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In 1754 Franklin took a noteworthy carriage trip to the Albany Conference, accompanied by fellow delegates Isaac Norris and Proprietor John Penn. He composed the first political cartoon "Join or Die" for that purpose. Notes for the trip on the blank pages of "Poor Richards Almanac", now at Rosenbach Museum. The other delegates rejected the plan, but he never wavered. Blog 4318 : Topic 270 :

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When Benjamin Franklin died at age 84, he was considered an old man.

Your author had lived to be 94, knowing only that Franklin's portrait was hanging on a first-floor wall in the Masonic building across from City Hall. I supposed he had been a member, had become famous and his picture found, so the Masons wanted to get some free advertising. George Washington's portrait next to it, probably made the same point. My father and I were Masons, but what do we know, applying 21st Century attitudes to the 18th Century?

Well, old men can indeed sometimes learn something new. Franklin had been a very influential Grand Master around 1735. He was sworn to secrecy, but seeing him as a secret leader of the Masons would cast certain matters into whole new light.

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