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It's a sign of Philadelphia as a small town, but it's also a sign of young Franklin's brashness, that he and the Royal Governor of the colony would enter into an agreement to sail to England to purchase a printing press, with the Lieutenant Governor putting up the money. Apparently Governor Keith began to think so, too. Beause he welched on the deal and left Franklin stranded in London without the necessary introductory letters. He never admitted this, but Franklin was left adrift for a year of giving swimming lessons to support his wanderings. Somehow, this vagabond got a girl pregnant, and somehow he made "connections". When he returned as a rich man several decades later, many of his wild ideas had matured and many of his acquaintances reappeared, too. Perhaps it was here that he became a Mason, who knows. Eventually, he scraped together enough money and returned to Philadelphia as a struggling young printer.

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