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Brandywine Conservancy and Museum of Art

What can you name that has a woman lawyer for CEO and an eleven million dollar budget? For that matter, what can you name that had its best year ever, the same year that the Carona virus came along? And includes part of the King Ranch and the Scaif property near Rolling Rock in Western Pennsylvania? That is putting together a 30-year long-range plan?

The BC and MA, of course. You may not know that the Battle of Brandywine was the biggest battle of the Revolutionary War. Another is clean water (you can see the hand of Morris Stroud in this), another is helping the plain people of Pennsylvania, still another reflects the merger with Birmingham Hill, where some of the bitterest fighting of the Revolution took place.

You see from these brief notes, how difficult it is to explain what the BC and MA is all about.

Originally published: Friday, June 05, 2020; most-recently modified: Friday, June 05, 2020


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