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Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson, Dual Personality

{Pearls on the String}
Thomas Jefferson

Defecation, urination, and fornication. Commonly displayed for other men but only shared with selected women. Command, good taste, and control. By contrast, gentlemanly learned behaviors like these last three are rarely completely shared with other men, constantly claimed in public. The contrast was later uncovered in Presidents Jackson, Buchanan, Harding, Franklin Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Clinton, Trump, and other politicians, with adultery hidden in the background. But present in Thomas Jefferson to an unusual degree.

Tom Jefferson was the designer of the University of Virginia, and author of the three things he wanted in his epitaph, not to mention a host of other honors due to any rich man with aesthetic tendencies. Tom Jefferson was the designer of the University of Virginia and author of the three things he wanted on his epitaph,

For this he was a designer politician for other politicians. For example, he thought the guillotine was just great, and smashing windows was just fine. Torchlight parades were held on his behalf and newspapers were paid to run his a. Challenge if you will, these statements are documented.

Tom Jefferson was unquestionably the author of the three things he wanted in his epitaph, the Declaration, the Virginia Bill of Rights, and the University. But he was once a poor orphan, taken in by his rich relatives, the Randolphs. We surmise he was never quite accepted by them but tolerated. He nearly bankrupted them by the end of his long life of fancy carriages, Ambassadorship, European travel, education of his three daughters at the fanciest of girl's schools, and related expenditures. His architecture and authorship are unchallenged.

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