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Hidden in a back street near the theaters, this little club is the center of the city's literary circle. It enjoys above-average food in surroundings suggesting Samuel Johnson's club in London.

A short book about the Franklin Inn
In honor of the Franklin Inn, I here collated blogs that I have written over the years. Because of Covid, the Inn is having membership problems, so this volume is my gift to the membership as a way of stimulating membership to new efforts for old times.-- George Ross Fisher III

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Franklin Inn, The Literary Side of Him

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We think of Franklin as a publisher turned politician, but in addition to starting revolutions and writing Constitutions, he had a strong literary side. In fact, he was drummed out of Boston for writing satirical songs and poetry at the age of 17, under the pen name of Silence Dogood for the New England Courier. He made his first fortune when Poor Richards Almanac was a success, and long afterwards his autobiography got him included in the Harvard Classics. Just compare the style of his 80-volume collected work with that of his correspondents. This man who never got past the second grade was indeed a literary giant.

The founders of The Franklin Inn knew that, and in spite of locating the Club next to the College of Physicians, it has been a literary club from its beginning. In spite of Franklin's many other talents, this club required the admissions committee to examine the books the applicant had written--other than medical ones.

Just look at his 80-volume collection of writing, remembering that this handwriting was only about half of it. Remember that each 600 page volume costs $250 on today's market, and ask yourself whether your own writing measures up. If the cost bothers you, focus on Volume 22, which was all originally written in longhand over the course of 19 months. He says he worked 12-hour days, founding the republic. And then left for Paris, to found the diplomatic service.

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