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The musings of a physician who has served the community for over six decades

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Japan and Philadelphia
Philadelphia and Japan have had a special friendship for 150 years.

The Pennamite Wars
The Connecticut farmers believed the King's last word overturned all earlier ones, else why be a king? William Penn's revolutionary idea was that of private property -- the first sale created a new owner, whose new word erased any earlier ones. When you acquire a new continent from aborigines, that's a congenial viewpoint.

Znote: Japan and Philadelphia

We need to photograph and then write a blog of the Japanese pavilion in Fairmont Park.

876: Germantown and French and Indian War: extract the last paragraph, perhaps bridge and context it, rename as new blog for this Topic only.

848:Making Money (5): extract anecdote

840: Paying Bills electronically: extract anecdote


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