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Prohibitory Act of the British Parliament -- 1775
This is the British Act which started the Revolutionary War. The two Legislative bodies should have known better than to react in haste, but the British Parliament in London and its opponent the Continental Congress in Philadelphia -- started a Revolutionary War. Apparently Lord North issued a Prohibitory Act and John Adams responded to it, but the real hotheads were Charles Townsend and William Bradford. Everybody involved thought Independence was an improbable outcome.

The Basis for a Revised Description of the Beginning of the American Revolution

The conventional description of the beginning of the American Revolution has it that the Americans started it. Taxation Without Representation was the slogan.

Philadelphia sees things a little differently. What about Independence? What about Ben Franklin in the cockpit at Whitehall? What about Admiral Howe's enormous fleet and the Proclamation? What were Franklin and Howe secretly meeting about?

Originally published: Wednesday, June 03, 2020; most-recently modified: Friday, June 05, 2020


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