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Terse Verses: Volume II: Sorted by Topics

Terse Verse: Wall Street

Terse Verse on the subject of Wall Street, Stock.

Wall Street @

"Dow"n Beat

Prize seat
Wall Street
Watch wheels
Spin deals
Bears bulls
Push pulls
News rocks
Bonds stocks

Tune starts
Check charts
Buy sell
Till bell
Note gong
Ends song
Floor roars
Counts scores

Terse Verse: Scram Bull

Scram Bull

Mad cow
Like Dow
Oft still
Moves thrill
Quick change
Stock range
Risk makes
High steaks

Bears wait
Buck bait
Boom words
Charge herds
Each side
Tests tide
All fear
Bum steer

Terse Verse: Stock Picks

Stock Picks

Bulls swarm
Bet farm
Hope for
Big score
Check field
For yield
Risk pain
Reap gain

Old crowd
Not cowed
Bum steer
Costs dear
Flawed quotes
Make goats
In brief
Where's beef?


Terse Verse: Head Ways

Head Ways

High hats
Wear spats
Wall Street
Ties neat
Big bucks
Black tux
Clothes spiff
Hair stiff

Hip track
Laid back
Ball caps
Fist slaps
Shag tops
Flip flops
Trend now
Low brow

Terse Verse: Stock Yards

Stock Yards

Dow cools
Calm rules
Charts flat
Stand pat
Some hold
Shun bold
Saved loot
Bears fruit

Brave charge
Think large
Let flock
Watch clock
Sense highs
Chase buys
More fun
Bull run

Terse Verse: Stock Marks

Stock Marks

Young slave
Try save
Cash flow
Must slow
Oft choose
Soon lose
Hot tips
Turn rips

May go
Wrong pro
Who feeds
On greed
Risks bread
Zones red
Burns most
Cold toast

Terse Verse: Bye Buys

Bye Buys

Lived lush
Dreams flush
Felt free
Cards spree
No end
See spend
Till bills
Brought ills

New vow
Start now
Use cash
Stop crash
More home
Less roam
Burst lusts
Boom busts

Terse Verse: Awe Sum

Awe Sum

Buy more
Debts soar
Curbs lax
Cards max
Pain grows
Green woes
Bank bled
Sees red

Bills come
Till numb
Cash flows
Now nos
Craze cools
Heed rules
Stop wrecks
Rein checks

Terse Verse: Mark's Time

Mark's Time

Two males
Hear tales
Choose stocks
Hot rocks
Pros claim
Beat game
Smart blink
Pause think

Man poor
Bites lure
Buys now
Risks Dow
Chews blogs
Grounds hogs
Stops poke
Gopher broke

Terse Verse: Gold Horde

Gold Horde

Pros pitch
Get rich
Here's how
Beat Dow
Choice picks
Coins bricks
No sweat
Safe bet

Stock pile
Worth wile
This stash
Tops cash
Those bars
Stay stars
Life's key
Gilt free

Terse Verse: Guys Things

Guys Things

Bud bunch
Grabs lunch
High slaps
Boots caps
Burge snacks
Sports yaks
Sweet bun
Fast run

Gent's grub
Choose club
Ties coats
Stock quotes
Time slow
Words flow
Ends talk
Cake walk

Terse Verse: Go Round

Go Round

Pols dance
Switch stance
Sens reps
Side steps
Pro skill
Say nil
Line plan

Once win
Stay in
Hop to
Jump woo
Hands shake
Fast break
Stand greet
Save seat

Terse Verse: Eye Spy

Eye Spy

Watch block
Round clock
My range
Check strange
Gut feel
False real
My goal
Find mole

On square
New pair
Mull why
So shy
Is our
Next door
Stock blond
James bond

Terse Verse: Hands Out

Hands Out

Mail call
Stacks tall
Still see
Cash plea
Same drift
Need gift
Which pile
Worth while

So pause
Check cause
Best shout
Wins out
Gut voice
Heart's choice
Right rings
Palm springs

Terse Verse: Street Smarts

Street Smarts

Stock swings
Bring strings
Bad news
Leaves bruise
Each bump
Hearts thump
Dow falls
Bang walls

Charts turn
Stakes burn
Learn take
Else break
If strain
Much pain
Says code
Hit road


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Wall Street @
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