membership to include men and women, old and young, active in the arts, sciences, learned professions and other intellectually stimulating fields. It remains among the smallest of Philadelphia’s town clubs.
Greater Philadelphia
Philadelphia Pennsylvania Portal
US History dot org
Created and hosted by the Independence Hall Association of Philadelphia

us history logo
The Center for Psychotherapy, Inc.
The Center for Psychotherapy, Inc., is a multidisciplinary mental health group practice offering evaluation and treatment of mental health problems in children, adolescents, and adults. The Center offers psychotherapeutic and psychopharmacologic interventions designed to treat disorders in an effective and efficient way. Individual, family, and group therapies are offered.