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Thomas Howes: Haiku
Volume I: A collection of hundreds of Haiku

Terse Verse: C. Thomas Howes (8)

Poetry is a form of literature that uses imaginative and creative words in a compressed form to express idea.

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Terse Verse: Hump Dump

Hump Dump

Back when
King's men
Held helm
Ruled realm
Tough yeggs
Cracked eggs
They broke
Kept yoke

Now told
Tale old
Those tall
Will fall
Trust none
Will done
Fate same
Shell game

Terse Verse: Mo Dick

Mo Dick

Ish tell
Yarn well
Perq sail
Hunts whale
Seek sight
Rare white
Wild seas
Sweat freeze

Winds rain
Crews strain
End chase
See face
Waves rip
Sink ship
Capt dies
He's prize

Terse Verse: Pets Rock

Pets Rock

Dogs heed
Your lead
Pups hound
Love found
Fast fond
Swift bond
Young old
Love hold

Kits cute
Tricks hoot
Cats muse
Pick choose
Play cool
Now rule
Furs shine
Purr lion

Terse Verse: Sad States

Sad States

Gov Jobs
Spawn snobs
Perks spoils
Less toils
Lean back
Chat snack
Lines chrun
Folks burn

Laws grow
Forms flow
All dread
Tape red
Rules new
Face blue
Gone fight
Flag white

Terse Verse: See Saw

See Saw

Group trips
Time zips
Jet lags
Zig zags
Swift stops
Gift shops
Such tours
End blurs

When done
Home run
Grab pix
Sort mix
Strain stare
Where's where
Crave clue
Who's who

New blog

Terse Verse: Shore Points

Shore Points

No brakes
Spring breaks
Tails fins
Sun sins
Youth drools
Troll pools
Hope bronzed
Hook blonds

Sail sea
Splash spree
Surf sounds
Pulse pounds
Guys gog
Hot dog
Seek funs
Beach buns

Terse Verse: Squares Wan

Squares Wan

Now Crowd
Whoops loud
Lights flash
Curves brash
Stay wired
'Ner tired
Ring sounds
Make rounds

Gray group
Out loop
Shapes sag
Wheels drag
Had turn
Slow churn
Spin done
Home spun

Terse Verse: Tongue Tied

Tongue Tied

Give talk
Words balk
Stay tip
Of lip
Hem haws
Long pause
Wish hide
Save pride

Fears lock
Voice block
Can't go
With flow
Face flush
Friends blush
Not cool
Dam fool

Terse Verse: Touch Down

Touch Down

Day done
Home run
Hit ground
Safe sound
Slow chase
Rat race
Rest joints
Sore points

Game plan
Calm man
Yawn stretch
Break catch
Let go
World's woe
Aches mend
Dead end

Terse Verse: Turn "Bout

Turn "Bout

In school
Kids cruel
Tots teens
Ways means
Cliques tight
Tout fight
Strong prey
Weak pray

Bide bads
Till grads
Roles switch
Poor rich
Small large
Worms charge
Flip track
Pay back

Terse Verse: Broad Ways

Broad Ways

Show biz
Froth fizz
Stage struck
Try luck
Brief spark
Then dark
Most flash
Then crash

Rare few
Break through
Frail time
In prime
If hit
Light lit
Fades clout
Lights out

Terse Verse: Cuts Chase

Cut Chase

Nice guys
Seek prize
Comes push
Fall tush
Find game
Not tame
Brute force
Crash course

Those tough
Skip bluff
Sliff pains
Grab reins
Blood guts
Kick butts
One rule
Win rule

Terse Verse: Done Dads

Done Dads

Wife asks
Spouse tasks
He's cool
Acts mule
Wait sec
Hen peck
No how
Cow tow

Some fall
Won't stall
Pass buck
Try duck
Steer course
Work horse
She'll hear
Yes dear

Terse Verse: Dye Hard

Dye Hard

What's up
Hair hue
Be rad
Join fad
Each change
More strange
Get goo
Do doo

once fond
Look blonds
May spray
Quench gray
Fresh shade
Fight clocks
Dread locks

Terse Verse: Fare Game

Fare Game

Crowd hails
Wild sales
Hopes soar
Price war
With lucks
Save bucks
Best deal
Near steal

Too soon
Ends boon
Costs rize
Slips prize
Watch tags
Stop sags
Hopes wan
Buy gone

Terse Verse: Fast Talk

Fast Talk

Comes Lent
Time spent
Past deeds
Soul's needs
Life's aims
Faults blame
Pray pause
God's laws

Some feel
Skip heal
Why tell
All's well
Won't rest
Take test
Vow naught
Food thought


Terse Verse: Fire Back

Fire Back

Love breaks
Heart aches
Heats cool
Mate mule
Gone flames
Burn blames
Old vows
Cold rows

Friends feel
Need heal
Cure darks
Stir sparks
Turn blues
Red hues
Score catch
Strike match

Terse Verse: Gags Rule

Gags Rule

Boss tweets
Staff meets
Pep talk
Charts chalk
Voice drones
Voice moans
Eyes stray
Games play

Need boost
Get juiced
Trash graphs
Choose laughs
Fun crowd
Smiles load
Fools yak
Wise crack

Terse Verse: Hail Storm

Hail Storm

Big game
Score same
Each team
Spouts steam
Both plea
Bless me
Fans din
Plead win

Runs kicks
Clock ticks
Last play
All pray
Pass bold
Catch hold
World lands
His hands

Terse Verse: Hang Outs

Hang Outs

Watch teens
Home scenes
Late sleep
Clothes heap
Dads cope
Moms hope
Their treat
Room neat

Phones ring
Tweets ding
Loud yaks
Sound tracks
Folks bug
Pull plug
Ease stress
Wire less

Terse Verse: Knock Downs

Knock Downs

Style highs
Rich buys
Price tag
Big drag
Must halves
Save halves
Find way
Less pay

Till then
Find den
Not store
Clone war
Break law
Buy faux
Try skat
Cop that

Terse Verse: Knock Out

Knock Out

Words might
Rile fight
Up front
Boast grunt
Act bold
Won't fold
Rules rare
Fouls fair

Use wits
Duck hits
Well manned
You stand
Win day
No go

Terse Verse: Mean Life

Mean Life

School place
Minds race
Young ask
Life's task
Profs guess
No yes
Leaves cares
Up air

Grad gates
Swing fates
World hops
Non stops
Stress skips
Falls trips
End jumps
Down dumps

Terse Verse: Noose Men

Noose Men

Old west
Wild guest
Folks strange
Ride range
Bad? Good?
Knock wood
Tense times
Breed crimes

Fights peeves
Horse thieves
Crooks race
Laws chase
No truce
Hang loose
Old young
High strung

Terse Verse: Round One

Round One

Who do
I view
Hate see
Fat me
Face facts
Looks stacked
Now whale
Up scale

Vain vow
Start now
Change form
New norm
Shape day
Pound way
Top prize
Down size

Terse Verse: Shrink Raps

Shrink Raps

Psych songs
Sing wrongs
First line
I'm fine
Change pitch
Then switch
Play ball
Tell all

Squirms pose
Highs lows
Fears sins
Vain spine
Hope spiel
Helps heal
Rite beat
Rap sheet

Terse Verse: Split Heirs

Split Heirs

Man dead
Will read
Those dear
Wait hear
Hopes soar
Who'll score
They wait
Sealed fate

Terms flow
Some crow
Smiles frowns
Ups downs
Mid shock
Take stock
Clears smoke
Bonds broke

Terse Verse: Spooks Man

Spooks Man

Bed time
Steps climb
Stairs squeak
Hunt peek
Faint screams
Weird dreams
Dark sounds
Heart pounds

Till dawn
Toss yawn
Plug ears
Fight fears
Quick breeze
Near sneeze
Ghosts sniff
Scared stiff

Terse Verse: Stone Aged

Stone Aged

One finds
Two kinds
Soft go
With flow
Minds flex
Don't vex
They give
Let live

Mules stay
One way
Once said
Pig head
Skin tough
Pelt rough
Stiff found
Hide bound

Terse Verse: Tuft Love

Tuft Love

Lawns bloom
Primp plume
Hands numb
Jade thumb
Know hows
Sweat brows
Mouths gape
Land scape

Have flair
Must care
Sow seed
Oust weed
Digs hurt
Pay dirt
Yards hold
Green gold

Terse Verse: Act Up

Act Up

Start young
Bug stung
Child's play
Funs stay
Stage near
Shake spear
Get hooked
Fate cooked

Fame feeds
Parts leads
Broad casts
Thrills lasts
Friends urge
Star surge
Grand slam
Eggs ham

Terse Verse: Brow Beat

Brow Beat

Head strong
Naught wrong
Keep age
Same page
Add tox
Slow clocks
Smile stays
Friends praise

Fight sags
Punch bags
Cost crux
Save looks
Pay prime
Face time
Hold signs
Head lines

Terse Verse: Clone Prince

Clone Prince

Corp lairs
Live squares
All same
Start game
Marks toed
Throne road
Eye prize
Match wise

Each move
Tries prove
Which knight
Moves right
Fit ins
Claim wins
Mate drawn
Crowns pawn

Terse Verse: Cramp Style

Cramp Style

First phase
Write ways
Crude tries
No prize
Thoughts groan
Plots clone
Look back
'Twas hack

Craft tried
Hit stride
Minds stretch
Raves fetch
Then came
True fame
Now new
Ape you

Terse Verse: Cure All

Cure All

Sick days
Time weights
When docs
Shun clocks
Must sit
Teeth grit
Wait stew
Aches brew

Up side
As bide
That pain
May wane
Fade ills
No bills
Sounds bell
Alls well

Terse Verse: Dream Job

Dream Job

Gals yen
Bad men
Set hooks
Great looks
Abs arms
Ooze charms
Her need
Proud steed

Checks field
Poor yield
Best ones
Long wons
Rest guys
No prize
What's there?
Knight mare

Terse Verse: Fire Range

Fire Range

Top guns
Plot runs
Brave quest
Prove best
Good show
Gung ho
Sole aim
Win game

Those low
Skip show
Don't try
Bulls eye
Keep job
Stay mob
Blind spots
Big shots

Terse Verse: Fowl Bawl

Fowl Bawl

Gals once
Played dunce
Cooped up
Dawn sup
Try best
Nurse nest
Their tears
Male fears

Fair sex
Hen pecks
Guys faun
Egged on
Duck blame
Cry shame
Need boost
Rule roost

Terse Verse: Go Round

Go Round

Pols dance
Switch stance
Sens reps
Side steps
Pro skill
Say nil
Line plan

Once win
Stay in
Hop to
Jump woo
Hands shake
Fast break
Stand greet
Save seat

Terse Verse: High Ball

High Ball

March mad
Fans glad
Wait year
Fresh cheer
Long lines
Pump signs
Teams moan
Claw throne

Throngs sweat
Boast bet
Ranks charge
New range
Those top
Fear flop
Scores toll
Heads roll

Terse Verse: Lime Light

Lime Light

Mags pulp
Gasp gulp
Squeeze glitz
Juice bits
Slice woes
Punch prose
Sweet days
Sour praise

Fame's price
Heat spice
Head lines
Grape vines
Reach tops
Bear crops
Poor press

Terse Verse: Main Line

Main Line

Suns perk
Dawns work
Eye tears
Shift gears
Find groove
Make move
Rush down
Big town

End rounds
Home bounds
Day through
Greet crew
Back track
Click clack
Toils drained
Well trained

Terse Verse: Make Waves

Make Waves

Phone rings
Talk springs
Gals gush
Words flush
Non stops
Chomp chops
Loves hates
Flood gates

With guys
Swift his
Spout news
Sports views
Small flow
Then go
Dials click
Dam quick

Terse Verse: Night Crawls

Night Crawls

Tot wails
Sleep fsils
Hear cries
Loud sighs
Mates churn
Whose turn?
Short pause
Hems haws

Wed bliss
Means this
Must share
Babe's care
Who'll quell
That yell
Tough call
Hard bawl

Terse Verse: One Ups

One Ups

What is
Show biz
Old times
Clowns mimes
Stage plays
Broad ways
Films hot
Top spot

Techs change
New range
Tubes fads
Phones pads
All fight
Spot light
Win rage
Up stage

Terse Verse: Poles Part

Poles Part

Youths flee
Home free
Go forth
Heads north
Job wife
Square life/br> World green
Swirl scene

When old
Hate cold
Down mouth
Scrams south
Takes stock
Joins flock
Spins mend
Whirls end

Terse Verse: Ride Rage

Ride Rage

Love race
Win place
Climb on
Cares gone
High ho
Steeds go
Fun thing
Reigns king

Hit trails
Hills dales
Fox hunts
Tricks stunts
Friends play
Hay day
Joy found
Horse round

Terse Verse: Rude Rage

Rude Rage

Young learn
Take turn
Don't cut
Try butt
Nice law
See saw
Stay queue
Thank you

Come cars
Raise bars
Up pace
Crude race
When squeeze
Eyes freeze
Speeds lax
Mad Max

Terse Verse: Stars War

Star War

Films stare
Fights rage
Foes plot
Scenes shot
Fire works
Jousts jerks
Pros cliques
Con flicks

Good plays
Win praise
Broad casts
Have blasts
Stay top
Till flop
Noise calms
Buzz bombs

Terse Verse: Step Up

Step Up

Ball room
Spells doom
My stance
Jinx dance
Feet balk
Just walk
Try hep
Ends schlep

Then learn
Moves turn
How to
One two
Jazz jives
High fives
Judge floored
Ten scored

Terse Verse: Pep Talk

Pep Talk

Some spice
Tastes twice
One bite
Tongues fight
Heart burns
Gut churns
Leave bed
Seek med

Pills calm
Bring balm
Next meal
Plain deal
Swear not
Pick hot
Choose who
Eats who

Terse Verse: Road Ways

Road Ways

High way
Nerves fray
Lights stops
Kooks cops
Speed traps
Miss haps
No strain
Choose train

Take track
Out back
Just me
Stress free
End rounds
Safe sound
No mess
Wreak less

Terse Verse: Spank Clean

Spank Clean

Kids Plea
Not me
Learn game
Shift blame
Bro sis
Boo hiss
Scream fight
Back bite

Folks job
Stop squab
Keep band
In hand
When fails
End tails
Cease yak
Dab smack

Terse Verse: Suite Dreams

Suite Dreams

Jack pots
Thrill lots
Greeds urge
Bets surge
Plan prise
High rise
If score
Top floor

Soon hopes
Turn mopes
Big one
Not won
Fade dins
House wins
Home sign
Flat line

Terse Verse: Wed Lock

Wed Lock

Stag joys
Funs toys
Gals play
Field day
Both sides
Free rides
Choose flings
Not rings

Comes time
Ends prime
Hearts jolt
Feel bolt
Meet match
Make catch
Last date
Cell mate

Terse Verse: Whine List

Whines List

Babes cry
Scream high
Each age
New rage
Use tears
Through years
Hope wail
Won't fail

When grown
Some moan
Old aim
Stays same
Friends know
Same show
That bawl
Crank cail

Terse Verse: Zip Ups

Zip Ups

Ooops see
Cloths free
Clasp loose
Not ruse
Eyes gaze
Small craze
Can't yell
Must tell

Soon act
Quick tact
Glance first
Fear worst
Hints fail
Up scale
Soft voice
Snap choice

Terse Verse: Bid Asked

Bid Asked

When pro
Says go/br> May try
Bet buy
Bridge gaps
Watch traps
If con
Move on

Here's deal
What's real
When twist
Count tricks
Your call
Risk all
Not sham
Grand slam

Terse Verse: Bull Heads

Bull Heads

Those who
Ask you
Sweet voice
Make choice
Then nix
Your picks
Why fight
They're right

Friends know
Mo jo
Ways mean
No tween
Love rule
Act mule
Their dote
Gets goat

Terse Verse: Call Girl

Call Girl

Phone crews
Ask views
Claim goal
Take poll
Then heard
Last word
Charge card
Pledge hard

If feel
Won spiel
Push more
Up score
Your choice
Hems voice
When haws
Lost cause


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