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Franklin's Arrival in Philadelphia
Franklin arrives in his new home

Franklin's 2nd Long Stay in Philadelphia Topic 646: Topic 234 : Topic 646 : Blog 4327 : Blog 4318 :
In 1754 Franklin took a noteworthy carriage trip to the Albany Conference, accompanied by fellow delegates Isaac Norris and Proprietor John Penn. He composed the first political cartoon "Join or Die" for that purpose. Notes for the trip on the blank pages of "Poor Richards Almanac", now at Rosenbach Museum. The other delegates rejected the plan, but he never wavered. Blog 4318 : Topic 270 :


B. Franklin and Daylight Savings

Ben Franklin's father was a candle maker working out of his British home. Little Benjamin was thus in a position to watch the rise and fall of candle sales with each passing season. It must have been a central fact of that household's economy. Many years later when he was American Ambassador to France, the suggestion of Daylight Savings Time was likely a testimony to his powers of observation and reflection, for what was basically a European invention.

Now, over two centuries later than that, the point is being raised that what with Nintendo and television and all, daylight time may actually cause more consumption of electrical energy than it saves. It's a striking thought, even quite a revolutionary one. Until you remember that Franklin, more than any one person, discovered electricity.

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