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Terse Verses
A collection of hundreds of haiku

Terse Verse: Thomas C. Howes (7)

Poetry is a form of literature that uses imaginative and creative words in a compressed form to express idea.

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Terse Verse: Mark's Time

Mark's Time

Two males
Hear tales
Choose stocks
Hot rocks
Pros claim
Beat game
Smart blink
Pause think

Man poor
Bites lure
Buys now
Risks Dow
Chews blogs
Grounds hogs
Stops poke
Gopher broke

Terse Verse: Pest Friends

Pest Friends

When hear
Those near
Say hug
Then bug
Their plea
Help me
They moan
Need loan

Cash bind
Cruel kind
Yes con
Dough gone
Say no
Pals go
Two things
One stings

Terse Verse: Pitched Fork

Pitched Fork

Man's seed
Starts greed
Young old
Thirst gold
See pomp
Think romp
Road splits
Strikes hits

Pride tempted
Glitz dream
Rogues wait
Cash bait
Square trust
Bite dust
Pro 'Round
Con found

Terse Verse: Smoke Rings

Smoke Rings

Signs Sneer
Not here
Off sites
No lights
They fume
Spurn doom
Sneak scoff
Choose cough

Groups meet
Rain sleet
Friends shout
Butts out
Try guit
That's it
But hacks
Pick packs

Terse Verse: Time Lion

Time Lion

Born wild
Cute child
Learns laws
Sharp claws
Pounce prey
Main stay
Pride reigns
Food chains

None cage
King's rage
Roams free
Weak flee
Life long
Lives strong
Age tames
End games

Terse Verse: Turn Style

Turn Style

Sales sound
Mobs bound
Hear spiels
Eye deals
Friends urge
Spend splurge
When pelf
Top shelf

Home guilts
Buzz wilts
Now rue
Greed's coup
Once more
To store
Ed tracks
Pay backs

Terse Verse: Weak Ends

Weak Ends

Wife asks
Help tasks
So man
Plots plan
Use smarts
Draw charts
Keep scores
For chores

Jobs mired
Soon tired
So quit
Must sit
Paid dues
Off shoes
Time slacks
Kick backs

Terse Verse: Wits End

Wits End

Those smart
Talk tart
Quick jokes
Please folks
sharp style
Earns smile
Fans roar
Want more

But if
Crowd stiff
Words rank
Eyes blank
Punch slow
Must go
Last stop
Flip flop

Terse Verse: Wreak Room

Wreak Room

Guys rave
Man cave
Sports rule
Hots cool
Fast food
Sets mood
They thrive
High five

Real mens
Play pens
Screens flash
Talk trash
Pig out
Scream shout
Kids dads
Crash pads

Terse Verse: Time Out

Time Out

School done
Ends fun
New grad
Hears Dad
Time flies
Cut ties
Words shout
MOve out

Next round
Job found
Now knows
Cash flows
Now chore
Earn more
Gone Pop
Bucks stop

Terse Verse: Bone Heads

Bone Heads

World news
Vile views
Same woes
New lows
Vain hope
Most cope
Old cry
Why try

Who rules
Oft fools
Brave fight
Make right
Odds frail
Most fall
'Neath crown
Dumb frown

Terse Verse: Catch Phrase

Catch Phrase

Sales pitch
Bait switch
Eyes grab
Hands nab
Try laugh
Get gaff
Ends spin
Reels in

Their wish
Land fish
Earn grin
They win
One bite
Stops fight
Prize look
Right hook

Terse Verse: Cause Ways

Cause Ways

Hands out
Sobs shout
Pleas drone
Mail phone
Need great
Don't wait
Words brash
Send cash

Their prayer
Beg share
Sounds dear
Coax cheer
Matched funds
Raise tons
Twice great
Checks mate

Terse Verse: Child Hoods

Child Hoods

Play grounds
Sad sounds
Bulls scare
Meek bear
Kids clash
Push crash
Groups mill
Do nil

Smart might
Shun fight
Use wits
Stop hits
Win space
Save face
Duck traps
Beat raps

Terse Verse: Cry Game

Cry Game

Two teams
Twin dreams
Fans cheer
Goals near
Kick starts
Race hearts
Close game
Shout shame

Score tied
Clock eyed
Key play
Wins day
Ball sails
Crowd wails
Hail call
Long bawl

Terse Verse: Foot Age

Foot Age

Gals thurst
Feet first
Hate wear
One pair
New styles
Spout smiles
Keep score
Need more

From straps
To snaps
Have fits
Walks sits
Fast paced
Straight laced
Lips speak
Tongue chic

Terse Verse: Grime Scene/h3>

Grime Scene

Kid's prize
Mud pies
Their soil
Mom's toil
Splash dirt
Won't hurt
Till stains
Bring pains

Young age
Grunge stage
When boys
Hog toys
Sty scene
May clean
Till then
Pig pen

Terse Verse: Gold Horde

Gold Horde

Pros pitch
Get rich
Here's how
Beat Dow
Choice picks
Coins bricks
No sweat
Safe bet

Stock pile
Worth wile
This stash
Tops cash
Those bars
Stay stars
Life's key
Gilt free

Terse Verse: Ho Hummms

Ho Hummms

Dawn blooms
Bee zooms
Hear drones
Greet clones
Work hard
Buzzz yord
When done
Seeks hun

Night sounds
End rounds
Gone stings
Swarm clings
Now rest
Group nest
Sleep teems
Sweet dreams

Terse Verse: Junk Bonds

Junk Bonds

My stash
Not trash
These piles
My styles
Books need
May read
Build cave
Must Save

Friends urge
Burn purge
But crates
Best mates
So keep
Each heap
Dear dregs
Nest eggs

Terse Verse: Knight Time

Knight Time

MoSt find
Man kind
Pray sin
Won't win
Yet know
World's woe
Wars fights
Wrong rites

Hope brave
Free slave
Take reins
Burst chains
Long run
Cause won
When strong
Right wrong

Terse Verse: Mark's Word

Mark's Word

Meek born
Tin Horn
Think lode
Down road
Seek Switch
With rich
Cons wait
Fix fate/

Old game
Stays same
You bet
They get
Still try
Hands high
Hopes sunk

Terse Verse: Self Steamed

Self Steamed

Watch those
Who pose
Please crowd
Speak loud
Words sweet
No meat
Stand tough
Spout fluff

Mild dote
Sing quote
No strain
Trust vain
Hearts leam
Chests beat
Fools bluffed
Shirt stuffed

Terse Verse: Sheer Fun

Sheer Fun

Climb high
Mount sky
Steep hills
Test skills
Hearts crave
Boast brave
Grab gear
Face fear

Base camp
Start tramp
Clutch axe
Grasp cracks
Scale cliffs
Snow drifts
Nail hike
Peaks spike

Terse Verse: Slap Dash

Slap Dash

Guys gab
Sneak grab
Sly grin
Touch skin
Gals scoff
Hands off
She hates
Cheap skates

Line crossed
Eyes frost
Crude tact
Swift act
Thin ice
Pays price
Cools hot
Swat shot

Terse Verse: Stage Frights

Stage Frights

Life starts
Beat hearts
Babes hope
Moms cope
Each year
Face fear
End run
Job done

When grown
On own
Leave nest
Big test
Wheels turn
Pops learn
Now lad
Do dad

Terse Verse: Still Life

Still Life

Late years
Shift gesrs
From go
To slow
Let pills
Fight ills
Put breaks
On aches

Touts tongue
Stay young
Hot wires
Keep fires
Live fast
Till last
Dodge dread
Quick dead

Terse Verse: Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up

Hitch hike
Car bike
Hide pride
Free ride
Best deals
On wheels
Get there
No fare

This way
When you
Know who
In case
Strange face
Just scoff
Hands off

Terse Verse: Stump Stomp

Stump Stomp

Vote scene
Pols preen
Staffs dance
Polls prance
Foot race
Fast pace
Brag boast
Cheer toast

Must go
Toe toe
Hold peps
Watch steps
Glides win
Shoe in
March gains
Champ pains

Terse Verse: Time Warps

Time Warps

Tock tick
Clocks click
Small hand
Counts sand
Face shows
Life's woes
Flesh moves
Finds grooves

When old
Parts fold
Cheeks sag
Feet drag
Sad truth
Flees youth
Years reap
Skin deep

Terse Verse: Cast Offs

Cast Offs

Here's tips
Cruise ships
Watch cash
Hide stash
Fun rules
Shun fools
Swim dive
High five

Shop wise
Nice buys
Knick knack
Brought back
oft junk
Thrills sunk
Sad fix
Deep six

Terse Verse: Film Flam

Film Flam

New show
Ads flow
Reams typed
Words hyped
Stars tour
Puff purr
Fans wait
Hopes great

First night
Turns fright
Crowds stop
Film flop
Much rave
Can't save
Dad qualms
Buzz bombs

Terse Verse: Hard Brawl

Hard Brawl

World maze
Vast craze
Each age
Joys rage
Must look
For nook
Use wits
Find fits

Brave years
Trials tears
False friends
Dead ends
Woes sighs
Cloud eyes
Tough game
Cry shame

Terse Verse: Hard Drives

Hard Drives

Tots ride
Seats tied
Mom's plan
Take van
Rides long
Chant song
Safe trips
No blips

Years flow
Teens grow
Friend's gift
Give lift
Feel grown
Wish own
Sing stress
Wreck less

Terse Verse: Hoarse Race

Hoarse Race

Want fame
Plug name
Raise shout
Speak out
Seek vote
Load throat
On trail
Words flail

When stump
Voice thump
Poll tracks
Yells yacks
Home stretch
Talks wretch
Ends stress
Speech less

Terse Verse: Hop Scotched

Hop Scotched

Kid's game
Switch blame
Plead no
Jump go
All's fun
Then run
With luck
Pass buck

You're it
Quick flit
Don't halt
Change fault
Find next
Make vexed
Life scheme
Tag team

Terse Verse: Laugh Stock

Laugh Stock

Best wits
Soft hits
Pop puns
Spread funs
Come backs
Wise quacks
Show flows
Crowd crows

Key rule
Play fool
Make joke
Self poke
Best charm
Ducks harm
Cheep howl
Called fowl

Terse Verse: Learn Ropes

Learn Ropes

Babe's eyes
Start ties
When tots
Taut nots
One two
Lace shoe
Teen group
In loop

When bored
Cut cord
Pull strings
Do things
Last switch
New hitch
Right twine
Ends line

Terse Verse: Match Play

Match Play

Gals strive
Love drive
Hooks swings
Fun things
Pitch dates
Trap mates
Link ups
Prize cups

Game on
Chips drawn
Worst lie
Scratch bye
Best are
On par
Mixed pair
Ways fair

Terse Verse: Miss Cast

Miss Cast

Stars rage
Fight age
Cling youth
Scorn truth
Puff lips
Squeeze hips
Their goal
Young role

Times change
Shift range
From hits
To bits
Gone vamp
Now camp
Script signs
Laugh lines

Terse Verse:Old Haunts

Old Haunts<

Bar clans
Pro fans
Eyes beam
Toast team
Raise beers
Room cheers
Play starts
Boom hearts

Plays foul
Swear scowl
When done
Scream "one"
If two
Hiss boo
Three worst
Claim cursed

Terse Verse: Read Zone

Read Zone

Most read
Days feed
Choose quick
News slick
Harms hurts
Sports dirts
Eyes flash
Then dash

Few pick
Tomes thick
Old new
World view
Books feel
More real
Brush page
Touch sage

Terse Verse: Screen Tests

Screen Tests

Night dawns
Set yawns
Days weeks
Eye seeks
Laughs crime
Prime times
Lights dance
Bring trance

Minds drown
Dumb down
Pix please
Stress ease
Find friends
Woes end
Tube sits
Dims wits

Terse Verse: Shell Shock

Shell Shock

Birth day
Fowl play
Can't roam
Egg home
First fight
Scratch bite
Break neck
Hunt peck

With luck
Can duc
Lack will
Lay still
Join group
In coop
Crack fool
Roost rule

Terse Verse: Shore Things

Shore Things

Youth fun
Sand sun
Care free
By sea
Swim strong
Live long
Surf scrape
Ship shape

Years flow
Friends go
Mid age
Risk stage
Down side
This tide
Crawl weak
Up creek

Terse Verse: Stand Up

Stand Up

End day
Tubes play
Old news
Fresh views
Watch clowns
Soothes frowns
Jokes hurled
Laughs world

Wags rule
Poke fool
Price fame
Fair game
Wits sting
Zap zing
Joust done
Jest fun

Terse Verse: Star Light

Star Light

Most find
Man kind
Pray sin
Won't win
Yet know
World's woe
Day cares
Night mares

Hope brave
Free slave
Take reins
Burst chains
Dream one
Long run
Reach stretch
Far fetch

Terse Verse: Top Gun

Top Gun

Pols game
Shoot fame
Road rough
Trail tough
On stump
Brawl bump
Rage beef
Aim chief

Polls close
Prance pose
Fires done
Who won
Champs pound
Horse round
Those beat
Dead meat

Terse Verse: Way Fare

Way Fare

Try trek
On spec
Use bike
Hitch hike
Go cheap
Foot jeep
Sights see
Near free

Round earth
Rome Perth
Worlds crossed
What cost?
Ten C
One G
Price your
"Grand" tour

Terse Verse: Up Grades

Up Grades

Old days
Car ways
Few fears
Brakes gears
Swift kicks
Quick fix
Use glue
Made new

New styles
Glitz dials
Not same
Nerd's game
Geeks rule
Feel fool
Bye wreak
Hi tech

Terse Verse: Ad Vice

Ad Vice

Half truths
Tease youths
Read blurb
Claims heard
Please try
Beg buy
Heed shout
Cash out

Hope greed
Sprouts need
Trust ads
Join fads
Close sales
Their grails
No sin
Cash in

Terse Verse: Ate Bawl

Ate Bawl

When mood
Craves food
Can't say
No way
My sin
Give in
Fall back
Sneak snack

Moan weight
Sad state
Feel bad
Try fad
Pounds pack
Front back
Cry rears
In tiers

Terse Verse: Bore War

Bore War

Tough luck
You're stuck
Staff talk
Can't walk
Try move
Glued groove
Must sit
Teeth grit

Words dull
Numb skull
Eyes bleep
Fight sleep
Squirm seat
Hear beat
Ho hums
Dolt drums

Terse Verse: Cool Aide

Cool Aide

Wives harp
Look sharp
Stop slouch
Suck pouch
Her plan
Best man
Dress proud
Bland crowd

But pitch
Has glitch
Each please
Brings freeze
He's cold
When told
His shout
Chill out

Terse Verse: Court Ships

Court Ships

Kings peer
Lust leer
Sly Eyes
Reign sighs
Feed back
Crack jack
Rate then
Top ten

Queens too
Seek clue
Ace style
Launch smile
If clicks
She picks
Rest scoff
Pair off

Terse Verse: Fly Ways

Fly Ways

Eggs hatch
Start scratch
Next test
Leave nest
Crane neck
Hunt peck
Hens need
Chick feed

Food chains
Bird brains
Last cluck
Can't duck
End loose
Cook goose
So long
Swan song

Terse Verse: Fool Proof

Fool Proof

Thin line
Rough fine
Joke gag
May drag
Hot feet
Cause heat
Back fire
Spark ire

Try scoff
Laugh off
But fate
Too late
Pranks bad
End sad
Brains null
Numb skull

Terse Verse: Food Chains

Food Chains

Mom's pick
Snacks quick
Kid's eats
Fast treats
Day's link
Bites drink
Meal time
Pounds climb

When grown
Now moan
Too late
Tail's gate
Front back
Off track
Mouth's trap
Bum's wrap

Terse Verse: Guys Things

Guys Things

Bud bunch
Grabs lunch
High slaps
Boots caps
Burge snacks
Sports yaks
Sweet bun
Fast run

Gent's grub
Choose club
Ties coats
Stock quotes
Time slow
Words flow
Ends talk
Cake walk

Terse Verse: Hop Hip

Hop Hip

Young blaze
Dance craze
Fling arms
Flout charms
Whirl shout
All out
Claim time
Their prime

Old shy
May try
Shake buns
All thumbs
Prove step
Not hep
Ends hup
Jigs up

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