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Franklin Before Philadelphia
Long before he became famous, Franklin lived the first sixteen years of his life in Boston

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Benjamin Franklin was appointed Deputy Postmaster General by the the King or his representative in xxxxx, while he was still an active printer and needed the money. He kept the title after retirement for unknown reasons, possibly his involvement in the designation of Postal roads, possibly for the honor of the thing, possibly relating to his sale of the printing business. He had cleaned up the mess of politics revolving around corruption in roads designation, and was juatly famous for it.

In the immediate uproar after his return to America from the St. Pauls Cathedral episode, Franklin rejoined the committee considerating, among other matters, the appointment of a Postmaster General. The committee unanimously endorsed the role and the appointment of Franklin to fill it. Franklin accepted, and the Post Office started its move toward independence, since the Continental Congress enjoyed the symbolism. It was made semi-independent in the Constitution, as the reader will recall that Franklin was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention thirteen years later. (The post office became a cabinet position during the Franklin Roosevelt tenure, and assumed regulatory independence later. The Trump administration wanted to shrink the indebted agency and return it to ordinary Executive branch control, so politics goes onward. It's hard for the public to know whether ballot box delivery is the real issue or the pretext.)

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