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Terse Verses: Volume II: Sorted by Topics

Thomas Howes: Haiku
Volume I: A collection of hundreds of Haiku

Terse Verse: C. Thomas Howes (10)

Poetry is a form of literature that uses imaginative and creative words in a compressed form to express idea.

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Terse Verse: Name Drop

Name Drop

Mix crowd
Strut proun
Know all
Right call
Cock sure
Make tour
Can place
Each face

Next stage
Wears age
Mind slips
Tongue trips
Hope flock
Sees rock
Foes tough
Calls bluff

Terse Verse: Old Hates

Old Hates

Men's wear
Lacks flair
Wives jeer
Head gear
Top toe
Looks woe
Can't wait
Up date

Urge buys
Clothes ties
Ditch torn
Toss worn
Rags out
New tout
Have style
Go viral

Terse Verse: Pool Sides

Pool Sides

Friends meet
Gush greet
Words spout
Laugh shout
Groups shift
Thouhts drift
Waves go
With flow

Ring bells
Fare wells
Ebbs talk
Slow walk
Good byes
Tear eyes
Last chime
Swell time

Terse Verse: Ring Sides

Ring Sides

Sad sights
Threats fights
Shouts loud
Mills crowd
Those mild
Turn wild
Spikes mean
Mob scene

When near
Sprouts fear
Moods change
Friends strange
Strong stay
Plan A
Weak flee
Plan B

Terse Verse: Rise Shine

Rise Shine

Comes dawn
Teens yawn
Mom boss
Tries toss
Yet they
Still stay
Kid's gloat
Gets goat

Next act
Less tact
Times up
Pops pup
Now heard
Last word
Hand throw
Get go

Terse Verse: Star Struck

Star Struck

Long haul
Life small
Our place
Brief space
Sky gaze
Deep maze
We Sprang
Big Bang

Now Pause
Breathe awes
Once earth
Gave birth
Short bloom
Then doom
Soon dust
Big Bust

Terse Verse: Watts Up

Watts Up

Bar Scene
Lights green
Scan field
Eyes peeled
Rule bone
Have fun
No heat
Dead beat

In dark
Seek spark
Date key
Don't flee
Hope joit
Hearts bolt
Best fire
Live wire

Terse Verse: Whirl Gig

Whirl Gig

World spins
Top sins
Wild throngs
Cry wrongs
Hope rags
Change age
Strong quiz
What is

Pols best
This test
Love tricks
Claim fix
Sweet sounds
Make rounds
Game on
Pro con

Terse Verse: Write Stuff

Write Stuff

From Youth
Springs truth
Girl male
Thrust tale
With age
Press sage
Squeeze view
Fits true

Yarns best
Packed zest
Each draft
Push craft
Words pile
Loads guile
Till size
Pack lies

Terse Verse: Wry Breds

Wry Breds

Matched wits
Good fits
When find
Like kind
Quick share
Laughs fair
Fun kin
Shoe in

Those prim
Act grim
This fringe
Oft cringe
Smile zipped
Tight lipped
Their taste
Straight laced


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Terse Verse: Name Drop
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